Why Security Necessitates a Digital Visitor Management System

A background check software is necessary to ensure safety and security in your office or workplace. There are many ways to keep everybody safe, however, by keeping an eye on the visitors from time to time can be expensive and time-consuming. Here are reasons why you need a digital visitor management system.


1.Get accurate data both for past and present visitors.

2.Visitors can check who visited you earlier and that’s a violation of privacy.

3.Capture the real-time in and out of the visitors.

4.Improve support given to guests

5.It will increase the efficiency of your operations.

Reasons Why Nobody Wants to Stay Longer on your Website

Websites contain information, advertisements, call to action buttons and contact details if the customer wants to inquire more about your organization. However, they won’t bother to look for these if your websites contain the following items that cause the immediate exit of a customer from your website.


  1. The annoying pop-up ads are just annoying for them.
  2. Non-responsive websites won’t make a customer adjust to it.
  3. Customers don’t like waiting. So, shorten your loading time.
  4. Poor display, themes or templates. Nobody wants to feel dull when they look at your website.
  5. No search bars to find the information they want to read.


SEO vs. Traditional Marketing

Getting the top spot of Google will make your website known for the niche or industry it belongs. Why do you need to be on this spot anyway? SEO will tell you why. This infographic will lead you to a more effective marketing campaign in many online platforms.


  1. SEO is all about getting your website clicked, viewed and shared by the users.
  2. People are looking for products and services through the internet.
  3. Benefits of SEO include increased brand awareness, enhanced company image, website traffic, higher return on investment and cost-effectiveness.
  4. It’s much cheaper than your trimedia: TV ad, radio ad and print ad.

How to Add Value to Your Content Marketing Strategy

A lot of online marketing strategy has emerged in the 21st century especially after Google roll out its algorithm to check the content of the website. More than that, the users have become choosy in the webpage that they are reading. This infographic will give important suggestions on how you can maximize your content marketing strategy.


  1. Understand how content marketing works: schemes, keywords, and descriptions.
  2. Know when the user considers content valuable to them. The value should be taken from the perspective of the customers.
  3. Linking your content to valuable other contents. Ensure that new contents are published because Google prefers the fresher ones.
  4. Understand how Google reads your content. Keyword stuffing no longer works.

Top 10 Advanced SEO Techniques 2018

1) SEO Audit(Complete SEO Audit on your Website)

  1. a) All Pages Contain Meta Tags and Description
  2. b) Each page Contains Meta Keywords
  3. c) User-Friendly URL Structure
  4. d) All Images contains ALT Tags
  5. d) Blog Post Format Properly(Contains <H1>,<H2>…<H6> Tags)
  6. e) Xml, Robots.txt presents

2) Create SEO Rich Content

  1. a) Choose relevant topic
  2. b) Minimum content (1200 Words)
  3. c) Optimized with Long-Tail Keywords

3) Responsive website (Mobile- Friendly)

4) Infographics Submission

  1. a) Slideshare
  2. b) Infographics Showcase
  3. c) Flickr
  4. d) Reddit
  5. e) Infographic Bee
  6. f) Infographaholic

5) Optimize content from RankBrain

6) Optimize Social Media Platform

(Like Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Twitter, and many more)

Print on Demand Ecomemrce is on the Rise

The popularity of print-on-demand ecommerce is on the rise, and it’s not likely to slow down any time soon based on our research. We’ve summed up some of the most eye-catching numbers we’ve found about the growing industry in our print-on-demand infographic below. It’s little wonder why given all the advantages POD provides over traditional ecommerce. Besides requiring little upfront capital, print-on-demand requires no inventory management, a potential huge catalog of products, and the ability to create products unique to any brand.

Infographic by print-on-demand

A Guide to Building Websites for Millennials

Using the internet to encourage potential buyers and to elevate your sale is a wise decision to make. Doing so would mean that you are one of the millennial business owners who is dealing with millennial buyers. However, before you create your web design specifically intended to offer your products and services, there a lot of things to consider so that you can ensure that what you are creating is an effective tool in elevating your sale.


Prioritizing the needs of the target customers should be given the most consideration in internet marketing. This infographic presents marketing techniques in building web design.

5 Common Mistakes Made in Marketing

In these trying times, engaging in a business is a great risk to take. But, as long as you are equipped with the dos and don’ts in starting a business, most likely, you will succeed. Whether your business is in the form of products or services, there is one thing you would like—to attract customers. Using internet is a great help to draw interest to potential clients. However, marketing one’s business may not be effective once not properly planned.
To help you achieve a rewarding business, here’s an infographic presented by PROSPER Show. It stresses some common mistakes made in marketing.

Perks of Choosing WooCommerce for Your Ecommerce Website – Infographic

For the any business owner about to launch an ecommerce website, choosing the platform is one of the major concerns. Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, OpenCart etc are some of the most popular platforms available in the market. Out of these, Magento and WooCommerce hold the highest share. However, if you compare these two of acceptance amongst the business owners, WooCommerce has emerged as an outright winner in comparison to Magento due to its flexible and attractive framework. If you are a business owner wanting to establish your business, WooCommerce is your way to go.

When you choose WooCommerce for your building your website, you get to choose from amongst numerous plugins and themes. Most of these themes are available for free and helps you save a lot of time, efforts and finances. Also, the WooCommerce plugin is fully secured and protects your website from all the hackers and viruses. This infographic will acquaint you with the benefits of choosing WooCommerce platform for your e-store.

