Statewide Texas Car Accident Statistics Infographic

It may come as a surprise that there has not been a single deathless day on Texas roads since November 7, 2000. Statistics show that one person is killed every 2 hours and 20 minutes, and one person is injured every 1 minute and 59 seconds. The total number of statewide crashes is 551,971 and this infographic visually represents the open-data found in Texas.

Las Vegas Road Crash Report

An accident can happen anywhere, leaving those involved with serious injuries. But while the prevalence of accidents may not be location dependent, statistics show that intersections can be especially dangerous for two reasons: there is a higher risk of an accident occurring within an intersection and a higher risk of the damages from that accident being severe. At Naqvi Injury Law, we’ve put together an infographic that explains everything you need to know about intersection accidents, including the location of the most dangerous intersection in Las Vegas, the most common causes of intersection accidents, things that contribute to intersection accidents, and some general crash statistics.

Infographic by Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney

To Register CAGR Of 7.1%: Global Automotive Air Filter Market about to hit CAGR of 7.1% from 2017 to 2026

The first five-year cumulative revenue Automotive Air Filter Market (2017-2021) is projected to be over US$ 25 Bn, which is expected to increase rather moderately over the latter part of the five-year forecast period.

Global Automotive Air Filter Market: Segmental Snapshot
By product Type: The intake air filter segment accounted for highest revenue share contribution in 2016, as compared to cabin air filter segments, and is expected to register a CAGR of over 6.5% between 2017 and 2026.

By End-use: The OEM segment is projected to account for highest revenue share as compared to aftermarket segments, and register a CAGR of around 6.5% over the forecast period.

By Application: The passenger car segment is projected to account for highest revenue share as compared to other application segments, and register a CAGR of around 7% over the forecast period.

By region: The market in Asia Pacific accounted for highest revenue share in the global automotive air filter market in 2016, and is expected to register a CAGR of over 7% between 2017 and 2026.

The research report on the global automotive air filter market includes profiles of some of the major companies such as Donaldson Company, Inc., Cummins Inc., DENSO CORPORATION, Mann + Hummel Holding GmbH, Sogefi S.p.A., Ahlstrom Corporation, Hengst SE & Co. KG, MAHLE GmbH, Robert Bosch GmbH, UFI FILTERS spa, and K&N Engineering, Inc.

Infographic by Automotive Air Filter Market

Drowsy Driving: Spotting the Signs of a Tired Truck Driver

Drowsy driving can be extremely dangerous. Each year, many motorists are injured as a result of drowsy driving. Do you know how to spot the signs of a drowsy driver? This infographic helps you spot drowsy truck drivers. The last thing you want is an accident with an 18-wheeler or other large vehicle, so know the signs. Keep yourself and your passengers safe.

Infographic by drowsy driving

Automotive Head-Up Display Systems Market Witnessed CAGR of 24% By 2026

The global automotive head-up display systems market is estimated to value US$ 491.6 Mn in 2016 and is projected to register a CAGR of over 24% in terms of value during the forecast period 2017–2026. Automotive head-up display (HUD) system is an electronic system that projects information either onto the windshield of a vehicle or a small transparent screen called a combiner. These systems were initially developed for the aviation sector, but have made their way into various other sectors, including the automotive sector, besides others. Some major players operating in the global automotive head-up display systems market include Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd., Continental AG, DENSO CORPORATION, Delphi Automotive LLP., LG Display Co., Ltd., Panasonic Corporation, MicroVision, Inc., Yazaki Corporation, Visteon Corporation, and Kyocera International, Inc. – Display Division.

Infographic by Automotive Head-Up Display Systems Market

How Eld Mandate Affected the Trucking Industry

The ELD Mandate effected the trucking industry greatly. Many of those effects are not yet known and could not be fully assessed yet. The 2018 year is going to be very interesting in terms of how the eld mandate will affect the trucking industry. Bellow is a graphic representation of the number of drivers that adopted ELD devices as well as the number of truck drivers that will quit the industry as a result of the ELD mandate implementation. In addition, we are reviewing the trucking spot market rates.

Infographic by ELDDevices.Net

Cat’s Out of the Bag: Our Favourite Feline Delivery Stories

Those troublesome moggies can find their way into the strangest of places – especially delivery vans! Here are a few of our favourite feline delivery stories.


Courier Exchange is the world’s largest neutral trading hub for same-day self employed courier jobs in the express freight exchange industry. Over 4,000 transport exchange businesses are networked together through their website, trading jobs and capacity in a safe ‘wholesale’ environment.

