6 Ways Blockchain is Disrupting Digital Marketing

Currently, there have been a lot of revolutionary changes in marketing. Blockchain is a massive part of these sweeping changes. We are very familiar with the financial beneficiaries with blockchain. It eliminates the third party transaction and makes your transactions more secure and cheap. This concept about blockchain is famous since the bitcoins, but here you will find the advantages and implications of blockchain in digital marketing.

How does blockchain help in digital marketing?

Artificial intelligence and data analytics have impacted business sectors to a considerable extent. When we speak about digital marketing, analytics is the root. Every action depends on the analytics, and every plan is made for the analysis and tracking. Blockchain has many features that help us track the data quickly and analyze it. Because what is the use of data acquisition if there is no tracking.

 To get a better idea here’s an infographic by RWaltz Software. (https://www.rwaltz.com/)