5 Tips When Hiring Security Personnel

It is not easy to select the best employees who will serve the organization because they are engaged in it. Therefore, as an employer, proper selection should be done. More often, the security personnel selection is not given much attention. However, because of the many incidents of terrorism, theft, and amok inside a facility, security personnel selection has become an important part of Human Resource Management. When selecting an employee who will be assigned in the safety and security of the facility, the following tips must be considered greatly.


  1. Have access with their criminal records. You can use background check software to check on their identity.
  2. Ask their employers about the behaviour and attitude of the applicant when they were employed in other organizations.
  3. If they do not have previous employment, you can verify their records through their school/educational background.
  4. Ensure that they have good credit records or at least they do not have lots of loans from several financing institutions.
  5. Driving records can also show if the applicant has a tendency for recklessness or carelessness.