What to Wear in the Algarve: The Weather Guide

When visiting the Algarve, there are a few things to consider and although we boast a massive 300 days of sunshine, don’t be fooled into thinking that we are all laying on the beach in the middle of December (although you will always find some hardcore sun worshipers there), the winter temperatures are more suited to sitting on a terrace enjoying a spot of lunch or exploring the beautiful towns, dotted along the Algarve. Now that the hand luggage restrictions are tightening up, it’s a good idea to make sure you pack wisely and our month-by-month weather guide will help you discover what the weather will be like, what to expect, and give you some useful tips of what to wear.

Infographic by Algarve weather

Don’t Let Tire Problems Get in the Way this Valentine’s Day

A date with the person special to you can be more romantic if you wear an elegantly made tux, with a beautiful bouquet of flowers on your hand and a place where you can say those three magic words. But, this could retain in your imagination if your car suddenly stops because the tires are no longer usable. This infographic will help you avoid this problem.


  1. Check the tire pressure. Not because the car is not often used, the pressure would still be the same.
  2. Does it need to be rotated? Check your manual.
  3. What about the wheel alignment? Maintenance is crucial for a car, so make sure that you always check it.
  4. You may opt for new tires if the condition of it seemed not good.


The Basics of Options

Options are one of the most versatile trading tools available. A trader can use an option in order to limit risk on speculative investments. An option can also be used as a hedge against a declining stock market to limit downside losses. Though trading options can be extremely profitable, a trader must understand that they involve risks and are therefore not suitable for everyone. Understanding how options work and how to utilize them can allow you as a trader understand the working of the market better and therefore have a much higher chance of being a successful trader.

Infographic by How to get started trading options

Awesome Activities to Try Out on Your Grad Trip to Fiji

Thinking about going to Fiji for your grad trip? Be careful: the alluring tropical paradise might make you want to stay there forever.

Fiji spreads across more than 330 islands and each and every one of them has dozens of activities to offer. You can lay back and put on a sunscreen while soaking in the sun on a heaven-like white sand beach or snorkel over to coral reefs and explore the marine life. Water sports are very popular there, be it kayaking, surfing, swimming, diving, or some other activity. Discover the hidden gems by going on a cruise: how does escaping civilization for a bit sound like? Some small islands such as Maolo have great aquatic activities for those who arrived from other parts of Fiji. Experience the island way of life by mingling with the locals – maybe you could even participate in a kava ceremony? Visiting a local village is also a great idea.

As you can see, there are a lot of Fiji schoolies activities to try out. If you don’t know where to start, check out the infographic below.

A map of Europe’s must-visit landmarks

Cruising is widely regarded as one of the most rewarding ways to take a holiday. As well as the all-inclusive dining and entertainment options available on many ships, one of the most attractive parts of setting sail is the fact that a cruise allows you to experience a whole host of wonderful destinations on the same trip.

With this in mind, we at Jetline Cruise have created an infographic which takes a closer look at some of Europe’s most historic and iconic landmarks – all of which can be visited within a matter of days on a continental cruise. From world-famous buildings to some more obscure highlights, we introduce you to a handful of the countless incredible locations just waiting to be discovered on your next getaway.

Infographic mobile impacting travel industry comprehensive guide

The growth of Smartphones and the App economy has been the biggest disruptive change in travel since the internet. So what do travel firms need to know about the #mobile revolution? We decided to create an infographic with extensive information on the key mobile statistics, trends and tips to help you get your travel enterprise mobile-ready!