5 Dangers of Mixing Business and Personal Expenses

Defining and separating business and personal expenses is something all new business owners should know. Aside from things becoming messy, you are also putting you and your business into a major risk as well as a stressful audit. You might think it’s okay to occasionally use your business account to pay your utility bills but comingling your business and personal fund will get you in trouble with the Internal Revenue Service. To avoid this, one should know about the dangers of mixing personal and business expenses. Having a bookkeeper will also help in managing business finances and acts as the backbone of the company.

[Infographic] The Best Day & Time To Make a Sales Call

Salesmate conducted a study where we analyzed 80 companies varying across industries like Construction, Information & Technology, Real Estate, Digital Agencies, etc. In this study, we observed 12,480 call attempts spanned across 60 days (12 weeks with 5 working days). The calls were made by a total of 245 sales reps and the successful conversations were 1427. The aim of this study was to find out the best day and time to make a sales call.

Amazing Amazon Stats 2019

In 1995, Jeff Bezos quit his job and started Amazon from his garage. A year later, in 1995, the first book was ordered on Amazon and Amazon generated $20,000 a week within the first 30 days.
Today, Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world and the e-commerce business is constantly growing.
As online shopping becomes more popular, more and more people are buying their products on Amazon, and that’s why the e-commerce company is so interesting for businesses.
Last year, 108k new sellers joined in India who want to offer their products on Amazon.
Amazon offers an FBA service that allows companies to outsource their logistical processes and sell their products through Amazon.
New sellers are added every day. For this reason, it is becoming increasingly important to get the right information about their business environment.
Smartminded has created this infographic to summarize all relevant information about Amazon.

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Need for Dumpster Rental Service for Your Renovation Projects

A dumpster is a rectangular shaped box that arrives at the job site and clears all your trashes at an affordable cost. For any construction, home renovation and industrial works, dumpster rental service is the best method to get rid of all the wastes. Whenever the renovation projects work happens, a large number of wastes are accumulated and need to be clean. Clearing those wastes with your regular garbage bins is too difficult. Having a dumpster at the time will be more useful.

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8 Holiday Job Search Myths

When talking about the holiday job search, people often assume that there is a natural pause on recruiting firms and recruiting agencies. This is why most job seekers do not look for employment during the holiday seasons. However, this is just a career myth and should be set straight for the sake of both the recruiters and job seekers. These myths do not only create misinformation but also takes away the opportunity of recruiters to hire qualified applicants and job seekers in getting their dream jobs. So never be afraid of the imaginary seasonal inactivity and continue trying your luck in getting employment during the holidays. There are also several career myths that we all should be aware of.

Benefits of Underwater Boat Maintenance

Maintaining your yacht in good condition and making it function efficiently is a tedious process. The major event in the maintenance process is hull cleaning. Hull cleaning is a process of removing the unwanted mud from the bottom of the vessel using various types of equipment. Is there any drawbacks due to the mud content present in the bottom of the vessel?-Eventually, yes, it will make the efficiency of the vessel lower by slowing down the vessel with higher friction. These things will affect the speed of the vessel and difficult to move.

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Merits of using Car Wreckers Services

Newer ideas and experienced professionals are needed in the disposal of automobile parts as it is one of the toughest processes. For dismantling a scrap car we need car wreckers with heavy-duty tools and proper knowledge about the dismantling. A lot of vehicles present in the yards are damaged, inoperable and they are judged as totally unworthy by insurance companies.

Dismantling a car and using or recycling the parts is a perfect idea than making it placed in a garbage dump. This recycling process not only gives profit but also provides you a way to participate in environmental friendly activity.

Roadblocks to Ultimate Productivity

In this infographic, we’re presenting you with 7 main productivity roadblocks and how can you resolve them by using an employee time tracking software. These certainly aren’t the only roadblocks, but they are the most common ones. Note that even though you’re using a time tracking software you still need to do some manual work and help your employees improve productivity. Aside from using the software, you should follow all the tips given in the infographic if you want to maintain healthy levels of productivity in your team.

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Home Renovation Costs. The Numbers You Should Know.

Most family homes will eventually arrive at a time when renovation becomes a serious consideration. Growing children need their space, or the time has taken its toll, and the bathroom is in desperate need of a makeover. The inevitable question arises: How much does it cost for home renovation, NZ?

The incredible number of variables which go into calculating the cost of renovations means that there is no definitive answer we can give here. Instead, you need to plan your reno, so you don’t come up short on funds. We’ve broken it down so you can get a reasonable idea on how much it will cost to upgrade your home and your life.

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What is Tax Lien Investing? And How it Works?

Tax lien is a certificate of lien on an unpaid tax property put by Internal Revenue Service (IRS). When a property owner fails or refuses to pay their taxes, they becomes a delinquent taxpayer and a governing authority is in charge of collecting the taxes. However, if the authority is not able to collect the required property taxes, they will opt to take the final step to collect the taxes. The public auction is the final step that will take the delinquent properties to be sold.

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Benefits of Outdoor Marketing over Traditional Marketing

Often you might wonder what are the benefits of outdoor marketing over traditional marketing means. The merits of outdoor marketing are quite promising. There are various reasons why outdoor advertising is great for your business. In the below infographic you will find some of the main reasons why outdoor marketing can help you to amp up the marketing game for your brand. Make sure to go through these crucial aspects of outdoor marketing so that you can collect some more clarity about the same before you go ahead and invest in it. In this infographic, we will gain insight into some of the most celebrated reasons why businesses prefer outdoor marketing.

What Homeowners NEED To Know About Roofing

This infographic gives an in depth look at what their roof is made of and how it is constructed. In the roofing industry there are many shady players which makes it very important for homeowners to understand exactly what goes into their roofing project. When you talk to your roofer, you will now appear more knowledgable and will be less likely to be ripped off by a company looking to make a quick buck. Also, this infographic serves to provide homeowners with information about the pros and cons of different roofing materials in different climates, as well as the different costs of each. You will also learn a couple of key tips to help the longevity of your roof so that your roof can remain healthy for many years.

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