7 Steps To Getting Hired Without Applying Online

Here’s a fact – the chances of landing a job when you apply online are incredibly small.

On average, an open role at a well known company gets ~250-300 resumes. 75% of those resumes came from an online application. After entering the company’s system, the applications are screened by tracking software that eliminates 96% of the candidates before they see the light of day. 4% make it into the hands of a recruiter and roughly 2% end up getting the call back for an interview. One gets hired.

Applying online is insanely competitive. But what are we supposed to do instead?

I created the infographic below to show you 7 steps you can use to get hired without applying online. These strategies stem from my personal journey transitioning from a biology major with a 2.5 GPA and a job in medicine, to landing offers from Google, Microsoft, and Twitter — all without applying online.

Not only have these tactics been tested through my own experience, they’ve been proven out across the thousands of job searchers who come through the Cultivated Culture community.

If you’re tired of applying online and never hearing back, this guide is for you.