Business Text Archiving – International Comparison of Dual SIM Technology Adoption (Infographic)

Many mobilephones can have two SIM cards instead of only one per device. Many mobile phone users reap the benefits associated with dual SIM technology thanks to it becoming a common feature of Android smartphones.

Dual SIM allows business people to use their phones both for personal communications and business matter. Business travellers benefit from reduced carrier service costs by using a foreign country’s local SIM alongside the traveller’s standard SIM.

Since around 80% of mobile users in Asia use Android phones, dual SIM technology is more prevalent in the region with multiple nations.

The majority of the mobile phone users in Asia are Android users, which means that dual SIM technology is more prevalent in the region than those in the iPhone-dominated areas.

iPhones are starting to have dual SIM capabilities that don’t use physical cards. The eSIM introduced in newer models of iPhones are considered as secure as the current SIM cards.

To know more on the adoption of dual SIM technology including Telemessage’s Mobile Archiver subset product, the 2nd phone line service, see this infographic.