8 Common Myths Surrounding Divorce In Canada

Do you want to legally separate from your spouse? You can move on if the differences are irreconcilable. However, there are some common myths related to divorce in Canada. Many feel that if both spouses are employed, then there can be no spousal support. Spousal support can be ordered based on factors like difference in income. There is no guarantee that one can get access to a child by paying child support. Many believe that if a spouse has committed adultery, the court will rule in favour of the other person. Each state has its laws and so, you should consult a lawyer.

You can file for divorce based on evidence after fulfilling the legal process. There is no assurance that you can keep a house because you bought it before marriage. Your spouse can get a part of the property if there is evidence. You don’t need to live in a house continuously so that you don’t lose your stake in it. Unlike what many believe, legal laws can be initiated for people who are in a common-law relationship for spousal support. Staying separately for one year doesn’t guarantee the end of a marriage. A marriage can end only after a court order is issued.


4 Major Reasons For Hiring A Professional Lawyer

Are you contemplating to hire a lawyer for a car accident-related case? There are various benefits of hiring a car accident attorney in Wasilla. To manage an accident-related situation, there are many things you need to look into like examining medical charts, requesting medical charts, and communicating with an insurance agent. A private injury lawyer can handle all these things on your behalf while you recuperate from your injuries.

By hiring an impairment lawyer with enough experience, you will get the best legal help at nominal charges. Lawyers who handle such cases linked to personal injuries have sound knowledge of all laws related to these misfortunes. These specialists will make sure that the issue gets settled in the best way. To succeed in a lawsuit related to a personal injury claim, it is necessary to remember important dates and proper documentation for a lawsuit. Handling these details on your own may not be possible. Hence, it is wise to consult an experienced lawyer.

4 Things to Consider When Working a Secondary Job While Getting Workers’ Comp Benefits

Most employers have workers’ comp insurance but not everyone is covered. Those covered are employees who were accidentally injured or getting sick while doing their job. But just because the injury happened on your job doesn’t mean you can automatically get the workers’ compensation benefit. Some things need to be considered and criteria that need to be met. Once you are entitled to the workers’ comp benefits you can get medical treatment compensation. If the injury is bad enough to prevent the worker from returning to work, he/she can do a vocational rehabilitation benefit. Do you want to know more about things to consider when working on a second job while getting workers’ compensation benefits? Then read on.

How Are Truck Accident Cases Different from Car Accident Cases In Georgia?

Although truck accidents and passenger vehicles are common, when a crash involves a truck, there are some stark differences.  These differences include both practical and legal aspects.  Knowing how these legal situations are different will help you understand the best ways to approach them, increasing your chances of having a better result from your legal case.  Below are just a few ways that truck accident cases are different from car accident cases.

Preventing Sexual Assault Infographic

Our community is changing and conversations about sexual assault are becoming less taboo thanks to the #MeToo movement and those that speak out. As the floor opens to discussing these events, we can also talk about preventing them in the first place. This infographic covers some statistics on sexual assault in America and describes some ways to prevent sexual assault from occurring in the first place. Please help us share this prevention information so we can stop sexual assault before it starts. #ChangeTheStory #RemoveTheStigma #PreventSexualAssault

References: RAINN, National Institute of Justice, and the Community Guide.

7 Tips to Drive Safe Near Big Rigs

No matter how good you are as a driver and no matter how expensive the car you are driving is, you have to drive on the side and adjust whenever you see big trucks coming along your way. Big trucks are hard to maneuver and the view side of the driver is limited. What can you do to keep yourself safe? Just follow the safety tips on this infographic.

1. Understand that driver shave blind spots.

2. Always keep your distance because trucks stop slowly.

3. Truck drivers do not change their lanes because of difficulty in maneuvering the wheels

4. More safety tips can be found in this infographic.

5 Reasons Insurance Companies Are Not Your Friend After an Accident

Getting involved with an accident, especially a motor vehicle crash, would compel you to file for a personal injury claim. It will be used to defray the expenses in your hospitalization of even loss of income. However, before you even file a complaint, someone will come at your doorsteps offering you a bargain so that you will not pursue the case. Who would that person be? For sure, it will be a representative from an insurance company. They will try to downplay your injuries, use your words against yourself, pressure you to settle out of court, and claim that you are a fraud. Your best way to win them is to get the help of a personal injury attorney.

5 Shocking Car Crash Statistics

No one wants to meet an accident after a party or a celebration of your friend’s birthday. However, a lot of accidents actually happen after a social gathering. This statistics will prove that indeed, drinking and driving is dangerous to your life.

  1. One of the common causes of a car crash is drunk driving. With an average daily death rate of 29 people, be scared before you drink alcoholic beverages.
  2. Drug-impaired driving is next on the list. Drugs do not make any good to you anyway; much more when you are driving.
  3. Distracted driving, failure to wear seatbelts and overspeeding are also common causes of motor vehicle accidents.

5 Benefits of Hiring an Injury Lawyer

When beaten up and you feel like it is rightful to file for an injury claim, you might want to find an injury attorney who can stand up for you and defend your right being the victim of the incident. Here are some reasons why you need to hire one:

  1. They will fight even against big insurance companies. They are trained enough to beat them up.
  2. Paperwork for a personal injury claim is time-consuming. Save yourself from the hassles of doing paperwork.
  3. They got paid if you won the case. Basically, it will not make you spend if the result of the battle was not in your favour.

