6 Powerful Reasons You Need Website Maintenance

Websites require regular maintenance to secure your site from cyber attacks, to keep the site running smoothly & to save you money. We see this quite often where business owners get a website “build it and forget it”. You work really hard at creating a beautiful and engaging website, but then get busy and move on to other things letting your website languish and lose its luster. Here are 6 reasons that you should be regularly showing your website giving it the attention that it needs.

Effective Ways to Optimize Keyword

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has become one of the most frequently used terms nowadays. As digital marketing is considered one of the most prospective fields of business, optimizing the right keywords is of utmost importance under current circumstances. With proper keyword optimization, a web content or article is more likely to achieve a decent rank on the Google Search Engine eventually leading to a lucrative outcome of the concerning business organization. Due to this reason, several business organizations nowadays rely on reputed digital marketing agencies. As per the infographic of Gillsolutions there are four common mistakes that people make while conducting keyword optimization. They include targeting unrealistic keywords, concentrating on the singular form of the keyword, inordinate keyword stuffing, and choosing keywords that are incapable of providing a decent traffic. The infographic also includes areas of SEO optimization such as the title, URLs, opening blog contents, and descriptions. Taking these factors into account, keyword optimization can be executed rather easily.

Must See Statistics for Search Engine Optimization – Infographic

SEO highly valued when a business operates online. SEO is not rocket science. SEO’s result based on how much time invested in research and analysis.

Organic traffic on websites means a lot when operating a business online. No matter you are a startup, small business or enterprise level, you should be there on the first page of Google or any other search engine to serve the best solution.

We have designed a useful infographic that helps to understand users behavior and trends.

We used the stats from- Search Engine Journal

6 Advantages Your Website Platform Should Have

When it comes to the website platform you use to manage your site, there are advantages that should be built in to whatever service you use. These six advantages are ones that can help your website run faster, safer and smarter. If your current website platform doesn’t come with these advantages, you might want to consider alternative options, like the Locallogy Rapid Platform.

This website platform was created with these six advantages built in, plus many more. In addition to these helpful features, the Locallogy Rapid Platform is known for delivering stunning websites that are cost-effective and built by a team of professionals.

Not all website platforms are created equally, but the Locallogy Rapid Platform is one that delivers these six advantages and more.

Facts about viral infographics

I have make a infographic and because i found your website is awasome i want to share this with you.
It is about Statical data of viral infographics. Which type of infographics get more shares and how to share your infographics to increase website traffic and get quality backlinks for your website or blog.

5 Signs Google Sites is the Best Asset for Your Small Business’s Website

Google recently released a service that allows businesses to create a customized mini website through Google—for free. For larger businesses or those that already have a website, Google Sites probably won’t be the best option. But for business owners who just want a few simple pages that give basic information, Google Sites is a cheaper and quicker way to kick start your online presence.
Google Sites is a great low-tier website option, but for business owners who want a high-quality, fully designed website built from scratch, there are many web designers out there who can give you a more detailed design. You can also find something in between these two options; a cost-effective website platform that gives you more design flexibility and additional features that Google Sites doesn’t have. A service like the Locallogy Rapid Platform gets your website up and running in just 10 business days for the fraction of the cost of a website that is built from scratch.
It might not be free—like Google Sites—but you get a lot more bang for your buck.

How to Create a Motivating Call-to-Action for Your Website

The purpose of a website’s call-to-action (CTA) is to give visitors instructions on how to take action and contact you for your services, as well as tell them what they will gain from doing so. CTAs can appear in various forms, depending on how you want people to contact you, including calling you directly, visiting your store or providing an email address. You should also add an incentive of some sort to contact you immediately, such as a limited-time discount. Along with relevancy, make sure to add a sense of urgency to encourage the customer to act immediately. These steps, along with others, will help you create the perfect call-to-action for your business that will have consumers off your site and in your office.
Writing powerful CTAs might seem like an easy task, but if done incorrectly, you could end up driving customers away rather than attracting them. To avoid this, consider hiring a team of digital marketing experts—like those at Locallogy—to craft CTAs that gets consumers to buy in now.

How to Use Basic Site Optimization to Gain Traffic and Keep People On Your Site

If you know anything about digital marketing, you probably have come across the term SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO is the foundation of a website’s effectiveness, making sure you have specific keywords on your website that will allow you to show up when consumers are searching for services like yours. But there are other elements that play into SEO, including website speed and location optimization.
Mastering search engine optimization and all its incorporated elements takes a lot of skill and experience, which is why it’s recommended to let experts—like those at Locallogy — handle it.

5 Important SEO Facts that Everyone Should Know

Develop your SEO know-how to help you select the best agency for your company. Consider these interesting SEO facts to enhance your perception of this game-changing industry. Increase your search engine ranking with our professional search engine optimization packages which includes optimization for your web site and a trusted leader in search marketing.

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What do Search Engines Look for in a Website?

A well-optimized website can guarantee high-ranking and increased ROI. However, it’s important to remember that simple does not always equate to easy. Mystech Dynamics Inc. offer businesses affordable search engine optimization packages to improve your search ranking. Increase your search engine ranking with our professional search engine optimization packages which includes optimization for your web site and a trusted leader in search marketing.

SEO Techniques and Strategies for 2017 (Infographic)

Mobile is Future :

The statistic displays the total number of mobile phone users worldwide from 2013 to 2019. For 2017 the number of mobile phone users is forecast to reach 4.77 billion. That seems website necessity to have responsive design.

Super-Fast websites :

Website loading speed matters a lot to increase the engagement level. If mobile version of the website takes the time to load properly that means chances that users will exit from the web page. Hence, the mobile version must have information which is highly required, rest all the information you can showcase on a desktop version of site.

Mobile Friendly Website :

Google is giving priority to those websites which have a mobile friendly design. If want to take advantages from the Google then website need to well optimized based on mobile friendly relevant tags.

High Quality Content :

Quality content is superiority since the beginning.  Do the extensive analysis and examination on your buyer persona and provide educative informational content about your expertise and work with quality. Focus on quality content forgets about to perform bulk posting.

High Quality Backlinks :

Make quality backlinks with proper anchor text which is extremely appropriate to your niche keyphrase. Always dig into quality websites to build backlinks.

Long Tail keywords Strategy :

The longer and more services focused key phrases are, that indicates higher the probability of converting visitants into business leads.  Long tails terms get easily ranking on search engine too, do an extensive study about the long key phrases and utilize them reasonably in website and promotion activities.

Strong Social Media Presence :

Social Media platforms are best tools to enhance your website popularity. Share informational or user-centric content to boost the engagement level with your targeted niche. Post informative or educative material to increase the social signals. That support you to develop influential social media presence.

AMP Integrations :

It’s not Google Ranking factor, At Google I/O, Google announced that it has higher than 150 million AMP records listed in their search results. And those reports are coming from 650,000 domains. Hence, it’s good to optimize webpages with AMP.

Powerful User Experience :

User Experience has same importance like content and backlinks. Increase the level of consumer experience with proper navigation; eye catchy Call to action etc. That helps to improve ranking in Search Engine.

Reputation Management :

Focus on Reputation Management, your brand or service’s reputation is everything to win your consumer’s trust. One way they can build assurance with a positive brand model. Define customer service policy in a very creative way to improve Reputation towards your clients.

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