10 Fun Yet Learning Activities For Your Kids During COVID-19

In this infographic, we will be sharing with you 10 fun activities that will a) keep the kids engaged, b) help them learn new stuff, and c) be totally fun. These activities range from taking up online courses in the fields of their interest to learning DIY graphic design and from becoming a yoga enthusiast to doing some fun room decorating.

Why Does Your School Need A School Management System?

School Management Systems play a crucial role in the current educational system. Automating and maintaining track of school administrative activities is not an easy process in the fast-growing world. A school management system will help students, parents, and teachers connected continuously. From maintaining attendance, homework, grades, attendance, track fee submission, data management and achievements

Benefits of Montessori Reading Materials

Montessori has some interesting ways to raise lifelong readers. A few strategies really work in building an independent reading habit. The Montessori method encourages children to visualize everything they learn and to use all their senses. Montessori reading materials are visual and multisensorial. By taking a Montessori approach and joining visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles, reading is developed with a mind-body connection which improves retention of information. Montessori Materials are designed to optimize a learning environment in such a way that it lights a spark in the child to learn independently. We, Alpha Montessori team, has come up with a blog post on Developing Good Reading Habits in children with Top 10 Must-have Montessori Books for Children and Parents. Check our blog at www.alphamontessori.com. Alpha Montessori is a private Montessori school located in Plano & Frisco, offering programs for Infants, Toddler, Primary, Elementary, & Afterschool Programs.

Top 10 DevOps Books

DevOps is a culture and practice which is revolutionizing the IT industry, particularly software development. But what is DevOps? Well, the clue is in the name itself – Dev (for development) and Ops (for operations). DevOps teams are a combination of these two normally separate departments. The idea is that developers and operations teams should work together, which in turn leads to high-quality software being produced faster and with less risk.

Other features of DevOps include short iterations (as opposed to one long project), continuous delivery (normally using automated systems), close team collaboration and effective communication. Customer feedback is also continuous, which means the DevOps team can make changes to the product according to what the customer wants. The lean concept of eliminating waste is also adhered to in DevOps. This means teams try not to waste things like time, talent, materials and quality.

Perhaps one of the best ways to learn about DevOps is by reading a book. Such books have been written by experts who have been there and done it. DevOps books are also handy to refer to when you’re in the midst of a stressful project.

Original Source: https://www.knowledgetrain.co.uk/it/devops/top-ten-devops-books

Know Golden IELTS Listening Tips & Format to Achieve High

For achieving the high band score in the IELTS Listening exam, you need to have a good grip over fluency, accent and tone. As you know, you will hear a recording, and you have to showcase the utmost concentration to answer all the question.

Moreover, apart from concentration, you will need some great IELTS Listening tips and strategies to understand the format of the exam in a better way.

Learn the IELTS Listening format, task types and basic strategies for the quality IELTS Listening practice tests. Achieve that perfect score you want with the right guidance and proper training.

Enhance your listening skills to attain success!

Original source of Infographic: https://ieltstutorials.online/blog/best-ielts-listening-tips-and-strategies-for-the-desired-score

How Climbing Boosts Child Development

Few schools are lucky enough to possess their own climbing facilities, and of those that do, even fewer happen to have teachers with Climbing Wall Instructor qualifications. However, as rock climbing has grown in popularity over the years, more and more schools are recognising the huge potential that climbing can have for their students’ development and wellbeing.

Here at Rock and Rapid Adventures, we’ve been observing the benefits of climbing for children for many years, whilst leading our school activity sessions, kids’ climbing clubs and school residentials in North Devon. So, whether you’re a parent looking for a well-rounded after school activity for your child, or a teacher searching for something a little bit different for this term’s P.E. lessons, check out our infographic to find out the key ways in which climbing benefits children, with some fascinating statistics from studies in schools!

A complete guide to writing best law assignments

Law assignments are tough and there is no denying that. Even your university and professors know that and they don’t expect you to write the best quality assignments from day 1. We have seen many students collapse because of the pressure and score poor grades that have compromised their overall scores as well. There are many reasons why it happens and we cannot possibly solve all of those issues. However, what we can do is that we can provide you the best law assignment help so that you can write the best paper in your class and score the perfect grades.

A Day in the life of a Preschool Teacher

Exciting or Exhausting?
Fun or Draining?
Highs or lows?

If you want to know how a day in the life of preschool teacher is, take a look at the image above. A quick summary of how their day starts, what they are up to all day and how they wind up will give you a fair idea of what preschool teachers do.

Is it easy managing a bunch of toddlers? No
Is it everyone’s cup of tea? We doubt
Do these teachers enjoy what they do? Absolutely!

Being with kids, teaching, nurturing, seeing them learn and grow gives preschool teachers a sense of fulfilment. Thank the preschool teacher your child goes to in school. For they are the ones who are making a real difference in the heart of a young child.

Secrets of successful schools no one told you

What is the secret sauce of successful schools? What do they do to make it more desirable for parents to send their child there? Why do kids love waking up and going to these schools? Have you ever wondered why are they doing that you are not doing? It cannot be rocket science! It has to do with the right mix of few elements that are carefully chosen and worked upon. Day in and day out.

