Finding Peace and Calm in a Chaotic World

In today’s chaotic world, we can say that it is much easier to get frantic than to find some peace of mind. However, it does not mean that inner calmness cannot be achieved anymore.

By practicing mindfulness and meditation, we can still live in peace with ourselves, others, and all sentient beings around us. In fact, many research shows that mindfulness learned within deliberate programme can be integrated into our daily life to help break the seemingly never-ending cycle of anxiety, stress, discontentment, and exhausting that modern society brings.

Effective meditation, which has long been regarded as one of the most effective ways to calm down and de-stress, can be learned by first understanding the type of practice that suits your need and your faith. For Catholics, meditation means quieting the mind and heart to be able to listen to God.

To learn more how you can find peace and calm in a chaotic world, check out this infographic from Catholic World Mission.

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