Globally acknowledged as laser system experts for redefining brilliance

To defy the obstacles and go above the existing standards is smoothing SLTL has inherited since decades. It is in our philosophy to make the difference, which drives SLTL to take the initiative and evolve from the challenges. We believe in persistence, we define the aim and put our best in order to achieve it constantly. Here’s highlighting few achievements of the year 2016 which held accountable for a sheer shift in multiple sectors for outstanding operations.

SLTL – The Patent holder for fiber laser cutting technology, we enlightened the world by implying fiber laser into metal cutting works following which we have introduced Fast and Futuristic fiber laser cutting machine – Infinity F1. The powerful laser marking systems enable the operations very quick on numerous objects which are utilized across many industries. This year we had manufactured highly customizable machines with world class automation which are a perfect fit to the diverse requirements. This was possible because of highly experienced research scholars, laser specialists, engineers specialized in the fields of software, electrical, mechanical and instrumentation etc. are our on board. All of them dedicatedly contribute in the organizational ambition of Excellence through Empowering Innovations. Following the legacy, SLTL’s recent initiative focuses to uplift the metal forming process for the betterment. SLTL has launched sheet stacker and loading unloading machine in 2016 for the first time in In, and as their names suggest, the machines set the metal forming works on incredible speed at the factories. We have received recognition as Best Electronics Industry and Finalist – Best Workplace.

The evidence shown in infographic are few highlights of SLTL desire to bring unprecedented technologies to existence. more @