Do you run a school or planning to start one? It will be a good start to understand the secrets of successful schools. Are you worried about how to run your school and make it a success? Take a look at what makes good playschools stand out from the rest.

Apart from a whole lot of passion and perseverance, successful schools are always thinking ahead. They stay abreast with the latest trend and technology. Right from having a mobile app for school to tracking kids in the bus to video recordings inside the school premises. Technology plays a major role in how most good quality preschools are run.  Good quality preschools find a way to automate processes that are repetitive. They focus on improving their school productivity so more time and attention can be given help improve students and their business.

Apart from technology, here are the 5 simple steps to follow to make your school successful. These tips may seem simple, but may not have been applied by many. It is important to take a step back in every activity you do and see if these 5 points are considered.

Amazing benefits of using an app for your School’s Timetable Management

Timetable creation is part of parcel of teacher’s responsibility in school. In this day and age, technology enables communication, coordination and creation of features such as these, to simplify the school and teachers’ life.

How did school operates before?

During the olden days, it was the class teacher or the principal’s responsibility to sit and manually create timetables. This would be on a piece of paper, written with a pen or a pencil. Constant changes, errors, striking out, rewriting, changing time or subject or even class room can be a tiring and daunting exercise.


While there are tools like microsoft excel to create timetables now, it is still a manual effort to change and then email to all students and teachers. Then comes the printing part of it. To put it up on the notice board. Any changes made later may not reach the students on time and they could end up following the older timetable. Argh. You can imagine.

With parents, teachers and even students using smartphones, it’s easier to reach them on the go with instant alerts and notifications to let them know of any changes made. Also changes can be made in a jiffy using the timetable app on ONNE. No more manual writing of timetable in the diary or printing and wasting paper to send it to the students home.Here we have listed 11 amazing benefits of using an app for school’s timetable management


Why manage your Timetable via an app like ONNE?

Work efficiently! By creating school time table on a school apps or school management software like ONNE, it will provide you, the school owner or the principal complete control in managing teachers, their time, teacher substitution in case they fall sick or decide not to come to school due to unforeseen circumstances.

How does it benefit the students? Children will be able to carry books that are part of a specific day’s time table only. No more lugging around with all the books, breaking their back. Getting latest school time table on the phone, receiving updates on any changes, as in app notification etc puts the students, parents and the teachers at ease. All of this in real time!

Benefits of practicing Mindfulness in School

This new and popular method is helping children in their all-rounded growth. And no, it is not a fad. What was done generations ago, like playing in the sand, walking barefoot etc helped children and adults in a lot of ways. Mindfulness taught them to be in touch with nature. By practicing Mindfulness one can be aware of the surrounding. Mindfulness helps to focus on all the senses and be self aware. Factors such as concentration, attention span and overall awareness increases as well. What are the benefits of practicing mindfulness in school? Why should schools teach this at an early age? To understand all of this, let us start with the basic question.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something. It is a mental state achieved by focusing on one’s awareness of the present moment. This is done by calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings. Or even thoughts, and bodily sensations used as a therapeutic technique.

476 Ways to Avoid Saying “Said”


What’s the easiest way to indicate that your characters are speaking? “said” is by far the most effective and least obtrusive dialogue tag. However, excessive use of “said” can lead to a boring and monotonous dialogue with little expression. To add necessary emotion or flavor to the scene, you have to use other terms as necessary.
In a suspenseful scene where the characters have to be careful not to be heard, “said” is certainly not as appropriate as “whispered.” Similarly, in a heated, emotionally charged fight between lovers, “shrieked” or “hollered” conveys the scene much more effectively than “said.”
Keep in mind that it’s also common to leave out dialogue tags entirely in a back-and-forth between two characters. You can use the initial tag (e.g., “said,” “whispered,” “hollered”) to set the tone, and all subsequent dialogue will be assumed to follow suit unless specified otherwise.
If you need something more expressive than “said” but aren’t sure what the perfect word for your situation is, this detailed chart can help you. Here are 476 alternatives to “said.

What your lucky number defines about you

Your lucky numbers considered as the most important numbers of your life, it offers you the complete outline of your life, and the theme that it will shape.

This lucky numbers reveals the complete view of your life, what challenges you will be face, what opportunities you’ll get, how will be health condition, and financial conditions.

Lucky numbers will define your positive traits and negative traits in every aspect of your life.

Not only this, the numbers are much related to your life in many ways in various aspects, from your birth to the end, and this numbers study called “numerology” has to say so many things to you which are very helpful in your life growth and happiness.

Four things to know about tax lien investing

Whenever you are going to invest in tax lien, make sure that you take enough time to do research on tax lien investment. By doing research you will how to invest in tax lien wisely. Before investing in tax lien make sure that you are have read all the rules and regulations of the county in which you are going to invest in tax lien. For more information, visit https://carnegieacademy.com/courses/