8 Reasons For Growth of Moss In Roofs

Are you noticing the dark patches of green or dark brown (hedgehogs!) on your home’s roof-tiles? While you may call it natural, it is best if it wasn’t there. This is moss and all kinds of insects thrive in it, that is why the birds eventually knock it off, into your guttering and eventually into the downpipes. This is where the blockages can occur.

This is not something good for your roof and home and could lead to structural damage if left untreated. Why you should worry about it and what you can do for its treatment and prevention? Read on to know-


  1. Dampness Causes Moss


Yes, the major factor that leads to the breeding ground for moss and bacteria is the damp surface environment on the roof.


  1. Cold Temperatures Lead to Increased Moss Development Chances


Snow, rains and cooler temperature that increases wet surrounding mean more chances of moss growing on the roof.


  1. Lack of Sunlight Is Also A Cause


Is your roof’s large part of the area under shade?


Then you should watch out for increased moist on the surface that will probably cause moss growth.


  1. Moss Grows On All Types of Roofs


It doesn’t matter what type of roofing material you have.


Moss can affect any roofing.



  1. Moss Causes Blockage of The Gutters


Moss presence on the roof can have a direct effect to cause blockage to the gutters and other drainage points, leading to further trouble for you.


  1. Regular Cleaning Prevents Moss


Routine maintenance and cleaning of the roof go a long way in ensuring the prevention of the moss.


Clean the leaves and sticks from the roof daily and have it soft-washed once every season.


  1. Copper Strips Prevent Moss Growth


Installing copper and some other metal strips along the ridge could help in preventing the growth of moss on the roof.


  1. There is Professional Support for Moss Cleaning


Don’t worry about what to do if there is too much of a moss presence on the roof of your property.


There are professional moss cleaners who know what to do and how to get rid of moss completely.


So, is your home witnessing a moss problem? Call the experts now to get that cleaned effectively and timely to reduce further damage to the roof.