Music Industry Contracts: All You Should Know

If you are in the music industry, you will end up being taken advantage of unless you protect yourself with an appropriate contract. Attorneys are expensive, and especially if you are just starting out, may not be affordable. In this infographic, you can learn the basics involved in music contracts in easy-to-understand terms for the layman. Find out what sort of contract you need, and how you can get it without hiring an attorney. Learn what these contracts do and how they can protect you. Get the definitions of key terms in these contracts so you can understand what you are signing.

Infographic by Contracts

Drug Testing in Arizona Family Court

According to the National Council and Alcoholism and Drug Dependence addiction is a family disease. In this context, Modern Law recently published an infographic related to drug testing in Arizona Family Court. The infographic also stresses to be prepared if you are ordered to take drug or alcohol testing. One bad result could mean a loss in parenting time and legal decision making.

Infographic by Modern Law

7 Ways to Prove Nursing Home Abuse

Whether it was a one-time event or chronic episodes of abuse, you have the right to hold those parties accountable for their egregious acts. You can prove your allegations legitimacy by following this list. The infographic shows 7 ways to prove your nursing home abuse case. The first is watching and notating the signs of abuse. Second, obtain their nursing home and medical records. Later on, photographs are powerful pieces of evidence. Ombudsman complaints are also included as well as witness statements. Finally, it comes inspections and licenses along with hiring an attorney.

Infographic by Campbell & Smith, PLLC

5 Common Black Friday Tragedies

Thanksgiving is almost here, which means Black Friday is also around the corner! As the shopping discount season draws nearer, you may already be planning what to buy to get those great deals in the electronics, clothing, or toy sections in the retail stores near you. However, good opportunities like this can sometimes turn sour when people let their eagerness and passion rule.


The most common problems you can experience during the retail holiday rush include car accidents, slip, and fall accidents, blocked emergency exits, acts of violence, and falling merchandise. Find out in this infographic how you can avoid these problems and make your Thanksgiving weekend safe and fun.

What to Do If You Are Injured in a Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian accidents can happen anywhere at any time, but most cases occur in cities or urban areas during the night. Pedestrians are more likely to get struck by cars while waiting at bus stops or trying to cross streets. These cases are usually caused by drivers who run red lights or are under the influence.


Pedestrian accidents can cause injuries which range from leg fractures to kidney or spleen injuries to traumatic brain injuries (TBI). TBIs may be mild concussions or more serious cases which can cause depression and the loss of senses. Worse, they can lead to death. Learn from this infographic some facts about pedestrian accidents and TBIs, and what you should do in case you get involved in a similar situation.


What You Need to Know About Alimony

Depending on financial circumstances, many people will end up paying or receiving alimony after a divorce. However, most people don’t actually understand how alimony is decided and what it is for. This infographic explains the process of getting alimony, and describes the common situations where alimony is given. It also explains the statistics on alimony. For example, it explains how many people pay it each year in the United States. It also explains how much alimony is paid each year

Infographic by what you need to know about alimony

Reasons People Lose Personal Injury Cases

Suppose you were in an accident and you have incurred injuries from it. Someone is responsible for it, so you build a compelling personal injury case. Your case is clear-cut and devoid of loopholes. However, this does not mean you already won your case.

Avoiding common claim mistakes such as getting inconsistent treatment, inadequate documentation to prove your claim, downplaying injuries, having loose lips and posting questionable social media posts, and not being represented by an experienced personal injury attorney will help you win your case and be compensated for the damages brought about by your accident or injury. Learn these things in the following infographic.

Help Your Personal Injury Lawyer Win Your Case

Personal injury is one of the most complicated cases due to many factors affecting the result of the trial. Because of this, the personal injury attorney must have the adept knowledge, skills, and abilities in handling this case. However, not because you hired an efficient lawyer, you will just let them do the job alone. In this infographic, you can see some activities that you can do to help.


  1. Documenting the details of the accident.
  2. Provide thorough details including petty things that you think may be able to help the case.
  3. Most of all, you need to be consistent with the details of the event.
  4. Ask questions to have a personal investigation of your case.
  5. Prepare yourself for the trial.


Car Accidents vs. Motorcycle Accidents in Colorado

This infographic covers statistics about car accidents and motorcycle accidents in Colorado from 2016-2017. This will provide valuable insight for new and experience drivers, as we continue to have distractions influence our driving habits. The infographic covers stats on the number of accidents, how they occur, types of injuries, and the number of fatalities in Colorado resulting from these accidents. Anyone operating a car or motorcycle needs to stay informed about the risks of the road. General safety tips are provided to remind drivers of simple things they can do to keep themselves and others safe on the roads.

Infographic by Accidents Colorado

Does Workers’ Comp Cover Employees and Contractors?

What makes an injured worker truly be covered by his rightful compensation? Your status can affect much of the claims that you can get. If you are an independent contractor, the case could be much difficult to handle. To be able to overcome these obstacles, you need to equip yourself with knowledge which is listed in this infographic.


  1. Determine the degree of control your company has over your work.
  2. Show that you suffered from an actual and physical injury while at work.
  3. Establish a relationship between your work and the injury you have.
  4. The injury happened while you are working and not outside the workplace premises.

Alabama Divorce Process: Contested & Uncontested

Getting a divorce can be a tricky and heartbreaking process. Anyone who has been through it knows this. Not only do you have to process your own heartbreak, you have to make sure you’re looking out for your children as well. You want the divorce to go smoothly, so that everyone can begin to move on and enjoy stability again. So, what is the divorce process in Alabama like? This infographic explains what a contested and uncontested divorce look like in Alabama.

Infographic by Divorce process in Alabama