How To Spot Natural Gas Leaks

Gas leaks can occur anywhere along a natural gas pipeline; because private property owners are responsible for gas accidents on their property, it’s important to know how to spot gas leaks. Tell-tale signs include dead grass, a hissing sound, a gas bill that exceeds expectation or common sense, and an actual hissing sound. Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, and incredibly useful. Be careful when using this wonder fuel source!

Infographic by natural gas leaks

6 Tips to Strengthen Your Company’s Security

The security awareness level in each organization has differed greatly based on the size of the company, the industry, and experience. To those that are working in a highly regulated company such as finance, health facilities as well as large public companies, they must have to take a cybersecurity course even once a year to heighten your company’s security.


Yearly training is such a good start, however; it is not enough to prevent each employee from doing cybersecurity mistakes. For example by clicking a phishing link while working.


Now, how do you get your employees smarter when it comes to security? These 6 Tips to Strengthen Your Company’s Security may be of great help.

9 tips of E-wallet app development to win the trust

During the hard phase of demonetization, digital payments have been raised as people found themselves paralyzed without any cash in hands. In addition, increase users of smartphones and internet penetration is the major driver of growth of digital payments. Furthermore, the saturation of E-shoppers for the ease of online shopping is the major driver of growth of online payment. However with these all opportunities, there is resistance too in the growth of digital payment. Still, many people are afraid to adopt this innovative technology due to the security concern. If you are looking to develop E-wallet mobile app to grab all these opportunities, they must take a look at these fundamental pillars which will help to win the trust.

Advantage of Having Screen Protector

A screen protector is an additional sheet generally made up of glass or polyurethane. Though protectors are used for all kind of electronic devices mostly they are used for protecting mobile screen due to extensive use. A screen protector would provide additional prevention from damage.
A screen protector would protect from breaking down but also serves few very vital purposes.

Screen protectors reduce glare:
When you are using an electronic device, the first thing you need to focus on is your eyes. A continues exposure can put stress on your eyes, creating a headache, eye redness and soreness and above all a weak eyesight. But with a screen protector, you can use your mobile safely as it would reduce glare, keeping the damage minimum towards your eyes.

So, with a screen protector on, you can use your mobile phone for a longer period of time without having stress or pain in your eyes.

Screen protectors enhance privacy:
While you are traveling on a bus sitting with a complete stranger, you are definitely concerned about the safety of your belongings, same is the case with your mobile device content. You would not anyone to look at what you are typing in a message for your friend or what video you are enjoying on YouTube. So screen protectors provide you an edge with privacy as well.
If you are really concerned about the privacy, you can ask for a specific privacy screen protector from the shop keeper. With a special filter, a screen protector allows light to pass through a certain angle so that none except can you see what’s being played on your mobile device. With special privacy screen protector, the other person would see a completely dark screen on your mobile.

Prevention from UV damage:
It has always been a great concerned whether access use of devices is a major cause of increasing health issues around the world. Especially, people are bothered about the spread of brain tumors both malignant and benign thinking it can be a result of continued use of mobile devices.
Though thorough studies and researches have denied these anticipations and claimed that there is no such relation between the increase in cancer and mobile uses. Still, ultraviolet rays are harmful when it is about your skin cells.

So, now screen protectors are coming with a special effect embedded to protect you from UV rays while you use your mobile phones.

Sticking of fingers:
While you use your mobile device regularly sometimes more than an hour in a single go, your fingers start sticking with a screen of the device. Sometimes it is because you get some dirt on your finger that you use to swipe across the mobile device’s screen and sometimes its sweat especially when it is hot around you.

It not only irritates you but might get stains and even scratches on screen. But you can avoid this issue by protecting your device’s screen with the screen protector. It will prevent your fingers from sticking with screen and eventually save the screen from getting damaged.

