5 Facts About Gummy Vitamin Manufacturers

Today, gummies are no longer perceived as kid’s vitamin. Every year, the figures prove that grown-ups are increasingly turning to them in an effort to triumph over nutritional deficiencies. Being a accepted product in the world currently, it’s worth looking at the 5 facts about gummy vitamin manufacturers

  1. Gummy Vitamins Market

The gummies vitamins market keeps on growing at a stable pace of about 25-percent CAGE. This can only be linked with the constantly-growing demand from both men and women for gummy vitamins products thanks to their wide variety of tastes and shapes. At this conceivable growth rate, by 2025 the market is expected to reach around $4.17-billion.

  1. Market Opportunities

Geographically, North America has the largest gummy vitamin market share, which is still on the rise at a staggering rate of 5-percent CAGR until 2025. By that time, that single geographical market will be worth over $1.64-billion. The Asia-Pacific market on the other hand will experience a 3.8-percent CAGR up to that same year.

  1. Worldwide Market overview

The gummy vitamins market, which as of 2017 was $271-mn, will be expected to reach around $405.5-mn by 2023. When it comes to reach and value, up to 2026 the market will grow at a rate of not less than 47-percent CAGR and reach around $4.38-billion.

  1. Supply-Chain Analysis

Due to rising need for various popular supplements like vitamin D, the single vitamin segment, which as of now has a 3350-percent market share, will be worth over $143-billion by 2026. This will be made possible by an anticipated 4.8-percent compound growth rate.

  1. Price-Point Analysis

Conservative estimates have already predetermined that by 2025, the overall gummy sales will have reached the $70-million mark.

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