3 Most Common Freight Forwarding Scams and How to Avoid Them

3 Most Common Freight Forwarding Scams and How to Avoid Them (Infographic)

Business owners find great expense with hiring freight forwarding companies because of the efficiency and proper delivering procedures through different consumers. Consumers can now easily track the status of shipment for their packages. But, since modern technology has mostly affected the credibility of most industries, it is no exception that freight forwarding companies are prone to scams.

In this infographic created by Excelsior Worldwide Freight Logistics Corporation, learn the different scams that some freight forwarding companies exercise to gain cost from innocent consumers and companies. To avoid this fraud, especially with your products and services, here are some pointers to consider:

The Duplicate Name Scam

Most freight forwarding companies today have a centralized tracker that states the status of the shipment of your products. Today, since this feature has become an essential part of a customer’s experience in purchasing product, a lot of scams are also harming the security of both companies and consumers.

How to Avoid

To know if the website is legitimate, you can head over to the URL and see if there are any misspelled letters around. You may also check the home domain of the site, if there is no existing home domain like .wix, .homestead, or .hubspot it means that the site is fake.

To learn more about the different ways on how you can prevent yourself from experiencing scam with your chosen freight forwarding company, check the infographic linked below.