Keto vs. Dubrow Diets: How They Compare

Both the Ketogenic (Keto for short) and the Dubrow diets are similar in the ways in which they use your body’s fat stores as an energy source, helping you lose weight faster and obviously be healthier. However, they differ in some significant ways which should be taken into consideration before attempting either diet. By weighing the pros and cons for each according to your own dietary and health needs, concerns, or wishes will help you better understand which diet can better assist you in achieving your health goals to become a more healthier you!

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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Better Sleep

Similarly to how a computer or smartphone needs to be recharged so does our brain which is done though sleep. This is the ultimate guide to getting better sleep with practical tips for the best sleep possible. It’s important to know that a lack of sleep doesn’t just make you grumpy in the morning it can lead to severe health problems. First, when getting ready for be the environment is essential to a good nights rest. Therefore, you’ll want to power down by not looking at any electronic device, make your bed an oasis with comfortable sheets, and turn off the lights. A way to let your body know its time for bed is by exercising daily, choosing the right food, managing worries, and committing to a sleep schedule which help your body get into a routine. This is essential considering that insomnia is reported by about 30% of adults. The benefits of sleep include increasingly ability to concentrate, boosts immune system, and improves memory. Some of the drinks to avoid before bed are caffeine and soft drinks. As a result of sleep deprivation, the brain can suffer from impaired function, cardiovascular disease, or digestive system complications

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6 Natural Ways to Freshen Your Mouth

Do you eat fresh mint candies to get rid of that bad smell in your mouth? That must be one of your ways but it is not effective because ones the candy totally melt in your mouth, the bad smell will once again come out. Here are some natural ways to freshen your mouth.


1. Drink green tea than coffee in the morning.

2. Eat something with baking soda. It does help in neutralizing stomach acid.

3. Vitamin D to prevent gum diseases and other teeth problems. What foods are rich with Vitamin D? Salmon, Tuna, and Eggs should be included in your diet.

4. Well, this sounds interesting but hydrogen peroxide also helps in preventing infection so that you can avoid having a bad smelling mouth.

A Beginner’s Guide to a Raw Food Diet

The raw food diet has been around since the 1800’s. The idea is that consuming mostly raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds is healthier and that the cooking process destroys the nutritional benefit of many foods. This method was popularized by professional quarterback Tom Brady and his wife. The diet allegedly reduces inflammation, improves triglycerides and cholesterol, kickstarts weight loss, and increases vitamins. Check out the rest of the infographic to learn more about what to eat and what to avoid to properly follow this diet!


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Manage ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has been increasing in America. This increase calls for action. There are many different researched methods of treating and managing ADHD symptoms. Some of these methods involve medication and some do not. Although medication is one way to go, it’s not the only way. Here are 5 natural ways to manage ADHD symptoms.

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The History of Dentistry

The practice of dentistry dates back farther than we can even imagine. It begins as early as 7000 BC in the Indus Valley, and carries a rich history to the modern day. Over that time, the dental profession has changed dramatically with the advent of new tools and technology. In this infographic, TodaysDentist visualizes the progression of dental practice and technology throughout the years and across different early civilizations.

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11 Steps on How to Open a Gym

Many personal trainers dream about opening their own gyms and ultimately being their own bosses. However, understanding the steps can be a little overwhelming. You will have both legal and business processes to undertake, as well as staffing, purchasing equipment and much more. And as long as you completely understand what is required of you, then your dream could come together a lot quicker than you might think! Follow these helpful tips, and you can go from trainer to entrepreneur in no time. Are you ready?

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Health Benefits of Hiking

This infographic explains the health benefits of hiking and highlights some of the most exotic hiking trails on the east coast. Hiking is extremely beneficial due to the exposure to nature/daylight/fresh air, the participation in physical activity, the restoration of mental and emotional health, and the social time spent with others. The locations, lengths, and difficulty levels of the best hiking trails on the east coast are given in the graphic. There are hikes for people looking for a moderate stroll through nature, all the way to hikes that will challenge even experienced outdoorsman.

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5 Facts About Gummy Vitamin Manufacturers

Today, gummies are no longer perceived as kid’s vitamin. Every year, the figures prove that grown-ups are increasingly turning to them in an effort to triumph over nutritional deficiencies. Being a accepted product in the world currently, it’s worth looking at the 5 facts about gummy vitamin manufacturers

  1. Gummy Vitamins Market

The gummies vitamins market keeps on growing at a stable pace of about 25-percent CAGE. This can only be linked with the constantly-growing demand from both men and women for gummy vitamins products thanks to their wide variety of tastes and shapes. At this conceivable growth rate, by 2025 the market is expected to reach around $4.17-billion.

  1. Market Opportunities

Geographically, North America has the largest gummy vitamin market share, which is still on the rise at a staggering rate of 5-percent CAGR until 2025. By that time, that single geographical market will be worth over $1.64-billion. The Asia-Pacific market on the other hand will experience a 3.8-percent CAGR up to that same year.

