Ways To Spend Anniversary While At Home Quarantine

COVID-19 is a global threat that needs a massive global response and comprehensive plan of action from different governments around the world. Authorities should be responsible for providing the citizens with exact information so they can help lessen the impact of virus transmission within the community.

Some strategies that different countries do is doing contact tracing, mass testing, and scheduled quarantine and lockdowns. They have been also restricting mass gatherings ever since the virus came out.

If COVID-19 is spread from one person to another, it can cause major public health concern. However, there are simple ways on how a person can prevent himself from having the virus. A frequent handwashing and maintaining proper hygiene can be done.

For those who want to go out but cannot, for those who want to visit the mall or any amusement park, for those who are really planning on getting a vacation to relax and won’t be allowed for safety purposes, there are things that you can do.

To make your loved one still feel special on your anniversary while at home observing quarantine protocols, check this infographic.

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