Basic Steps for Crate Training a Puppy

Are you looking to crate train your puppy?
Crate training offers many benefits to your puppy such as providing them a safe space, helping with potty training, allowing a safe way to transport them, preventing destructive behavior and more.
Here are 6 basic steps that serve as the general foundation of crate training. These include (1) introducing the crate, (2) feeding your puppy inside the crate, (3) practicing closing the crate door, (4) practicing crating for longer periods of time, (5) leaving the house, and (6) crating your puppy at night.
While there are different variations of these steps, the majority fall into these 6 categories. Although these steps sound simple, they will take practice and time for your puppy to become crate trained properly.
On our website, we offer more detailed directions on each step and how to become successful.

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