David Barnes Fabric Care Guide! How to Upkeep Your Fabrics

Dry cleaning is an art. It not only washes your garments, but also gives a new look to your clothes. Obviously there are some stuffs and fabric types that are hard to deal in home. If we do so, there may be chances of permanent loss or fabric tear. That’s why dry cleaning is the best solution left to give new life to the garments. Different fabrics have different requirements like cotton, linen fabrics, polyester, silk, spandex, wool, all these have different methods of washing. But there are some points that are common for all types of fabrics. For example, reading the instructions and labels is the main thing before starting washing or dry cleaning. There are also some points that need to follow before dry cleaning or washing. In this infographic, we have compiled different methods of how to dry clean or was the garments smartly to save their life. Let’s have a look.