To register CAGR Of 4%: Global Biodiesel Market about to hit CAGR of 4% from 2017 to 2026

The global biodiesel market was valued at US$ 33,748.2 Mn in 2016, and is projected to register CAGR of over 4% from 2017 to 2026. The vegetable oil segment in the global biodiesel market is estimated to account for majority revenue share of 84.6% by end of five years.

Global Biodiesel Market Segments Analysis:

Analysis by Feedstock Type:

On the basis of feedstock type, the market is segmented into, vegetable oil and animal fat.

Analysis by application:

Among the three application segments, fuel, power generation, and others, the fuel segment is expected to dominate with revenue share of over 60%, and is expected to continue its dominance by registering highest CARG during the forecast period.

Analysis by region:

Europe market accounts for highest market share in terms of revenue contribution in the global biodiesel market, and projected growth rate between 2016 – 2026 for Europe market is expected to be 1.6X

Global Biodiesel Market Competitive Analysis:

Companies profiled in this report Archer Daniels Midland Company, Wilmar International Limited, TerraVia Holdings Inc., Bunge Limited, Neste Corporation, Louis Dreyfus Company, BIOX Corporation, Cargill Inc., Renewable Energy Group Inc., FutureFuel Corporation.

Infographic by Biodiesel Market

Car Preparation Guide for a Long Travel

Summer is just right around the corner, and what more excellent way to spend this time with having a road trip with your family and creating more memorable adventures along the road. Preparing your vehicle for a long road trip should not be done a day or two before your scheduled flight. It should be done a week or two before your road trip. Just like listing down your itinerary or clothes to pack, it would also be helpful if you list down the things you should check and plan.

Your car preparation should reflect on how you maintain your vehicle, and it is not only for the long trips that you would do but also for the long-term purpose of your family’s safety when you are on trips. The first thing that you should keep in mind is scheduling a check-up for your vehicle. One of the easiest ways of preparing for a long road trip is scheduling a check-up with your trusted mechanic because it is essential that a professional will occasionally check your vehicle for possible repairs or change some parts that are idle and broken to avoid accidents on the road. Packing emergency kits and keeping it in your car will assure you that you packed well and that in case of emergency, you will quickly have the medicine or first-aid equipment for your passengers. To learn more about the things that you should prepare for your vehicle for extended travel, please check the infographic below created by Tints2Go to have an exciting yet safe trip for you and your family.

How to Turn Your Car Into an Eco-Friendly Vehicle

One of the biggest worldwide threats in this age has nothing to do with diplomatic and political relations between nations, economical hierarchy, and even terrorism and strife. Climate change and global warming affects every country, every nation, regardless of what else is happening all around the world, and this is concerning as it is destroying nature, and at large, the very planet we are living in. As such, nations have treated it as a high-alert threat and has since made efforts to change the lifestyles that are only exacerbating the problem further.

Multiple studies on the causes of climate change and global warming have found that carbon emissions from machines and vehicles is one of the biggest factors that negatively affect the environment. Because of this, car manufacturers have developed hybrid and electric cars — vehicles that do not run on burning fuel, and thus, are not pumping out carbon through its exhaust system.

However, not all car owners have the lifestyle to make the switch, let alone afford to replace their vehicle with one. This, fortunately, isn’t the only way to become an eco-friendlier car owner.

Here are nine proven ways to make your car more eco-friendly regardless of its make, model, or year — as presented by this infographic by Global Tint UK.

Top 5 new cars to buy in the UK in 2018

With the passage of time where living standard of people changes there things from their priority lists also changes. There was a time when cars and vans were used just for the sake of transportation. But now your car is not only used as a conveyance but also on some basis it represents your standard and status in society as well.
Every make of automobile world tries hard to stay in the competition by making lavish models along with best features. Now a day’s people want vehicle which have most powerful engine and classy interior along with best and latest infotainment system in reasonable price. For sake of their customer’s facility and ease, every make now launching powerful models with variety of petrol and diesel engines.
Here we compile the utmost best top five cars of 2018 in UK, you can select any of them as per your demand and requirement.

Top 10 Seven seater SUVs of 2017

When it comes to the cars, everyone wants the best. Not only they want comfort and safety but also luxury as well. People want luxurious cars for their families and in some cases to maintain and show their standard in society. Whatever the intensions are, everyone demand and looking for comfort, safety and luxury under one roof.

