6 Ways to Tighten Healthcare Security

Medical records are considered one of the most confidential information. No one wants their medical conditions to be broadcasted in the public and be used by other people for their own personal benefit. That is why doctors have made an oath to keep everything confidential between them and the patient. However, there are cases when people who have malicious intent would try to access these medical records. The health care system should be proactive and secure its information database.  Investment in data security and updating it every time network security is a must. This infographic provides other ways to tighten your healthcare security.

4 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Enhancing Security

Artificial intelligence has improved the lives of human beings in many forms. You can hear robots talking and doing household tasks reason why getting helpers may not be necessary. Smart vehicles or vehicles that need no drivers because they can run through remote controls such as a drone or unmanned ground vehicles have also been used by many people today. For data analytics, you must be familiar with biometrics or even retinal scanner that analyzes the data of the people who enter a building or any premise. Artificial Intelligence has been part of the modern world’s necessity to operate effectively and efficiently. This infographic provides more reason why you should adapt to this new technological advantage.

5 Ways to Secure Water Systems

Water systems are crucial to all of the citizens because no one can live without water. If the water systems have problems such as toxins and other materials are flowing along with the water that is consumed by people, it will pose a social problem including chaos, rallies, and social demands. Hence, the government must always secure it using any of the following methods. Using of Cyber Security Evaluation Tool, physical security, background checks, employee education, and organization of network traffic. To understand all of these security measures, you can get full details on this infographic. Download it if you can because it will help you a lot.

The Four Machine Learning Models Imperative for Business Transformation

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are undoubtedly some of the most advanced technologies available today. While the hype and promise surrounding them is unmistakable, there are still many questions about how organizations can leverage technology to drive business outcomes and have actual impacts on the bottom line. https://www.rocketsource.co/blog/machine-learning-models/

Mapping the App Development Journey – From Idea to Prototyping

We have published infographic ” Mapping the App Development Journey – From Idea to Prototyping ” that will answer all your questions.

It covers lots of interesting points like “evaluating app idea”, “protect your app “, “mobile app development process” and adding “turn wireframes in to prototypes “.

Infographic URL: https://www.moveoapps.com/stages-in-app-development

Source: Moveo Apps

5 Security Risks for Small Businesses

Most small businesses today largely use the internet to make transactions whether it is within or outside the boundary of a certain country. However, because of tax security measures, they have been the target of many scammers who access company information illegally. If you don’t have the money to finance security software, being vigilant to malware, watching for phishing emails, setting wrong passwords, using multi-factor authentication and screening new employees and contractors carefully could be an efficient and effective starting point. This infographic provides details of these security strategies. These are simple and easy to do steps but have been proven effective by many small businesses.


5 Ways Employees Can Compromise Security

Security checks are often done thoroughly with building visitors and not to the employees of the company. However, to ensure that the building is always secure and that company assets are well protected, the company must be aware of some employee behavior that may indicate that the latter is already compromising security. This infographic shows some of the employee’s attitude toward work that you must pay particular attention to. Of course, you must be discreet when you are observing an employee whether inside or outside the premises. More so, sudden changes in their lifestyle may indicate something fishy. You just need to be observant of your employees.

4 Ways to Make High-Rise Buildings Safer

How can you keep a high rise building safe? There are many ways you can do. It includes controlling the access points to different floor levels, ensuring that elevators access are given to tenants only, installing video surveillance as well as external video surveillance. This will allow your team to see who keeps on coming inside the building. It will also allow them to see suspicious people especially if you have an identity security software installed on your system. So, before they make any action, your security team can prevent them from doing it. Yet, you must not be abrupt in interrogating anybody who seemed suspicious.

5 Challenges of Enterprise Mobility Management

Competing in the 21st-century business world requires innovation not just in the product that you are creating but also to the systems, processes, and facilities integrated into the operations. This includes strengthening and empowering your telecommunication systems since it is the major medium used by customers to reach out to you and vice versa. Because of this, enterprise mobility management is employed by most organizations. EMM has several advantages but there are also risks involved. Also, devices, applications, and programs are developed to assist the growing need for a better telecommunication system. The risks involved in this EMM are listed in this infographic.

The King of Watches

Allow us to introduce the world’s most complicated watch ever made, the Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260: Featuring a staggering 57 complications (a complication is any watch function that goes beyond showing the hours, minutes & seconds) it was painstakingly crafted over 8 years by 3 Master Watchmakers with 85 different prototypes and it has more than 2,800 components. Measuring 98 mm across and 50.55 mm thick and with a solid 18k white gold case, the masterpiece is a one-of-a-kind custom-made piece sold to a private buyer with an estimated price of USD 5 million.

Source: watches

4 Ways TEM Saves Money and Time

Customer service management is a significant area in managing businesses operations. It bridges the gap between the company’s expectations of customer satisfaction and actual level of customer’s satisfaction. However, communication is expensive. This is the reason why most organizations opt for outsourcing their customer service to other countries where labor cost is low. To ensure effective management of cost related to communication. TEM or telecommunication expense management is employed. It allows the organization to streamline its operations, minimize human error, improve strategic planning and generate an accurate inventory. The impacts of these advantages are described in this infographic. Ensure that you read it thoroughly.

Business Text Archiving – International Comparison of Dual SIM Technology Adoption (Infographic)

Many mobilephones can have two SIM cards instead of only one per device. Many mobile phone users reap the benefits associated with dual SIM technology thanks to it becoming a common feature of Android smartphones.

Dual SIM allows business people to use their phones both for personal communications and business matter. Business travellers benefit from reduced carrier service costs by using a foreign country’s local SIM alongside the traveller’s standard SIM.

Since around 80% of mobile users in Asia use Android phones, dual SIM technology is more prevalent in the region with multiple nations.

The majority of the mobile phone users in Asia are Android users, which means that dual SIM technology is more prevalent in the region than those in the iPhone-dominated areas.

iPhones are starting to have dual SIM capabilities that don’t use physical cards. The eSIM introduced in newer models of iPhones are considered as secure as the current SIM cards.

To know more on the adoption of dual SIM technology including Telemessage’s Mobile Archiver subset product, the 2nd phone line service, see this infographic.

5 Ways LinkedIn Can Grow Your Business

Have you heard about Linkedin? It works the same way as Facebook where you can meet and get connected with many other people. The difference, however, is the audience that you can target using Linkedin. As it is designed for professionals, entrepreneurs and others who have a specific purpose for their account, you can explore several opportunities to increase your sales and networks. It will give you a chance to strengthen your public relations campaigns and keep in touch with your target market easily. More so, if you are looking for employees, this is also a good place to find job candidates. Know more about Linkedin by signing up.

3 Free Tools to Test the Mobile-Friendliness of Your Website

Your presence should be nearer to your customers. How could this be possible? Think about what is the device that people can’t live without? What is that thing that they would always carry around wherever they go? If you are thinking about mobile devices such as iPhone, Smartphone, Tablets, etc, you know what to do with your website to ensure that it is still friendly to use in whatever device your customer is using. However, while you are designing your website you can’t easily tell how it will run in a mobile device. Hence, you will need to check and recheck whether your website function well even in smaller screens. Use the tools given in this infographic.


3D Metal Printing Facts Not to Be Missed!

There is not an industry on this planet that 3D printing has not impacted positively. Everything from body parts to buildings has been manufactured using various 3D printing technologies. In this infographic, we discuss multiple parts of the 3D metal printing industry, including the history, how 3D metal printing reduces waste and saves companies money, the types of metals used, and much more! Stop by and have a look.

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