All You Need to Know About Safety Practices in Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is one of the popular outdoor relaxation activities. Most of the people enjoy doing Scuba diving. But, you also need to be aware of the risk associated with this recreational activity. It is not like any of the normal adventure thing rather it requires proper training. Sometimes unfortunate accident occurs during diving which may results even to the death of a person. But with a proper care and precautions scuba diving can be a very relaxing activity.

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The Evolution of Black Comedy

This infographic shows the evolution of Black Comedy in the United States from 1874 to 1988. Starting with legends such as Moms Mabley and Redd Foxx. Then continuing all the way to some of the stars starting to take over the comedy scene today. You can see all your favorites on the list such as Martin Lawrence, Steve Harvey, Dave Chapelle, Chris Rock, and of course Richard Pryor just to name a few.

Infographic by Black Comedians

List of 12 Zodiac Signs and their Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses

Humanity has thought about the meaning of the universe for a considerable length of time. As such, we have followed the sun’s rise and fall, the moon’s mysterious cycle, and the rotation of boundless stars overhead. Viewing the changes of the celestial world and understanding ourselves was deeply connected for countless centuries. The ever changing movements of the universe still guide us today.
The following infographic demonstrates each and every zodiac sign and their role in the universe.

Infographic by Zodiac Signs

What are the health benefits of escape rooms?

Escape rooms are beneficial for physical and mental health.  These games can be played with family and friends and gives you a new experience. Although it is a normal looking room with numerous puzzles and brain teasers. You are asked to unlock the room within 60 minutes. It is it difficult to stay fit in today’s hectic schedules and lifestyle. Many successful companies have embraced the concept of escape rooms to help them employees relieve stress and relax for some time. If you are one of those looking for a relaxing weekend, you must play escape room games. Here are some of the benefits of escape room games.


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The Greatest Songs ever written about Money & Wealth – a Spotify playlist infographic

I love music and we all love the idea of more money – so I thought it would be fun to gather a list of the greatest songs ever written about money, wealth and aspiration. I’ve turned them into a Spotify playlist so you can listen to them, and created this infographic to display them. I’ve also looked at the lyrics in the songs, and you quickly discover the writers’ various opinions about the pursuit of wealth. Interesting reading!
Have I missed any of your favourites? If so let me know can add them to the playlist.
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Vinyl is Back

Vinyl is back and here to stay. Why is vinyl so popular again and why should you get some record yourself?
With vinyl music almost disappearing in 1990-2010, vinyl is now on the rise again. And that does make sense as vinyl is providing a whole extra dimension to the music.
The sound from a record is simply warmer and characteristic compared to other carriers.
Also, searching a record and placing it on your record player is much more entertaining than hitting a playlist on Spotify.
As our infographic shows, vinyl buyers are young and the music produced on vinyl again is very diverse. It is therefore now the favorite carrier for rocks bands. Vinyl is back, and here to stay!

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Things to be considered when renting a Photo Booth

In today’s world photo booths are the one that brings a lot of fun to any of your family events. The photo booth is a portable and open air studio for capturing the amazing pictures. A high tech photo booth can turn your event more special and more fun. The photo booth is a place to create an environment for the people to play and enjoy every moment in the function. It gives an opportunity for fun your guests by adding sound and video to any events. The photo booth experience will make every family function more enjoyable and memorable, which may be a wedding, birthday party and more.

Benefits of using a Greenscreen Photography

Greenscreen Photography is a technology to change the background of the original image by replacing the existing with the new one. Greenscreen technology is also called as a Chroma Key effect; here, the photographer will replace the background image digitally. The process of image merging has been done through the editing software. In greenscreen technology, the background color can be either green or blue. Because of these two colors are the best contrast colors for human skin. Using greenscreen photography, you can create some special effects in your photos.

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9 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Pokémon Go

Did you know that while playing Pokémon Go you could collect as much items as you can just by defending gyms? Once you have reached level 5, you can then try to go to Pokémon gyms to battle other trainers. While playing, there’s no need to get multiple Pokémon of the same type. Rather, trade the extra for candy and improve the strength of the existing Pokémon.

Infographic by Pokémon Go Cheats