SUV’s are undoubtedly most desirable models by many makes. All these seven seaters are master piece from their makes. There is nothing in them not to like, their performances are best, they are luxurious, they are safe to drive and updated with latest gadgets along with premium infotainment systems.

Many 7 seater vehicles also well famed in automobile world but they are not as comfortable as SUV’s are. From tip to toe and from frontal seats to the rare ones, SUV’s provide supreme comfort with grace and luxury to all of their passengers.

With no matter of make, surely SUV’s became a standard icon. Here is a list we make for the top 10 seven seaters of UK and we are starting with the best one in UK.

Infographic Scource Link:

Distracted Driving Disasters in the United States

This infographic from Ladah Law Firm, PLLC in Las Vegas, Nevada discusses the topic of Distracted Driving. It shows how distracted driving accidents happen, what actions & events lead up to them & how to avoid them. It also gives some interesting facts & statistics related to distracted driving including people’s perceptions around distracted driving vs the reality of admitted actions in actual crash instances. It finally ends with more possible solutions to the problem of distracted driving.

Infographic by by Ladah Law Firm

Top 10 Most Expensive Saloons of the Year

We are living in the fast world which is making progress day by day. A number of innovations in the field of technology related to vehicle is increasing rapidly. All the countries of the world are trying to provide the best vehicle in the sense of speed, reliability and comfort. In the race of saloon cars Germans are making too much progress and also in the other categories of the cars like coupes and SUV. Undoubtedly saloon is a famous car style all over the world, which face challenges now a days by other body type vehicles like SUV’s and hatchbacks. Even though it is updated with luxurious interior and more powerful engines to serve you better which rise its price too, but still we cannot neglect the demands and market worth of other vehicles. With additional features, saloon counted in most classy and costly automobiles all across the globe.In this infographic we have explained about Top 10 Fastest Saloon of the year .Except celebrities and business persons, demand of saloon is quite less but it admired for its practicality and for powerful engine worldwide. Even though SUV’s and other sports cars are famous and being more in use but saloon didn’t lose its place neither in automobile market nor from people’s heart. Saloons are the most appreciating and admiring machines all the time. Which have everything a person want in its vehicle. They have luxurious interiors, classy exterior and powerful engines. Saloon is also maintaining its place in the rapidly progressing world by making engine more powerful and fuel efficient.

Tire/Wheel Balancing step-by-step

Driving is always associated with safety precautions and you start it by ensuring that you keep your wheels balanced all the time. However, how could you balance it if you can’t even start it doing it right at the first time? To aid you, here’s an infographic that will give detailed procedures on how you could keep the balance.


  1. Reset the balancer by turning it on or off and then remove the stones or debris that stuck on the wheel. Choose the appropriate mounting method.
  2. For mounting methods, you have three options: back cone, front cone, and pin-plate.
  3. Enter the wheel dimensions into the computer of the unit.
  4. If the unit is automatic, just the pull offset arm and wait for the beep.
  5. For manual operation, use plastic callipers to enter the wheel width dimension.


Top 5 coolest cars in the world

The world is surrounded by the latest technology and it is evolving to the next level at a rapid speed. It is not wrong if we say that it is the era of smart technologies. That’s why in every part of life, we see the glimpse of latest tech. If we look around, there are lots of things that have become the necessities of like. Like mobile and cars. It seems useless if we think the concept of life without these things. If we look into the automobile, we will shock to see the rapid change in technology. Obviously it is very difficult to live without the car. That’s why we try to buy a car that is suitable in all environments of life. These cars are known as the coolest cars of the world. In this infographics, we have compiled a list of Top 5 coolest cars in the world. Starting from the Citroen DS, there are different specifications that elaborates a cool car like speed, engine power, luxury, smart gadgets. Let’s have a look on these cars and determine which one is the best for you.

10 Tips On How To Avoid Tractor Trailer Crashes

Tractor trailer crashes are happening more and more every day. The reason for that is the negligence of the truck drivers. There are things you can do to be aware of and avoid tractor trailer crashes. You can be on the lookout for wide turns. Tractor trailers require very wide turns. Avoid driving while fatigued so you can focus on your own driving.

Infographic by tractor trailer crashes

Interesting and promising facts about transport in Australia

With almost every business in Australia relying on transport services in some way, the freight industry is a fast-growing market. Western Australia also operates in the same time zone as 60 per cent of the world’s population, thus creating a fantastic opportunity for importers and exporters from the country to do business with strong global players. This leads to more growth within each business sector and boosts the economy of Australia.