What Makes Audi R8 A Real Supercar?

Audi has always been one of the best vehicle of all times since its launch. From all aspects and dimensions like exterior, interior, engine power, capacity, gadgets and technology, there is not a single place where you feel let down when you compare it with any vehicle. Audi R8 is a clear, complete and exact picture of what is described above. It’s a four wheel drive vehicle with powerful 5.2-Litre V10 engine. Power is transmitted through a dynamic gearbox that features seven-speed S-Tronic twin clutch transmission. This mighty combination of powerful engine. Right from the front, powerful LED lights are placed to convert the night into day. Retractable mirrors are also placed to offer full command from inside. Smart gadgets and technology is controlled through a 12.3 inch virtual cockpit. It is packed with beautiful and comfortable sports seats. This infographics is a clear view of dynamic features of this dynamic car. Overall, Audi R8 is a complete package for multiple functioning having the standard length of 4,426 mm.

Top BMW 5 M Performance Cars of all times

The magic of M is not limited to the larger saloon cars like M4 or the M5 but the cars like the BMW 1 Series also enjoying the power of the M in its class. All these tactics that help the M legend to be at the front and remain in the focus of enthusiasts. The M Performance cars claim the supremacy in the market and for the lovers of these M Power versions, we have selected top 5 vehicles with M Power treatment.

OBD2 Scanners Buying Guide

Our PCE-OBD-II Automotive Diagnostic Equipment / Scanner is a high-quality drive useful for most automakers. This diagnostic equipment/scanner does not need a laptop.

The connection is made with the cable included in the delivery. It is therefore straightforward to read the error path. The selected values are displayed directly on the screen. Since the automotive diagnostic equipment/scanner incorporates an error table, many of these errors are described in text form.

This feature, combined with simple operation with seven keys, allows uninitiated personnel to use the automotive diagnostic scanner. The reader helps you in diagnosing errors on cars. Check the condition of your vehicle yourself before taking it to a garage for a check. It will help you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Vehicle diagnostic equipment is also used in repair garages. This machine can read data in real time during operation. You can view these data with the error codes on the large graphic display 160 x 105 pixels. These have represented as a table or graph. Optionally, you can view the data through a connection to a PC.

During a real-time reading of the various sensor data, the equipment allows you to make changes to display the most representative data, such as the temperature of the air intake, the air mass, Air, engine speed, refrigerant temperature, vehicle speed, etc. Depending on the type of vehicle, there is additional data that can be read in real time.

The real-time playback function can be set individually, which is why you can specify the data you want to view on the screen. This equipment is suitable for all vehicles manufactured since 1996 with OBD II / EOBD / JOBD. The automotive diagnostic scanner reads all error codes (general and manufacturer specific).

Infographic by Wlap.org

Top 6 Sea Ports and Harbours in Pakistan

Geographically, South Asia is the most important place on the planet earth regarding the sea cargo business. It is gifted with some of the most significant sea ports. Amongst them, Pakistan is the country with the best of the best sea ports of this region. Mainly, the Gwadar port in the future of prosperous business and industry not only for Pakistan, but also for all the other countries which are going to connect with it. There are total of six sea ports in Pakistan. This infographic is a clear view that defines the geographical structure, capacity and the importance of these ports. As, UAE is the biggest business hub if the world, and every country is focusing to reach it. The ports of Pakistan are the most suitable to boost this business. Mainly for China and the CPEC, these ports, especially the Gwadar port, plays vital role to be the connecting part of the transfer of goods from China to the other countries. Let’s have a detailed look on the dimensions of all the six sea ports of Pakistan.

How Technology Can Change the Air Cargo Industry

The Air Cargo industry has become overtly competitive as more and more cargo operators are entering the business. The only way this industry can survive and thrive is by changing its approach to digitalization and by embracing the change wholeheartedly. To
modernize the Air cargo industry, the entire system needs to be upgraded. Air cargo carriers must be using GPS tracking to help customers track the location of their items. By embracing modern technology, it is believed that Air Cargo industry will be able to
enhance operational efficiency and streamline their operation. To learn more, check out the infographic – source.