10 most expensive and mind boggling cars in 2016

The World is moving very fast towards the innovation of new technology. Same is the case with the automobiles. Almost every day, you hear a new car launch. With this speed of cars manufacturing, the days are not far when the numbers of cars exceed the population. There are different types of cars with distinguished on models, shapes, and engines basis. Some are within the range of buying and some are too expensive to handle. But at the same time, when the car is too expensive, it also has the features which the others don’t have. Like interior, engine specs, speed, infotainment, gadgets, all are superior. That’s why, we have picked the 10 most expensive cars of the year 2016. These are truly mind-boggling machines, and we would like to count down our favorites for you here. Having massive engine power, lightning fast speed and spectacular features, these are ruling the world.