How Technology Can Change the Air Cargo Industry

The Air Cargo industry has become overtly competitive as more and more cargo operators are entering the business. The only way this industry can survive and thrive is by changing its approach to digitalization and by embracing the change wholeheartedly. To
modernize the Air cargo industry, the entire system needs to be upgraded. Air cargo carriers must be using GPS tracking to help customers track the location of their items. By embracing modern technology, it is believed that Air Cargo industry will be able to
enhance operational efficiency and streamline their operation. To learn more, check out the infographic – source.

New York International Auto Show by the Numbers

This infographic highlights some of the following New York International Show fun-facts: 1) It reels in an estimated 1 million people per year. That’s over twice the amount of attendants of the Dallas auto show and 4times the amount of attendants of the Philadelphia auto show. In fact, the show expects more visitors than the sum of the attendance at Autoshows in Montreal, Chaoyang, Cairo, and Las Vegas combined. 2)Most attendants boasted household incomes of over $45,000, with 34% earning over $65,000 annually. 80% said the show helped them decide their next vehicle purchase, proving the New York Auto Show is for serious car folks. (Of these, 30% preferred sport-utility vehicles.)