How the World was Hacked

Cybercrime is one of the fastest growing threats today, resulting in staggering costs to businesses worldwide. We’ve assembled some key cybercrime statics into the infographic below. Here are a few highlights from what we found:

Cybercrime is at a record high

Last year, data breaches in the U.S. skyrocketed by 40 percent, the global projected cost of cybercrime tripled, and projections suggest things are only going to get worse from here. On top of that, much cybercrime goes undetected or unreported, so the true costs are likely even higher.

Businesses, especially small business, are still the primary target for cyber attacks

While cyber criminals pose a substantial threat to all industries, the business sector still bears the brunt of most cyberattacks. Small businesses especially are key targets, because they are typically less prepared and less secure than larger corporations. Accordingly, nearly half of ALL cyberattacks target small business.

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Best luxury cars 2017

Everything is moving towards its headway. It is right on the off chance that we say that the things that are made some time recently, with each passing day, we require alterations in it. Fit as a fiddle, innovation, use or anything. Same is the situation with the autos. In the event that we investigate the past, we see that those autos were excessively exhausting, despite the fact that they are the saints of that time, however contrasting them and the most recent models, we feel something odd. What are the variables that power them to roll out improvements in the autos? There are loads of elements include like motor power, speed, innovation, outline, and numerous things else. Be that as it may, what is the normal thing that authorize the auto creators to change their models and outlines up to the subsequent stage. Give me a chance to clear this perplexity. It is the extravagance. The reality of the matter is that individuals are I hunt of simplicity and solace. That why, auto producers are propelling the agreeable autos. We have gathered a rundown of Best Luxury Cars of 2017. How about we observe and choose which one is the best.

Top 5 most expensive Ford cars ever

Ford has been manufacturing the cars since 1903 and from that time, it is continuously gathering praises and appreciations from all across the world. The company’s novelties transformed the automobile industry and have helped put the world on wheels. From the start, the Ford has manufactured some of the most expensive cars. From Ford GT40 Mk III in 1967, its price was $5000,000. Seems too much at that time, but due to the brand loyalty and the best features of that car, people purchased it. Some other expensive cars are also followed by this top expensive model, such as 2005 Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept having price $300,000, 1995 Ford GT90 Concept in $3,000,000, 2004 Ford Shelby Cobra Concept in $2,000,000 and 1996 Ford Indigo Notion in $2,000,000. Not only the price, there are also some other salient features that make the ford one of the best car brands. In this infographic, we have compiled a data of what’s inside these top 5 most expensive Ford cars ever. Like exterior, engine power, horsepower, top speed and many others.

Factors to be Considered before Buying Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are similar to normal bikes except for the fact which is the motor fixed in it. It requires only less human work. Planning to buy an electric bike is not a simple thing since you need to look for certain qualities in the bike which you purchase. Some of the basic things you should consider are your lifestyle, your budget and the purpose for which you are buying the bike. Some people choose for maintaining their health and some for transportation means. Electric bikes can be speeded upto 15 mph and its average power is 200W. The battery in it is rechargeable. Electric bikes are cost efficient and you can even travel on challenging road conditions.

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The best executive cars to Buy in the UK in 2017

Executive cars, because of their spacious body styles and luxurious interior, have been highly popular across globe for decades, especially in the European automobile market. If you go back to 1970’s, executive car was a buzz word among auto-lovers. Owing to fuel crisis, the sales of these vehicles couldn’t rocket up with the passage of time, however, the production wasn’t halted. Among the earliest executive car manufacturers, Jaguar’s name cannot be omitted. Some of the automakers initially assembled this class of vehicles but abandoned the idea soon. Modern automotive world is characterized by cutting edge technology and manufacturers are utilizing it to produce stunning vehicles. Audi, Mercedes, Jaguar, Volvo and some other brands are among the leading manufacturers of executive cars. If you are a denizen of UK and you are trawling for a superb executive car, we shall provide you complete information about the most popular models. In the following infographic, you can go through a detailed account of top 10 best executive cars to buy in the UK in 2017.

UK’s Top 5 New Car Deals of 2017

As the 67-plate is going to trade off in few weeks, it’s the best time to look what kind of new automobile deals available in the UK, and to what extent the manufacturers are offering the lowest prices. Although there are hundreds of deals available in the market and people are buying as well. But it is very tough to find the best deal in a way that which suits you the best.

As the best engine seller in the after-market, we don’t want our clients buy a car with ordinary engine at very high price. We always guide our customers from scratch to the end of their buying process and then help them for life with the maintenance jobs. This round-up is also the part of the support project. This list of top five cars offered on the best price and great deal are derived from your own vote in the 2017 driver power survey. All the details of the payments you have to pay when accepting a deal, are given in detail along with the engine details of the particular car. The greater the discount, the easier it is to pay and some producers are discounting their cars in thousands of pounds and receiving 0% APR. The complete amount payable reflects what you as the purchaser pays on the end of the contract.

5 Best-Selling Cars Of 2017 In The UK

Car is the need of every person now a days. In the past, it is carried by only a specific class of people like business men or office use. The scenario has entirely changed. The automobile industry has evolved rapidly and covered all the dimensions and needs of a life. The need of a car is not restricted to a limit, now it is used in every field of life, like going to school or university, for shopping, going to a trip or for official use. Not all cars are of same features, they are changed according to the needs. Like if you are going to a holiday trip with family, you must need at least a 7 seater with big boot. Going to university can only be accomplished by a mini two seater. In this infographic, we have collected 5 best-selling cars of 2017 in the UK. The ranking is based on engine specification, dimensions, exterior looks and interior gadgets.

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World’s top 10 fastest cars that will steal your smile in a fraction of a second

Generally, when we talk about road legal cars we don’t speak about the speed of these cars but the power. Apart from muscle cars there are some electrifying beasts offered in the market. These monster cars are known for their hyper speed and performance and when it comes to the power, they also have monstrous engines to power them.

These metal beasts are the best example of human engineering that show the true power of the sensational hormone of adrenaline flows through the veins of a racing driver. So, to have a real fun and make your memories about the speeding cars let’s talk about the world’s most powerful and fastest cars.

However, despite the noticeable and ever existing danger, people still aim for the megastars and put all their energies into whacking past records that it almost feels like our society has an addiction for speed! Are you one of them who love to ride these electrify vehicles? Do you crave for the speed? Do you feel like burning the roads? If so, then here are top 10 of the world’s fastest cars and without these cars it is not possible to get the maximum that might just make that possible. Do keep in mind you will need deep pockets full of money to buy any of these beasts and monsters or babies as these are also one of the most expensive cars as well as the fastest cars in the world.