Transparent and smooth:
As screen protectors are smooth and transparent, a lot of people enjoy using their mobile devices with these protectors on. It makes them enjoy their experience very smooth and easy going. It will give them a soft feeling to their fingers when swiping across a mobile device.
A clear and transparent surface of a screen protector will provide them an easy and clear look on the content of their mobile device whether they are reading a scholarly article or watching their favorite football match between LA Galaxy and D.C United.

Top Cloud Threats Your Business Should Look Out For (Infographic)

Technology has made many things possible and easier for everyone such that today, you can store huge amount of data in the cloud and locate files easier. However, just like everything else, there are downsides to such.


For one, storing data in the cloud, though convenient, can be prone to security threats as well. In fact, research shows that there are 23 cloud-related threats, which businesses should be aware of to avoid any major problems, as these threats can affect your business and customer data. After all, you wouldn’t want data to be lost or put in the wrong hands.


Below is an infographic containing the top cloud threats your business should look out for, as well as preventive measures you could take to protect your business and customer data. Some of these threats are Data Breaches, Compromised Credentials, System Vulnerabilities, and Insecure Interfaces and Application Programming Interfaces (APIS), among others.


To make sure none of this happens to you, you can try IT outsourcing companies to ensure all your data is protected. They can cost less for your company, and they will do everything for you such as assessing all your systems and IT resources.


Don’t wait before it’s too late. Protect your data from any threats as early as possible.

Best Refersion Alternatives

Referral Marketing is a great way to promote your ecommerce store. If you do referral marketing you need to have referral software. Refersion is one alternative for referral software. However, we recommend 10 other solutions which include OSI Affiliate Software, Leaddyno and eight other solutions. This infographic highlights the best Refersion alternatives nowadays that will benefit your business.

Infographic by refersion alternative

Blockchain Conferences in Asia 2019

The world of blockchain and cryptocurrency is constantly growing as new developments emerge. To stay up-to-date on all the latest innovations, one must vigilantly pay attention to industry leaders and other members of the community. Conferences provide the perfect opportunity to meet and connect with innovators and industry leaders, so participants will always be in the know.

Conferences allow community members to engage on a personal level that fosters partnerships and alliances that can shape the future of an industry. Hopefully, this introduction to the blockchain conference Asia scene has sparked your interest and will allow you to network with likeminded professionals in your nearby area so you can be part of the future of the industry.

Infographic by TokenomX

A Step-by-Step Guide setup Winning Ecommerce Business in 2019

From some last decades; Ecommerce business has become inseparable terms that have taken to the trend of doing business online. But in this competitive ecommerce era, it is not easy to survive. If you are also among them who want to take the benefits of this easiest, cheapest and quickest trend then first you need to take the right decisions and steps at right time. In order to make your task easier, here we have prepared a comprehensive list of all the important steps you should take for successful ecommerce business.

4 Ways Asset Management Software Can Save You Time and Money

Thanks to information of technology, there is new software that is developed that can benefit a person both in a professional or personal level. One of these is an asset management software that keeps tracks of the content of your purchased software. This infographic provides a deeper understanding of its benefits to the user.

  1. It saves you time and money simultaneously.
  2. You know why you are paying for this software/
  3. It serves as an online secretary that reminds you of what dues you have to pay for.
  4. Security risks on your software can be easily tracked down and prevented from infiltrating in your system.

Are Your Facility Entrances Secure?

Do you work hard to keep your building from security breaches? If you do, what are the different ways you prevent terrorist or cybercriminals to invade your facility where there are lots of assets or information that are crucial for your business operations. This infographic will provide more insights into how you can keep your entrances safe.

  1. Consider the nature of the organization you belong. If you are a big corporation, probably, you are more bothered by espionage and terrorism but if you are a retail store, you will focus your strategies on protecting your store against small-time robbery, theft or shoplifting.
  2. Secure the surrounding area all the time especially when you are about to build a facility.

