How to Save BIG on Steel Building Costs


Metal building constructions are massive projects and the most long-lasting structure in the architecture and construction industry. Constructing a metal building demands plenty of effort. If you are not experienced, you will end up wasting a lot of money and time on the construction.

Based on some researches and experiences we have summarized a few tips on how to save money during the construction of your metal buildings.

However, even with a top-of-the-line product from a reputable vendor, there are other ways to reduce your metal building construction spending.

Five innovative ideas for Custom Homes

When you’re paging through the pages of your favorite home design magazine, maybe you’ve had just a glimpse of some custom homes you can see yourself living in. But then maybe you know that you need some features in your home designed specifically for you but you don’t know where to start. Whatever the reason is for considering custom homes, it always helps to have a surplus of ideas at your fingertips. Here are five creative ideas for making your home uniquely you.


5 Inventions that Owe Their Success to World War II

World War II had a profound effect on the world. It shined a light on the atrocities people were capable of committing but also the resilience of the downtrodden and the willingness of others to lay their lives on the line for those in need. It brought out the worst in some people and the best in others. While a truly horrific event that should have never occurred, the darkness of WWII made the light in humanity shine that much brighter.

One of the positives that came from the Second World War was the progress and innovation made in medicine and technology. The discovery of penicillin, for example, forever changed the way that medicine worked. To this day, it is still the foundation of the majority of antibiotics used by doctors. Since its finding, penicillin has saved millions upon millions of lives! 

Technology also grew by leaps and bounds during WWII. Helicopters were designed and refined, radar was developed, and the jet engine found its footing. All of these inventions are alive and well today and have revolutionized the way we travel, think about distance and time, and protect our countries from potential threats.

Quonset huts were also invented during WWII. These structures, developed by the United States Navy, offered an innovative solution to the needs they faced during the war. They were easy to assemble, offered unparalleled interior space, and were strong enough to endure even the harshest of weather. Thanks to their durability and versatility, Quonset huts quickly gained popularity in the civilian world, too. 

Today, Powerbilt Steel Buildings continues to build Quonset hut. By melding the timeless design of these structures with modern tools and techniques, Powerbilt Steel Buildings is able to offer its customers a proven building with all of the modern conveniences you’ve come to expect!

Traditional Roofing Methods

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Metal Building Installation Safety Tips


Metal building installation process always demands to follow proper safety measurements. It involves using industrial machinery, cranes, metal components, heavy or difficult-to-handle beams and other structural materials, and sometimes working at great heights. Combining these crucial factors means safety should be the utmost priority for all members at the installation location.

How to file mechanics liens in 5 steps

Steps for how to file mechanics lien:-

  1. Right to file – Ensure your work and materials qualify for lien for your construction project
  2. Draft the lien – You need to draft the lien with all the information of lien amount, name of claimant describing the property.
  3. File your lien – File your lien online or any county clerk’s office. Use lien filing service.
  4. Notifying parties – Need to notify the people involved in the construction projects about the lien, those who are affected by the lien.
  5. Release your lien – Once you receive your payment you can release your lien or take steps like extending or enforcing your lien.

The 4 Most Popular Siding Materials in America

Some see siding as just an aesthetic addition, but it’s more than that. It’s also an important layer of protection against weather and other threats, so making the right siding choice is important. This infographic can help with your decision!

Here are a couple of the siding choices we break down, including their respective descriptions, life expectancy, and other benefits

Metal Siding: Aluminum and Steel

Aluminum gained popularity because it was cheaper than wood, and also needed less maintenance. Then steel emerged as another solid option, thanks to its added strength and durability.

Average Life Expectancy: 20-40 years (aluminum); 40+ years (steel)


  • Comes in many styles, and can mimic the look of wood.
  • Aluminum is one of the lowest-priced options.
  • Aluminum substrate can last for decades, but needs periodic refinishing.
  • Steel costs more per square foot, but is less prone to dings and dents.
  • Galvalume steel is very resilient, and doesn’t need refinishing.

  Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement is the newest entry, and has become favored thanks to great looks, impressive durability, low maintenance, and cost-effectiveness.

Average Life Expectancy: 50-100 years with basic care


  • Comes closest to emulating the look of natural wood grain
  • Available in a variety of styles, designs, and orientations
  • Incredibly durable, not susceptible to rot or pests, little required maintenance.
  • Includes recycled and recyclable materials; it’s more resource-efficient.
  • Higher price point, but also likely to be the last siding you’ll ever need.

Ready for all the details? View the complete infographic! Skywalker Windows & Siding is an elite team of professionals serving the NC Piedmont Triad, Piedmont Triangle, Charlotte Metro, and Roanoke, VA areas.

Top Green Building Trends in 2020



In 2020, green building won’t be just for commercial or off-grid survivalists. Instead, it will set new trends in the metal building industry. Let’s put together common green building trends you’ll need to know in 2020.

Living Roofs
Geothermal Heating and Cooling
Voice-activated Smart Home Technology
Hardware Covers for Steam Radiators
IAQ Devices
Energy Modeling
LEED Certification
For detailed knowledge about Green Building Trends in 2020, check out this Infographic.

Top 10 Famous Steel Structures in The World

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Metal buildings seem new because of the advanced features and are considered as modern buildings. However, steel structures have been used for decades to construct amazing skyscrapers. Metal buildings are mostly made of steel, and steel has maximum strength and durability than other construction materials. Steel has been an essential construction material for building types and sizes worldwide since the Industrial Revolution. Building and construction industries were growing exponentially during the Industrial Revolution in the USA.

