Keto vs. Carnivore Diet: Which One Is Better?

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Carnivore diet is often referred to as the most advanced version of keto diet because it allows you to have protein and fat but cuts out the veggies. With that in mind, there are differences between the two. Zero Carb which generally allows keto to have a maximum 20 grams of carbs per day whereas the carnivore diet keeps it strictly zero. High protein which means keto diet requires to keep protein and fat at a moderate level, while carnivore diet is primarily protein and right balance of fat. No greens which refers to the carnivore diet whereas for keto, one is encouraged to eat veggies like broccoli and asparagus. Main difference is that carnivore diet is restricted while keto is advanced.

5 Tips for Better Oral Health

The eye is the window to our soul, while mouth serves as the window for the rest of our body. Our mouth provides the signals or symptoms of our general health diseases. The poor oral health signifies and might be linked to major chronic diseases.

That’s why a healthy mouth is necessary as it provides nutrition for the physical body. However, what is most important this also improves our self-confidence to interact with other people.

Tips such as using a proper toothbrush, floss, cleaning your tongue, using fluoride and visiting your

5 Ways to Prepare versus Repair Your Teeth

Unhealthy gums and teeth are the most common problems that we are facing these days. Visiting a dentist is unnecessary for some but obviously is the best step to detect mouth problems early on.

Also, good proper hygiene can prevent us from having tooth decay. But it will not only stop there, your responsibility of taking care of yourself and confidence.

The following are great ways to taking extra care for your teeth and gums such as;

Fluoride treatments

Using electric toothbrush

Using night guard during the sleeping time

Choosing proper hygiene products

And dental check-ups every six months

These are the things that you have to keep in mind to prevent any mouth infections. Don’t wait for mouth problems will force you to visit your dentist – this will take time, if in case.

Different FFS Treatments to make your Face Look Feminine

There are various facial procedures that can be performed when a patient is seeking out facial feminization services or FFS for short. Facial feminization surgery is a set of procedures that help the face appear more feminine. This is a very popular procedure in the transgender community when going through a transition. Even non-transgender patients that would like a more feminine appearance can also opt for FFS treatments. The are various areas of the face that are typically treated including, the forehead, the eyes, nose and chin. In this infographic we dissect the most popular FFS procedures one can undergo.

Infographic by Facial Feminization Surgery

3 Ways Sleep Affects Your Oral Health

A smile makes a person look beautiful. However, even if you have nice teeth if you are actually stressed due to lack of sleep, such beauty will not be seen from you. There are many reasons why you need to have the right amount of sleep. This infographic will encourage you to sleep early.


  1. Sleeping allows the body to rest and get a chance to rejuvenate itself. Such helps in improving brain and heart functions.
  2. Sleeping lessens the nervousness felt by the body. With less sleep, your oral health is jeopardized and you have high risks for gum diseases.
  3. You may not feel the negative effects of insufficient sleep hours but surely time will catch up on you.

Difference Between Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Alcohol Addiction Rehab

Alcoholic treatment that focuses on treating the person as a whole is a great way to help a person who is struggling with their addiction. There are many great treatment options out there. One of the first questions many people ask is whether or not they should go to inpatient or outpatient treatment.
The main difference is that if a person is in inpatient treatment, they are living at the facility for anywhere from 30 days to a year depending on the particular facility.
Inpatient treatment is much more intense and will focus on healing the person as a whole.
In outpatient treatment, the patient will go to the treatment facility anywhere from one day per week upwards to all 7 days depending on the treatment protocol that is decided upon between the patient and the counselors.

Infographic by Inpatient alcohol rehab

The Definitive Guide to the Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

The health benefits of apple cider vinegar have been documented for thousands of years. Apple Cider Vinegar benefits are derived from its culinary properties, but also from its usefulness as a medicine. In this blog post, we’ll explore a brief history of apple cider vinegar and cover the most well-researched benefits you’ll receive by taking Apple Cider Vinegar.
Apple cider vinegar is a liquid solution of mostly acetic acid at 5–20% concentration by volume. Table vinegar is typically made at a concentration of 4–8%, although higher levels are useful for pickling and other applications. Apple cider vinegar is made by fermenting crushed apples, sugar, and yeast, then draining out the liquid. During a 2nd fermentation process, the alcohol present is then combined with bacteria to form a vinegar. In the modern era, apple cider vinegar is also packaged as a pill for people who don’t like the taste of vinegar.
Apple Cider Vinegar has a long history as a preservative, a condiment, an alcoholic drink, a precursor to the modern energy drink, and even an antiseptic. But has modern science been able to prove any of these folklore tales that praise the magic of Apple Cider Vinegar benefits?

Infographic by superfood

6 Types of Smiles

They said that people keep their temper through smiling. Others believed that those who smile a lot actually have many problems while those who frown have hidden agenda. You cannot really tell because some smiles are well-meant while others are fake. Read this infographic so you’ll have an idea on whose smile is most convincing.

1. A smile that does not show teeth, lips are clamped and look like of a chimpanzee is a fear smile.

2. A long smile with a little bit of intensity is a genuine one.

3. If the smile was done fast and the eyes did not smile as well, it could be a fake one.

6 Controversial Wrongful Death Cases

Wrongful deaths are tragedies that often could have been prevented.

Whether it was an act of negligence, recklessness, or purposeful actions, controversy tends to surround these cases.

Six wrongful death cases in history were the center of attention for media outlets because of not only how the death occurred, but also because of the high-value settlements and the victims involved in the incidents.

Infographic by Wrongful death attorney

What are Exogenous Ketones?

Exogenous ketones are human-made ketones used to increase the level of energy in your body. Our body’s native fuel is ketones, not glucose.

The physical benefits are going to be so noticeable; you’ll love the difference once your body makes the full switch to using its stored body fat to fuel ketosis.
This could mean a boost in stamina to power through your day, an increase in endurance when and if you’re active, plus a noticeable difference in the scale and mirror.

Infographic by Konscious Keto

To Register CAGR Of 9.7%: Global Refurbished Medical Equipment Market about to hit CAGR of 9.7% from 2017 to 2026

Refurbishment is restoration of equipment or device to a reusable condition without changing the basic specifications of the device.The first five-year cumulative revenue (2017-2021) is projected to be over US$ 38 Bn, which is expected to increase rather moderately over the latter part of the five-year forecast period.

Global Refurbished Medical Equipment Market: Segmental Snapshot

By type: The cardiovascular & cardiology equipment segment is expected to be fastest growing type segment in the global refurbished medical equipment market with a CAGR over 9.5% between 2017 and 2026.

By application: The hospitals segment is expected to account for highest revenue share among the application segments in the global refurbished medical equipment market, which is projected to expand at a CAGR over 9.5% over the forecast period.

By region/country: The market in North America accounted for highest revenue share in the global refurbished medical equipment market in 2016, and is expected to register a CAGR over 9.5% between 2017 and 2026.

The research report on the global refurbished medical equipment Market includes profiles of some of major companies such as Radiology Oncology Systems, Inc., Everx Pvt Ltd., Koninklijke Philips N.V., Integrity Medical Systems, Inc., Agito Medical A/S, DRE Inc., SOMA Technology, Inc., Block Imaging International, Inc., Siemens Healthineers AG, and GE Healthcare Inc.

Infographic by Refurbished Medical Equipment Market

Amazing Facts About the Sun for Kids

Did you know that the sun is actually 4.6 billion years old? Or that it contains almost all of the matter in our solar system?


It’s facts like these that can spark the interest and imagination of children to know more about the sun and their environment, which is important so they can also learn to protect themselves from the harmful elements that may surround them.


Kids love to play in the sun all day. However, it is not safe for them to do so. While the sun may seem warm and friendly, it can be very damaging to their skin, and even to their eyes. So should you keep your kids from playing in the sun?


There’s no need to do that of course, but they should be well-informed of the effects of too much unprotected sun exposure. As the adult, it is your responsibility to tell them about it and take measures to protect them while they’re under the heat of the sun.


You can start by telling them these 10 fun facts about the sun, as shown in our infographic. With these fun facts, your kids not only learn new things about the sun but also become more aware and conscious of how the sun affects them, and learn to protect themselves against the harmful effects of sun exposure.

All You Need to Know About a Holistic Doctor and their Treatments

Holistic Treatment is the combination of scientific treatment with complementary or alternative treatment like massage, acupuncture, homeopathy and chiropractic. Doctors who treat in this way are known as Holistic Medicinal Doctors. The Holistic Doctors can’t simply give treatment for a disease. They analyze the symptoms of the diseases and look for other possible symptoms and then starts with the treatment process. Doctors can encourage the patient to do some diagnostic testing like hormone levels and adrenal function. This testing helps them to identify the underlying causes that led to an imbalance.

Four Benefits of Family Counselling

Family counselling is the effective way to heal and resolve your problems within your home. This can educate the importance of family bonding and measures to cross the family hurdles. People may think to seek help from the professional at last. Instead of making the problem get worsen, you can reach to a skilled counsellor. Counsellors are there to help you get rid of the problems.