Financial Text Archiving – Wealth Managers Keys to Improve Text Message Engagement with Clients

Strict industry and legal requirements are the primary reasons as to why many wealth managers today are keener to capture and record mobile SMS that they received on a daily basis. As they become too busy on complying the requirements from SEC and FINRA, they ended up become enigmatic to the fact that such regulations are designed to enrich their relationship with their clients and generate new avenues for revenue generation.

Formulating strategies that can aid in making text messaging an effective tool that enables both the clients and advisors to make the right decisions is just as equally important as focusing on archiving compliance. In addition to optimizing decision-making skills, giving emphasis on text message engagement can also lead to the ability of your company to deliver quality services that can provide better customer experience.

This infographic brought to you by Telemessage will give some of the key takeaways to improve text message engagement with clients