A Brief History of American Garages

Source: https://www.vikingmetalgarages.com/infographics/a-brief-history-of-american-garages

In the early days, American Garages were not what we use today. During the early 20th century, automobiles became a trend, and people started owning them as a status symbol.

However, it brings the biggest problem, i.e., parking their vehicle. Soon wealthy car owners realized the necessity, and hence a few of them take it as a business opportunity and provided repurposing carriage houses to the public.

Soon, this parking location was used to house horses, buggies, and horse travel paraphernalia that offered more business opportunities. A standard price for parking a small vehicle range from $15 to $20 per month. However, after a specific tenure, some issues arose:

Mismanagement of parking space
No maintenance
Additional vehicle parking
Already stored livestock alongside rented parking
This brings the vehicle owners into a dilemma of confusion. This dilemma gives birth to the personal parking solution, what we call garages.

This is just a glimpse of the American garage’s history. Check out this infographic to find a detailed history of American Garages.