Cell Phone Addiction Facts & Phone Usage Statistics

Trade-in website BankMyCell has ran some surveys to find out just how bad smartphone addiction is today. This data looks into factors such as time, social interactions and the health repercussions for cell phone overuse with you and your family. Some ways to reduce smartphone addiction and overuse are to use in built software or apps to monitor your usage or consciously reduce the amount of time you spend or ban its use in certain aspects of your life. For example, turning it off before bed, banning it from the bedroom or communicable family rooms completely – how bad would it be to not have a phone out at the dinner table or on the toilet right?

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How to Clean Your Phone Screen

Smudges and scratches can be found in phone screens that are not cleaned by its owner. Most manufacturer of phones use high quality screen but adding extra layer of protection is recommended. Cleaning is also a step by step process. This infographic will guide you.


  1. Use a microfiber cloth and small amount of water.
  2. Check the phone from all angles.
  3. Take your phone outside so that you can see clearly if there is any smudge left.
  4. Apply Rain-X
  5. Gently swipe the screen.
  6. Get the fiber cloth a little damp.
  7. Clear the moisture.
  8. Check your phone again, if you see anything, repeat the process.

New 3D Printing Technologies and Materials to Gain Knowledge About

Novices have multiple thoughts when it comes to 3D printers. Most of them believe that all 3D printers have filaments. To them, the terms SLS, Stereolithography and even FDM, are a bit confusing. There are so many new technologies and upgrade materials used in the making of a 3D printer. Before getting your hands on any one for covering official use, it is highly requested that you get to learn more about the printing technologies first.

The Value of FYIsoft’s Cloud Financial Reporting Software

Financial reports provide the data and insight from which all business decisions are made. For today’s finance teams, it is crucial that those reports be accurate, easy to produce, and board-ready at a moment’s notice. The report applications found in most ERP systems just don’t cut it. That is our focus. FYIsoft is committed to delivering the best available cloud financial reporting software, specifically designed to integrate with your GL system and dramatically improve reporting processes, even in the most complex financial environments.

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How to Improve Website Traffic

The goal of any business owner or marketer is to attract the customers. The better the traffic indicators, the more potential customers you may get. There are many reputable resources sharing the ways and ideas on how to improve the traffic of the website and its performance. Hosting Services Lab made an attempt to collect the crucial and effective tips referred to the issue and performed them in a form of this infographic.
Reliable and well-chosen hosting is one of the essential points affecting the website traffic. Lack of speed, storage space, required features and professional customer support are among the problems causing the traffic decrease. Web hosting websites review can help you choose the reputable service provider that is tested and thoroughly examined by the experts.
The content, navigation, design, load speed are also substantial parts of your website success. So, consider hosting services reviews, improve page speed, update the design and optimize website content to make your website user-friendly and you’ll see that your traffic increases.

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2026 US$ 2,336.7 Mn: Global Software License Management Market is expected to reach US$ 2,336.7 Mn in 2026

Among form factor segment, software segment in the global software license management market is estimated to account for a majority revenue share of 53.1% in 2017. The first five-year cumulative revenue (2017–2021) of this segment is projected to be US$ 1,444.4 Mn, compared to a moderately higher cumulative revenue total of US$ 2,336.7 Mn for the latter five years of the forecast period (2022–2026).

Market Analysis by Form Factor:

On the basis of form factor, software segment is expected to contribute major revenue share in the global software license management market

Market Analysis by Application:

Among all the application segments, embedded segment is expected to register highest CAGR of 10.4%

Market Analysis by Region:

Europe market is expected to dominate the global software license management market

Global software license management market Companies are SafeNet Inc., Flexera Software, Reprise Software, Snow Software, Wibu-Systems AG, IMB Corporation, Gemalto NV, Agilis Management Inc., Inish Technology Ventures Ltd., Persistent Security LLC.

Infographic by Software License Management Market

CAGR Of 5% : Global Packaging Adhesives Market about to hit CAGR of 5% from 2017 to 2026

The global packaging adhesives market is estimated to value US$ 7,263.4 million in 2017, and is projected to register a CAGR of over 5% in terms of value during forecast period 2017–2026. The first five-year cumulative revenue (2017–2021) from the water-based segment in the global packaging adhesives market is projected to be US$ 40,237.5 Mn, as compared to a higher cumulative revenue for the latter five years of the forecast period (2022–2026).

Global Packaging Adhesives Market Segment Analysis:

Analysis by Packaging Adhesives Technology:

Among all technology segments, water-based technology segment in the global packaging adhesives market is expected to register a CAGR of over 5% over the forecast period.

Analysis by Application:

Among all the application segments, flexible packaging segment is projected to register highest CAGR of over 5% owing to increasing demand for packaging adhesives.

Analysis by Region:

North America market is anticipated to grow at a steady growth rate, while demand for packaging adhesives in Europe region is foreseen to expand at moderate pace in near future.

Global Packaging Adhesives Market Competitive Analysis:

Global packaging adhesives market Companies Profiles are B. Fuller, 3M Company, Sika AG, The DOW Chemical Company, Bostik SA (Arkema Group), Henkel AG & Company, KGaA, Royal Adhesives & Sealants, Jowat SE, Dymax Corporation, Avery Dennison Corporation.

Infographic by Packaging Adhesives Market

9 Tools for Your Mobile App Startup

When you’re launching your mobile app startup, you might not know which tools to use when it comes to generating leads, marketing, project management and everything else in between. Check out the below infographic to discover nine tools you should be using for a successful launch. Some tools are completely free to use, others have very flexible pricing models.

Infographic by mobile app startup