Common Car Insurance Mistakes Filipinos Make

If it is your first time owning a vehicle, then it is reasonable not to be knowledgeable of the required things that you needed when you are going to insure your car. But since you have finally bought that brand-new car you saved up for, might as well be thinking of what you, your passenger, and most notably, your automobile’s necessities.

Road Traffic Accidents, thieves, typhoons, hurricanes, or anything that may cause damages by natural resources – all of these are casualties that we, as humans, cannot predict. However, one must always be ready to either avoid or have a replacement for whatever you have lost. Particularly on your properties and as well as your financial expenditures.

That is why there are tons of auto insurance companies that provide financial protection to your car. But you must always be knowledgeable of what this insurance covers because you are going to be the one who will receive benefits from it.

Not being aware of the facts of what the insurance you are about to pay for or have already paid for is going to cause a lot of trouble — in addition to that, considering that getting your car insured costs a lot of money that is why there are some Filipinos who make conventional errors when they are about to purchase protection for their vehicle.

To avoid them, read the infographic below brought to you by iChoose which contains the typical car insurance mistakes Filipinos make