How to Make a Website in 3 Steps

Building a website was a difficult a few years ago. In today’s time, building even 10 websites for your business became very easy. If you don’t have a website yet, then, you must learn from this infographic that features three easy steps to build a website.


  1. You can choose between WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. But the majority would prefer WordPress.
  2. Think of a domain name that will be related to your company or much better if you choose your company name. If it is a personal website, that’s just up to you.
  3. Configure your website based on how you want it to look like. Themes and templates are already available. You just choose and create content for the pages.

Online Giving For Churches & Non-profits

Making Online Church Contributions

The most effective aspect of an on-line offering is that you could give away a set amount of cash when you intend to in the manner in which you choose. Some people want to arrange their donations and also have the funds deducted from their account to make sure that they don’t have to stress over it while others intend to make their payments utilizing text or church providing applications. Most churches are staying updated with innovation and are making it more convenient than ever before to tithe.

As a participant of the church, you might wish to contribute as long as you could manage to give to sustain the church and also its members. Tithing is something that aids religious leaders continuously have the means to spread out God’s word while working hard in order to help the much less privileged. Contributing to the church via these different techniques might be something you ‘d like to do to support your neighborhood church as well as the religious leaders that work feverishly to get the word out of the Lord.

Infographic by Online Giving

5 Tips for Speeding up your Website

Most of the customers will just exit the website if the contents are loading slowly. Only 20% of the users will wait for more than 20 seconds. After that, they will just quit the site and look for other related sites. To speed up the website’s loading time, follow these tips.


  1. Check your website design. You might have layouts or templates that are eating up much of the speed.
  2. Check on the plugins because you might have installed something that’s not necessary and can be deleted, for this also cause the slowness of the website.
  3. Images and video contents must be optimized so that search engine robots will be able to crawl it fast.
  4. Some media files can be deleted as well especially those that are more than five years or enough in your storage.
  5. You might be using too much meta tags and meta content.

10 of the Best E-Commerce Solutions for Small Businesses

Do you have a small business? Do you want to be seen online? Do you know how to start with this endeavour? There are many ways available but you cannot do them all especially if you don’t have many people to manage your website. Here’s an infographic that will give you several options when you are about to build your own website.


  1. Your first choice could be SaaS or software-as-a-service.
  2. You can also add Squarespace, CommerceHub, and Magento into your list.
  3. Shopify and Big Commerce have also shown positive responses from the users.
  4. Volusion, Wix, and 3dCart are efficient website builders.

Basic SEO Tips for Beginners

The world wide web is like a market where you compete to be the number 1 site which can easily be seen, clicked and chosen by a searcher. However, getting on top of Google requires lots of effort in getting positive responses from users. This infographic will help you in developing your SEO skills for your start up business.


  1. Use the right keywords by understanding how customers look for products and services with search engines.
  2. Use these keywords naturally. Sound unbelievable but Google will know if you have just inserted the keyword.
  3. Optimize your meta descriptions, tags and page titles. A 150 character is your way towards the google bots.
  4. Ensure that only unique contents are posted online.

Managing Brand Equity

Are you an Amazon sales manager? Does your brand create a good response on the customers whenever they hear it? Or you are just one of the unknown brands diving quietly in the pool of competition? Get ahead of yourself by understanding techniques on how to manage your brand equity.


  1. Your brand is associated with value.
  2. The brand has some symbolic representation whether it is a status symbol or exclusivity.
  3. It can be easily recalled by the customer and all other products included in the portfolio.
  4. Create positive brand image through brand valuations that are essential for the business.
  5. Always guard your sales and analyze the trends.

New infographic by Gut Feeling – gutflg.com


Fonts easy to read with “il1” rule

Infographic Description:

When writing a web page or blog article content quality is a key aspect. The way we present them, choosing correct fonts and layouts, is equally  important.

Try to find fonts that pass the “Il1” rule. Type a capital I a lowercase l and a number 1 next to each other. If you can’t tell the difference between these characters, you may run into some trouble when setting the text.

In this infographic there are the most used fonts in the web. Each font has been evaluated based on its readability

Infographic by http://www.gutflg.com

How to Get Found in Local Search Results

Taking a moment to improve your business’s online presence increases the chances of you getting found by local search engine users, which in turn brings you new business. Ready to get started today? Locally based businesses can use the following quick yet effective SEO strategies to improve their rankings, get found by more people and get more business coming through their doors. Optimized Scribes has experience helping businesses of all sizes get found more easily in local search, including small businesses like yours! Become the star of your local community and increase your visibility exponentially when you take a look at our local search optimization packages today.

Infographic by Local SEO

9 Tips for Creating a Website Mockup

A good website design can inform, entertain and ensure that users will stay on the page and read its contents. Another goal is to encourage them to visit your page again. Understand the basics of designing a website through the following tips that you can see in this infographic.

1. Start with shapes and shape layers.

2. Choose easy to read and web safe font styles.

3. Organize your contents

4. Use premade toolkits to create an easy user interface.

5. Draw with pen and paper for the generic content of your website.

6. Diagnose possible problems with your website through making a mockup.

7. Your prototype website may fail but at least you will know what went wrong.

Learn How To Use Facebook For Business With These Basic Tips

Your customers are on Facebook and your business needs to be on Facebook to reach them. Sure, you can market to them off of Facebook using traditional marketing methods BUT your ROI and reach might be lower. Also, when using Facebook to promote your business you are creating a community around your business that you can engage with and create a loyal following. We outline in our latest article the basics on how to use Facebook for your business. This will give you a foundation to build upon when creating your mark on Facebook.

Infographic by How To Use Facebook For Business