Web Design Secrets That Increase Sign Ups and Sales

Designing a website is not that easy. First, you study the market to create a user-friendly site. Aside from that, you can also refer to this infographic for the best elements that must be included in the site.


  1. Have a clear value proposition. It includes the products or services you are offering to the market.
  2. Simple user interfaces will ease navigation.
  3. Use appropriate color palettes to avoid eyesore.
  4. Make catchy headlines.
  5. For scan ability, use the white space wisely. It doesn’t need to look so full of contents so that the eyes of the users can rest.
  6. Include your active social media accounts.


A-Z of SEO in 2018

The most up to date and comprehensive infographic on SEO that’s relevant up to 2018 (and beyond). There’s something for everyone, from beginner SEO favourites (duplicate content, anyone?) to advanced and technical SEO terms (Javascript rendering, Schema markup, etc.).
Some of the mentioned items aren’t necessarily new in 2018, but are still either part of Google’s core algorithms, or just useful knowledge to have in the world of SEO. Refresh your knowledge on the top 3 ranking factors for Google Search: Backlinks, Content, and Rankbrain.
Some of these terms are hotly debated in relation to their importance for SEO, such as Latent Semantic Indexing, as well as Query Deserves Freshness, which has multiple different sources and schools of thought.

The biggest news this year for SEO has been Mobile First Indexing – Google now crawls the mobile version of your website for indexing and ranking. Having a mobile friendly website is now no longer a sidenote in 2018.
This infographic has been created and designed by Digital Meal, a digital agency in Australia and creators of the online Meal Time Comics webcomics.

Mobile Marketing Trends & Techniques [Infographic]

Given that 80 percent of the people across the world use a smartphone, including mobile platforms in your digital marketing strategy helps you reach while they’re on the go. Understanding your customers’ pain points, designing content that is mobile-responsive, and making strategic use of mobile marketing campaigns are all necessary steps for an effective mobile marketing plan.

If you’re new to the world of mobile marketing and are seeking guidance on targeting users on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, then this infographic is a great place to start.

In the below infographic, we would be covering the following points:

1. Planning a mobile marketing strategy for your business

2. Latest mobile marketing trends about –

  • Mobile-responsive designs
  • Mobile internet and social media usage
  • Mobile app usage
  • Mobile advertising

3. Creating a mobile friendly website

Instant Marketing Tips

Instagram is not only to post and share photos. It offers us a golden opportunity to brand our business in an efficient manner. As the Instagram users are constantly increasing, the term “Instagram Marketing” is also fastly developing in the Digital Marketing world. The main reason behind the vast growth of Instagram is it is based on visual contents which are liked by many people. Hence we need to give much importance to the visual contents we are going to post on Instagram. Besides images, it is essential to consider many things when we brand our product on Instagram. They are depicted in this Infographic.

Based on our deep research, we have created this infographic which explains the essential things to be done in Instagram Marketing. It is sure that these tips will help the entrepreneurs and social media marketers to reach the right audience and help those to add value to their SEO efforts.

Mobile Marketing Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind In 2018 [Infographic]

The new year is almost moving quick. Time is money, and an online trend is a weapon for a business to get more traffic on their website with the use of current trend according to business niche.

Online business is all about research and analysis without try hand over it, there will be a chance to not get desired outputs.

Since last few years, we know that how smartphone control day to day lifestyle. There are millions of application in the app store which becomes mandatory to have it on the phone according to concerns & interest

Smartphone & Tablets devices host up to 75% time on the Internet in the USA. With that in thought, many companies started serving & spending on mobile marketing to reach their targeted audience. Mobile appearance is an advantage promptly for any business.

Mobile marketing is the tomorrow. Big company or marketers know this very well to invest in Mobile Marketing for business so that can give good return to business by the time. When it comes to designing strategies for the online user behavior, required to review statistics for user’s moves on devices.

Digital Marketing Strategy completely based on the numbers game. There are various websites that help to understand the details about users experience, the search ratio through the mobile device. App downloads, and many more insightful aspects, which are highly effective in design Mobile Marketing Strategy.

We have designed an infographic with use of some useful stats. These statistics are certainly important to grasp before making any Mobile Marketing Strategy. These details will sure help in many ways to marketers.

Website Optimization on Valentine’s Day

February may be the love month for many couples, friends and families but for a business minded person, this opens opportunities for more profit. Website optimization can be maximized during this month because searches can be well predicted. Definitely, keywords will be mostly about gift ideas for someone. To be able to maximize this strategy, follow the tips on this infographic.


  1. Plan your campaign for a wider target market.
  2. Use appropriate keywords which will mostly contain the words love, gifts, chocolates and teddy bears.
  3. Remember that timing is of the essence.
  4. Be an expert in mobile optimization.
  5. Increase sales by capturing new customers and encouraging existing ones to increase their usage.