Fastest and Slowest Speed Limits by State

If happens you want to drive at the highest speed you desire, then this article is for you. In the US, there are several states that allow you to speed up. However, there are other factors to reconsider such as insurance premium cost, fees, and fines and driving records if in case you will get caught over speeding in selected states that are strict rules for over speeding.

This infographic will show you what states have the fastest and slowest speed limits.

Nevada, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana come in the 5th place allowing you to drive of 72 miles per hour. The 4th place is the North Dakota and Idaho with limit averaging to 73 miles per hour. Maine, Utah, and Wyoming come in the 3rd place with a speed level of 75 miles per hour. Also, they allow drivers to advance up to 77 miles per hour.  Meanwhile, South Dakota comes in the 2nd place of the speediest state and on the 1st place is Texas. Well, if you are a fast driver this state is suitable for you. You can drive up to a maximum of 90 miles per hour.

If there are places belong to the fastest, also there are parts of the US that have the slowest speed limit. For example in Delaware, New York, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Vermont have a significant speed of between 57 -58 miles per hour. For the slowest speed, there comes the Indiana, Connecticut and New Jersey at the 3rd spot with only to the extent of 62 miles per hour.  And in the 1st place is Massachusetts on the 1st spot with only 65 miles per hour.