As steel is available in abundance and has impressive structural benefits, industry experts consider metal buildings a reliable option.
Moreover, steel buildings are unaffected by environmental elements, and that’s why have a long lifespan. The steel’s tenacious nature makes the steel buildings withstand the harshest weather like blizzards, thunderstorms, tornadoes, etc.
Steel is one of the most used metals for building and construction to construct some mesmerizing buildings through decades. Alongside the strength and durability, metal buildings are cost-effective, time and energy-efficient, portable, fully customizable, DIYable, etc.
Where traditional structures have several limitations, steel structures overcome all these drawbacks and serve reliable features. Here is the list of the top 10 famous steel structures in the world, which shows the steel buildings’ reliability. Check out the detailed infographic for more fruitful insights.

Tips for choosing custom home builders

When you are looking for building a home from custom home builders, there are different things are need to be considered. One should be very careful in choosing a custom home builder, that they should provide the trust that they build the dream house in the right way to fulfill your dreams where you spend most of your life. For more details, visit

Why You Should Consider Living In A Town Home

There are several places on earth that you can call it home. It can be an apartment, condo, or townhome. If you are living in an apartment and your family has grown big, then the best option to consider is a townhome. As the townhomes are mostly located within the apartment complexes, you will not miss the features of an apartment complex. For more details, visit

Build Your Dream Space with DIY Metal Building KITS

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In DIY Metal Building Kits, no cutting, welding, or heavy, equipment required and every framing component can be lifted with average human strength and assembled with common household tools. DIY steel buildings are the ultimate option for the DIYers who want to save time and money wherever possible. To erect a DIY metal building, you don’t have to be a construction professional. To do the job, you only need detailed plans and drawings, and instruction manual, and perhaps a couple of friends.
There are many significant benefits of the metal building DIY kits. Metal building kits make construction faster, cheaper, easier, and more efficient. Instead of buying all of your building components separately and hiring a contractor, everything you need is in one convenient package. Steel building kits are Strong, Corrosion Resistant, Fire Retardant, Affordable, Efficient, Easy to Build, and No Welding Required.
Although there are many benefits of the steel building kits, but you should consider some factors (mentioned in the infographic) before buying your metal building kit. By considering these points, you can easily get your dream building to house your needs effectively.
There are many more fruitful insights available in the infographic. See the infographic and build your dream building with metal building kits.

When Was My House Built UK?

My House Built

When you are living in your new home. Then you realised that it didn’t look like the rest of the houses in your neighbourhood and it sparks your interest. Apart from checking your knowledge, it is essential to know when your house was built as age of your house can affect its value. You might need to know the age of your house for your building insurance or know if it is hazardous to live in it.
You can gather every little bit of information and precisely deduce the age of your property. Let’s go over some ways to find when your house was built.

What is a Fatberg? Why is it Ruining Our Drains?

Fatberg is a huge amount of solid waste in a drainage that blocked the sewage drains. They are made up of grease, oil, Kitchen waste material, as well as towels, wet wipes and nappies that have been flushed down in the drain.

How to avoid fatbergs in a drain?
You must understand how to avoid fatberg in the drain to avoid further damage.

Things you will not pour down in the drain

1. Cooking Oil
2. Paper Towels and Wet Wipes
3. Starchy Foods
4. Eggshells and coffee grounds

Rebar Estimation and PT Cable Detailing

Rebar People provides the services of Reinforcement concrete detailing (Rebar Detailing), Reinforcement concrete estimation (Rebar Estimation) and PT Cable Detailing.

Rebar Estimation

Rebar Estimating process is executed by our experts, who produce accurate and reliable estimates for bidding. Our team use the latest rebar estimating softwares in the market to provide quality work. Our experts develop a list of quantities of material which are needed to build the structure under consideration of construction and reinforcing bars. As the first rebar estimation process, they study a set of contract drawings and specifications. From this information, our experts develop the required pricing, which can be used as a bid to be submitted to the general contractor to provide the best rebar estimate services. With a higher estimate, chances of losing the bid increases while with lesser estimate clients can lose money in the execution of the contract. Our estimation team takes all the responsibility to provide precise estimates.

PT Cable Detailing

Rebar People provides comprehensive PT Cable Detailing shop drawings for various projects in the United States market. Our focus is to provide uncompromising quality PT shop drawings. Rebar People has been providing a wide range of engineering CADD services, and has vast experience in delivering accurate and affordable rebar detailing services. we are continually enhancing our skill base, knowledge base and resources base to serve comprehensively and increasingly global clientele. Quality and consistency has always been our focus. Our services is based on a combination of strong engineering and technical skills that result in greater quality rebar detailing solutions from our teams. At Rebar People, we provide accurate and cost effective rebar estimate and pt cable detailing & rebar detailing services. We use the latest softwares in the market to provide quality work.

The Different Types of Kitchens

Are you deciding to build a new kitchen or remodel the old one? How you make use of the kitchen area in the available space is the most crucial factor in planning the layout of your kitchen. The kind of kitchen layout that would be most suitable for you will depend on three things. They are:
  • How you cook
  • How much time you spend in each workspace
  • The overall available space
Based on these three factors, you would be able to choose the most efficient kitchen layout. Here are some of the basic types of kitchen layouts that would be suitable for you: