Developing Threats in Mobile Phishing (Infographic)

As the widespread of threats for organizations leveraging on mobile devices, there is somewhat other possible threats that is overlooked with tis potential. Mobile phishing is one of the developing threats that attacks users that are active on social media platforms using their mobile devices. Mobile phishing targets in a “well-known and well-understood attack predicted on social engineering,” meaning that malicious individuals may appear on stealing important information through mobile users in just a blink of an eye.

There are different types of mobile phishing that could threaten and destroy the security of your consumers mobile device: SMS Phishing, Phishing to Malicious Apps, Phishing Through Modifying Content Within an Application, and URL Padding. These different kinds of threats using mobile phishing enables exposure of personal information, then turns into malicious and scandalous content to destroy companies or personalities that has no proper security on their devices. To further learn how to minimize the occurrence of mobile threats on your phone and to build security with the aid of mobile-oriented companies, please check the infographic below created by TeleMessage to give you more insights about mobile phishing.