8 Basics of Graphic Design to Remember


In graphic design, the area around objects can tell a story. The negative space, the shape formed around other elements, can play with one’s perception through optical illusions. Proper use of white space is also important for readability and focus. Space also gives content ample room to breathe.


Balance works subconsciously in design. While people tend to focus on symmetrical design or mirror images, balance can also be asymmetrical or radial.  As long as the design’s visual weight harmonizes with its composition, one has achieved balance.


Visual hierarchy is the arrangement of graphic elements in design in order of importance of each element. Readers tend to scan designs in two shapes “F” and “Z,” which will help you in determining the placement of important visuals. Make use of sizes, spaces, typeface pairing, and colour tint in making your content pop up.

Lines and Shapes

Line connotes boundaries, emphasis, and stability. When in groups, diagonal streaks can convey the impression of speed. A straight line, meanwhile, has the subliminal message of order. When lines are enclosed, these form shapes. Depending on their iconography, shapes can easily be associated with familiar objects.


Emotions can influence how we see colours or the lack of it. Refer to the Colour Wheel to be guided in mixing colours and applying the visual effects of specific colour combinations.


Typography literally conveys the message you want to say. Typefaces can also be a visual element when used in an intentional way.


Texture in design can take us to different eras. A vintage sheen can transport us to the diners of the 50s, while steampunk edges can take us back to the 19th Century. Texture can also amplify one’s visual messaging. A company that sells pillows can use a cotton textile background to connote softness and comfort.


It is important for digital and marketing assets to look uniform across the board, earning the entity a good brand recognition. It also makes their target audiences feel they are dealing with the entity every step of the way.