100 Regrets: Words From the Wise


Life: We only get one chance at it. It’s difficult to imagine what our life may look like decades from now – so we decided to ask those with the most experience of all. In dozens of interviews with older men and women in the U.S. and Britain, we sought to discover their deepest thoughts on the course their life has taken. What are the moments they’ll always remember, for better or worse? And what can they tell us about the values that should guide us as we navigate this world’s possibilities day by day? Their many stories are a potent and inspiring reminder to make the most out of your life.

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Detox Mistakes to Avoid

Through years of constant exposure to harmful substances called toxins, our body loses its ability to perform properly. Toxins are poisonous substances we acquire in the environment and unhealthy practices such as smoking, drinking and excessive use of drugs. Our body needs to detoxify in order to avoid the illnesses and serious health issues brought by it. However, detoxing became a common practice that people forgot its true meaning.

Often times, people deprive the body of essential nutrients instead of nourishing it when detoxing. People’s wrong approach towards life is also a big factor in the increase of toxins in the body. Remember that the way you think and feel about yourself is a big factor in achieving a healthy body and life.


The Symbolism of Jewish Wedding Glass

The breaking of the Jewish wedding glass is one of the most beloved traditions of a Jewish wedding. After the couple is pronounced husband and wife, a Jewish wedding glass is placed on the ground. With a stomp, the groom crushes the glass, and the guests shout, “MAZAL TOV!!” But what does this tradition mean and where did it originate? Learn about 10 different interpretations of this Jewish wedding tradition. From ancient symbolism to mystical and modern meanings, the breaking of Jewish wedding glass holds a special place in a Jewish wedding.

The Symbolism of Jewish Wedding Glass

8 Essential Maintenance Tips for Your Car

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Title: 8 Essential Maintenance Tips for Your Car

Information: Here are 8 essential tips to help you get the most out of your car whilst maintaining it to a very high standard. From worn out tires to windscreen wipers, here are some of the top tips that not everyone knows about.

Signs Your Body Needs Detox

How do we know if our body is in need of detox? Here are some signs:


  1. Weight Gain. If you’re having problem losing weight, consider detox. Detoxification eliminates toxin build up in the body.


  1. Body Odor. Nobody loves body odor. When you notice odor not just in you underarms, but all over the body, you seriously need detox.


  1. Mental Fog. Unable to focus? That’s because your body needs cleansing. If the body doesn’t function properly, so does the brain.


  1. Indigestion. If you always feel bloated, something’s not right in your digestive tract. You need an intestinal cleanse detox.


  1.  Insomnia. One of the causes of sleeplessness is the toxin build up. You need to eliminate them so you can sleep well. What to do? Detox your liver by drinking green juices.

The Difference Between Organic, Biodynamic, and Natural Wine

Winemaking falls into three categories: Organic, Biodynamic, and Natural. Organic wines are made of grapes that are organically farmed. This means, no artificial fertilizers, herbicides and harmful chemicals.

Biodynamic, on the other hand, is quite similar with organic, but taken to extreme. In biodynamic farming, the farmers viewed the vineyard as a living ecosystem that can sustain on its own. Everything used to cultivate the vines are generated inside the vineyard. Still, no harmful chemicals involved.

Lastly, natural wines are made from grapes that are cultivated either organically or biodynamically. The main difference is the vinification process. Natural wines, during vinification, don’t use any artificial chemicals—nothing is added and removed from the grapes, unlike organic and biodynamic which used chemicals in their winemaking process.

Outdoor Grilling Facts

Grilling outside is a great pastime for most Americans.  The smell of the meat, the friends that are with you, and the special occasions that draw everyone together.  Most people has a grill (even the one that is falling apart like mine), and most everyone knows enough on how to used it.  Of course there are some, who make it an art form and put the rest of us to shame.  Also one of the best places to do all this work is generally you own backyard.  Don’t wait for a special occasion to get outside, just get outside and grill.

Fun Facts and History of Cocktails

Cocktails are a most recent creation of the last 100 years. Mixing
drinks with fruit juices and sweet liquors was probably not
something our great grandparents did. It appears that the
Prohibition in the US spawned the “speak-easy” a place to go to
have banded alcoholic delights. The road traveled by cocktails
has had it ups and downs. During the 1980s, cocktails bloomed
with films starring Tom Cruise and everyone was into the scene.
Then they sort of disappeared for a while. Now they are coming
back, but more on the from an Internet stand-point. There are
now thousands of sites out there showing you how to mix your
favorite cocktails, history about each, and where to go to sample
them if you have two thumbs when it comes to doing things.