  1. Worldwide Market overview

The gummy vitamins market, which as of 2017 was $271-mn, will be expected to reach around $405.5-mn by 2023. When it comes to reach and value, up to 2026 the market will grow at a rate of not less than 47-percent CAGR and reach around $4.38-billion.

  1. Supply-Chain Analysis

Due to rising need for various popular supplements like vitamin D, the single vitamin segment, which as of now has a 3350-percent market share, will be worth over $143-billion by 2026. This will be made possible by an anticipated 4.8-percent compound growth rate.

  1. Price-Point Analysis

Conservative estimates have already predetermined that by 2025, the overall gummy sales will have reached the $70-million mark.

What is Sleep Clinic and how it can be helpful for detecting sleep disorders?

Sleep plays a vital role in our health and life. Adequate and quality sleep can help in improving mental health, physical health, quality of life, and even safety. But what if you are sleep deprived or suffering sleep deficiency? Your health will deteriorate and also there are some chances to develop life-threatening disorders. That is why having a good night sleep is always recommended for better health and life. Sleep Clinic is a specialized center for diagnosing sleep disorders. To study the sleep pattern, a sleep test which is known as “Polysomnogram” is conducted on the patient in a cozy environment where the person can sleep peacefully.


The Rise of Cosmetic Surgery Use

Cosmetic Surgery has grown significantly over the last 10 years, even through the recession proving to be a solid and reliable business. It is projected to grow 10% annually over the next 5 years with revenue estimated to reach 17 billion by 2023. There were almost 18 million minimally invasive procedures performed in 2018. Main drivers of growth were Botox & Coolsculpting. This area of Aesthetics has driven a huge increase in MedSpa openings, which focus almost exclusively on non-invasive non-surgical procedures. On the surgical side breast augmentation and liposuction continued to be the main procedures performed.

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Choose the Best Natural Sleep Aid for your Sleeping Trouble

Many people have problem in getting a peaceful night with good sleep. If a person is suffering from insomnia, later it may result into various serious problems such as stress, anxiety, improper hormone secretion and many more. You can choose the Natural sleep aids as a remedy as it has many good effects when compared to other sleep pills. There are many natural relaxation techniques which help to promote the sleep.

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Common Pregnancy Health Issues

Our “common pregnancy health conditions” infographic has been created to provide useful information on some of the pregnancy health issues pregnant women are likely to encounter and some of the solutions to make the experience easier to bear. We’ve included stats on how common some of these pregnancy health issues are.

Many women don’t realise just how common many of these conditions are and the support that is out there for them. The Emma’s Diary common pregnancy health conditions infographic gives a snapshot of useful information all mums to be should be aware of.

From morning sickness, anaemia, pre-eclampsia and even antenatal depression, the infographic details common symptoms, solutions to ease these pregnancy conditions and where you can find support.

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Best Ways to Improve Oxygen Levels in the Body

Since the cells cannot store comfortable levels of oxygen for over a few minutes at a particular time, the body wants a steady supply of oxygen from the ecosystem. Several natural ways of skyrocketing oxygen levels in the blood assist you to avoid the results of low oxygen levels and improve your health.

Having healthy levels of oxygen in your blood boasts a range of fascinating facet effects including:

  • Increased awareness
  • Better memory
  • More attention and focus
  • Improved mood
  • Heightened athletic performance
  • Reduced pain and fatigue
  • Increased energy
  • Promote recovery

Butwhy does the oxygen level in our body deplete?

Blood oxygen levels could get low for a variety of reasons. In healthy individuals, over-exertion or being in high altitude can lead to a dip in SpO2 (peripheral capillary oxygen saturation, an estimate of the amount of oxygen in the blood) levels. For those with persistent health conditions, a difficulty could occur that prevents the blood from riveting oxygen, impairs the way the body utilizes oxygen in the blood, or the body may be inefficiently taking in oxygen.

Whether the need for additional oxygen is because of a temporary condition, a chronic malady, or simply the pursuit of overall health, there are many proven ways to get more oxygen into your cells. How to increase blood oxygen levels best is better answered through describing the various ways of doing it.

The Emerging Medicinal Health Benefits of Mushrooms

We bet you didn’t know about the amazing health benefits that come from mushrooms! These tasty and healthy little fungi could help with a multitude of health concerns, from managing weight and boosting the immune system to even helping to fight cancer. If you didn’t already have a soft spot for these awesome little guys, then we think you soon will, as they are the latest trend in the health food world.
Mushrooms have been used for centuries by humankind as a tasty food source, as well as being gluten-free, low in calories and fats as well as being cholesterol-free and low sodium. Mushrooms are also an excellent natural source of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin D, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B3, copper, potassium, selenium and high levels of the antioxidant ergothioneine, alongside other bioactive compounds.
There is emerging preliminary scientific evidence to suggest that certain superfood mushrooms can help to combat weight gain, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, and support brain health. Mushrooms can also help the body boost its immune system, increase anti-oxidant activity and even improve exercise performance.

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