Advanced Search Operators for SEO Link Building

In the past, SEO experts used direct submissions and SEO tools to get links. These outdated tools and tactics are no longer useful. In fact, a few of the old techniques can actually attract penalization from Google. Today, most webmasters are well versed with the advanced SEO tactics to find link building opportunities but analyzing these activities through Google Search is a whole new ball game. To remain on top of this game, you need to be well versed with the search operators. Search operators enable you to clear the clutter from your search and make it more effective. The infographic here narrows them down for you through an easy-to-understand description. Below, I’ve explained, in detail, some of the vital search operators that will aid in your efforts.

Infographic by SEO Optimizers

History of SAP Company – Complete Timeline Up till 2018

SAP was founded in the year 1972 by five former IBM employees in Germany. SAP stands for Systems, Applications, and Products in data processing. Hasso Plattner, Dietmanr Hopp and Klaus Tschira the founders of SAP. After the inception of SAP Company, they have released SAP R/1, SAP R/2, SAP R/3, SAP Business One, SAP Hana and other enterprise-wide software. In initial releases, R stands for ‘Real-time’ data processing.

‘D1 Technologies’ created awesome infographics which explain the history of SAP Company. Just check the infographics below for deep understanding.


What is the Presidential Alert System? And Why is it Important?

Cibirix – Digital Marketing Agency produces fantastic infographics about Presidential Alert System for your audience. Below are some points which describe how this system works.

Who is sending the message?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission, conducts a nationwide test of the Wireless Emergency Alerts system on telephones, radio & TV.

When will we receive this message?

According to the official notification by FEMA, cell towers will broadcast the WEA test for approximately 30 minutes beginning at 2:18 p.m. EDT. The test was originally set for Sept. 20, but was postponed until Oct. 3 due to “ongoing response efforts to Hurricane OKFlorence,” according to FEMA.

What will the emergency alerts contain?

The alert will be headed with, “Presidential Alert” and text that says, “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.”

Why are we receiving this message?

According to FEMA: “The WEA system is used to warn the public about dangerous weather, missing children, and other critical situations through alerts on cell phones.”

How long will the message alert sound?

According to FEMA, during the 30-minute period the message will be broadcasted, your handset will receive the alert once and the notification will last approximately one minute.

Who will get the message and can you opt out?

All WEA compatible cell phones that are switched on, within range of an active cell tower, and whose wireless provider participates in WEA will be receiving the test message.


Did Not Get The Alert? Here Could Be Why

Your phone isn’t WEA capable

Nearly all modern cell phones are compatible with the Wireless Emergency Alert system. But there are some outliers. For a complete list, visit your carrier website.

You were in Airplane mode

You need cell service to receive the message. If you were disconnected, either from having your phone in airplane mode or because of a provider issue, the message wouldn’t have made it though.


Your Software isn’t updated

Even with a WEA-capable phone, not having up-to-date software could lead to problems. If you have any concerns, officials recommend you keep your software updated at all times.

You’re not within range of cell tower

Does must be powered on and within the range of a participating carrier’s cell tower to get a WEA message. If you are stuck in an area with no access to cell service, the message cannot be pushed to your phone.

The Top Security Breaches In History

Having a solid data security plan is extremely imperative for all companies these days. Regardless of its industry and size, businesses that lack a proper data security measures, systems and protocols face a greater risk of a data breach.

While data breach is as old as the internet itself, it remains one of the most devastating threats in the cybersecurity. They are occurring more frequently nowadays, with an IBM security report saying that there were about 1.5 million monitored cyber attacks in the United States alone in 2013. This figure has significantly increased over the past five years; in 2017 the number of records compromised due to data security breach attacks surpassed 2.5 billion, up by 88% from the previous year.

A data breach of any scale and nature can severely affect the business in so many ways. From a damaged reputation to lost revenue and potential legal liability, many companies have fallen victim to some of the most damaging security breaches in history  . Learn more about this topic by checking out the infographic below from TeleMessage.