Mercedes Weapons for 2017

Every brand has its darling. For BMW, it’s the 3-series. At Honda, it’s the Accord. And for Mercedes-Benz, it is the E-class, the popular and prolific mid-size luxury car that’s been buttering the bread in Stuttgart for nine vehicle generations, soon to be 10. But despite its crucial position in the product range, the E-class was last in line among Benz saloon to get refashioned in Mercedes’ new “Sensual Purity” design language that did wonders for the S-class in 2014 before the C-class adopted it one year later. The outgoing E-class did receive a major restyling for 2014 to hold it over before replacement, but now the long wait for the new car is over. With the arrival of the 2017 E-class, we find that the signature look for this generation of Mercedes-Benz cars is no less beautiful in size medium. While its predecessor appeared rather stiff, even after the mid-cycle update, the new car’s cab-rearward profile, fluted body sides, and gently sloping tail convey a relaxed elegance. Lovely though it may be, little about the E-class’s design actually breaks much new ground.

10 most expensive and mind boggling cars in 2016

The World is moving very fast towards the innovation of new technology. Same is the case with the automobiles. Almost every day, you hear a new car launch. With this speed of cars manufacturing, the days are not far when the numbers of cars exceed the population. There are different types of cars with distinguished on models, shapes, and engines basis. Some are within the range of buying and some are too expensive to handle. But at the same time, when the car is too expensive, it also has the features which the others don’t have. Like interior, engine specs, speed, infotainment, gadgets, all are superior. That’s why, we have picked the 10 most expensive cars of the year 2016. These are truly mind-boggling machines, and we would like to count down our favorites for you here. Having massive engine power, lightning fast speed and spectacular features, these are ruling the world.

3D Printer Filaments : ABS vs. PLA

In Melbourne, Australia for instance, anybody can buy a reliable 3D printer Filament at affordable prices. 3D Printer Filament is a material that is slightly thread like in looks and appearance. The 3D printing technology is taking the world by storm. While traditional printers need inkjet cartridges for printing, a 3D printer uses a special 3D printer filament which is made of plastic. 3D Printing Filament material comes with a lot of features and can be used for various projects.

What Makes a Good Video Forensic Solution

Video forensics has always been a part of video analytics and video surveillance analysis. With today’s evolving technology, Video forensics has gotten very far and is helping security teams around the world analyze hours of surveillance footage in only minutes. This Infographic explains what a good video forensics solution includes in order to make the most out of it.

Infographic by Qognify video forensic

Excel Troubleshooting To Fix Corrupt/Damaged Excel File

MS Excel is the most widely used spreadsheet that contains lots of beneficial features that quite important and useful for almost all the people nowadays. In this infographic, you will come to know how much percent of Excel Application is used by whom and in which fields. What is the use of Microsoft Excel files? But, sometimes, Excel files corruption occurs due to several reasons and as a result you are unable to open or access the specific excel sheet. Learn, how they can repaired easily with MS excel Recovery at:

How to View Private Instagram Profiles?

Searching for a way to see private instagram account? You’re in the right place! Our step by step guide will help you view locked instagram profiles. We have tested several other solutions and this is the best one that actually works. It is a cloud based app and it offers a lot of features. If you have any trobles using this online app please contact us as soon as possible so that we can resolve the problem. Have fun and use this tool responsibly.

Infographic by view private instagram profiles

The Spread of Internet TV to Help Cut the Cable

TV and the Internet have become huge facets of our everyday lives. Over the last several years, within the Internet world, has evolved a new form of media – Internet TV (IPTV). Internet TV now provides a means to stream movies, watch cable series, and catch up on our favorite game shows all through our Internet connections. Since the advent of Internet TV we no longer have to rely on cable TV to provide us with our favorite forms of entertainment.

The United States has become one of the fastest growing market in the world for Internet TV, by 2020 it will produce more than $15 billion in revenue.  Internet TV provides a platform that is both convenient and flexible by allowing us to watch our favorite shows from our computer, tablet, or mobile phone device at any time of the day or night.

To learn more about live programming and to meet the author of this infographic, please visit  TikiLive.

Why you Should Go for Solar Generated Electricity

When you walk into a dark room, the first thing you do is to hit the switch and put on the light, and when you spend time outside the house in hot weather, as soon as you get indoors you reach out for something cold in the fridge. But have you ever stopped to think how this technology that has made life so convenient gets to your house? Well, for you to be able to use it in your home or office, the electricity has to go through a long process. It can be generated from various power plants using materials like coal, natural gas, water and wind. Once it is produced, it then has to be transported through long distances. Before this is done, the current is lowered and the voltage increased in a process called “stepping up”. All this happens inside transformers and then the high voltage electricity is transported through thick lines that can withstand the high voltage.
After this stage, the electricity is then brought nearer to our homes, but before it is safe for us to use, the current must be increased and the voltage lowered. This happens in substations and current then flows through thinner wires. It is then passed through transformers that “step down” or lower the voltage further, and from here it is led straight to our home meters. From here, the electricity travels to a service panel that can be found either in the garage or basement that has a fuse to ensure that no excess current can bypass it since this can cause damage to home appliances. Lastly, from the service panels the current flows to the wires inside the house or office where you can use it to run many appliances.

Infographic by electricians

The Big Business of Drones

This infographic highlights several important facts about drone industry growth. It highlights the rapid projected growth of commercial drones through 2020. It also showcases impressive numbers about US drone registration through 2016. It brings together information on the top UAV industries and shows how much money a drone pilot makes. It references top sources in the aerial industry, from blogs to large corporations. This infographic summarizes the most important facts about drones that people need to know in 2017 in a succinct and beautiful way.

Infographic by drone

15 Mind-Blowing Stats about Online Shopping

For some people, online shopping isn’t just an option—it has become their new standard of buying products. Though traditional shopping is still there, it has become less common for them. Why? Because they have realized how convenient and advantageous online shopping is.


Besides the undeniable convenience, the benefits of online shopping include fewer expenses, cheap deals, no crowds, send gifts more easily, price comparisons, minimal compulsive shopping, more variety, and easy discreet purchases. Haven’t you realized how lucky our generation is?


If you’re curious how online shopping affects today’s society, then check this infographic presented by Buy Box Experts. It features some mind-blowing stats about online shopping.