Cost Breakdown: Where the Money for Your Internet Service Goes

Have you ever wondered why your internet bill is so high? Here’s where the money you pay your ISP actually goes — how much the service costs, and how much is just profit for your internet company.

The average US internet bill has reached $60 per month — approaching almost $1,000 each year for something it’s hard to exist in the modern world without.

ISPs are notoriously secretive about their operational costs. On top of that, there are various service types, such as cable, DSL, and fiber, which make it difficult to tell exactly what part of your internet bill pays for what.

By analyzing SEC filings submitted by Comcast, customers’ average internet bill is $56.91 per month  — close to the $60 national average. Based on the company’s costs and revenue ($17.144 billion) that it reported in 2018, we now have something of an idea about where the money you pay for your internet bill each month goes. 40% of the bill is profit for Comcast.