10 Muscle Building Tips

Some men feel unconfident with their bodies. So they hit the gym, ask help from the experts, or enroll a muscle building program. While all these actions are helpful, we should realize that there’s more than meets the eye.


The truth is that muscle building requires an incredible amount of hard work, discipline, sacrifice, patience, and focus. To help you with your muscle building journey, here are some tips presented by No Max Shred.


  1. Work your biggest muscles.
  2. Lift every other day (not every day).
  3. Drink some milk before bed.
  4. Maximize your muscle building.
  5. Consume carbs after workout to increase insulin levels.
  6. Make one snack ice cream 2 hours after workout.
  7. Eat every 3 hours.
  8. Eat meat and eat more.
  9. Drink shake packed with amino acids & carbs before working out.


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