Must-Know Alcohol Facts & Figures

The 1.800.NoCuffs infographic explains the must-know alcohol facts and figures. Every year thousands of people are wrongly arrested for DUI as a result of “junk science” that is faulty result-oriented justice. The devices used to detect alcohol levels are based on the fallacy of the “average person,” when there is no such thing. We often encounter cases where people who were driving at a time when they were BELOW the legal limit are arrested, only to be tested later when they are above the legal limit. you may have been stopped at a time when your BAC was under the legal limit, only to be DUI-tested at a later time when your BAC was above the legal limit. All of the above situations are factors that can affect the ruling and legitimacy of your DUI.

Infographic by Criminal Defense Attorney

USCIS fees for H-1B Visa Processing

In case you are not aware, the US Immigration and Nationality Act regulate the non-immigrant visa – H-1B. In that context, H-1B VISA USCIS explores the topic regarding H-1B VISA USCIS fees. The cited in the infographic employers are exempt from the H1B VISA USCIS education and training fee. Additionally, the infographic introduces some facts and numbers related to H-1B VISA USCIS fees. The $500 USCIS Anti-Fraud Fee is not required for H-1B renewals/extensions with the same employer. For more information, check out the infographic in question.

Infographic by H-1B Visa

Share Lawyers Wins Settlement for Fibromyalgia Patient

Share Lawyers was established in 1987 with only the highest standards in legal representation. We believe that every disability insurance claim client deserves superior personal service. Our team of dedicated lawyers, law clerks and legal assistants provide our clients with caring, comprehensive professional legal services. At Share Lawyers, all initial consultations with our lawyers are free. There are no fees unless we win.

Finding the Right Employment Lawyer

Every year, approximately 150,000 people in the United States are wrongfully terminated. For people in this situation, it is extremely important to contact an employment lawyer to help you protect your rights. In this infographic, we look at some of the major criteria people use when choosing an employment lawyer, how much an employment lawyer should cost, and what people should look for when choosing a lawyer.
This infographic explains how to find the right employment lawyer. It is reported that 45% of US workers observed in the 2011 National Business Ethics Survey were wrongdoing and 65% of those who witnessed wrongdoing reported it.
Furthermore, the infographic describes why people look for an employment lawyer and provides the top 10 reasons including employment law issues and surprise termination.

Infographic by Sattiraju Law Firm

The Benefits of Hiring the Personal Injury Lawyers

If you have been suffered by an accident and looking to file a personal injury claim, then a personal injury claim specialist can help you to get a maximum compensation within a short period. An experienced personal injury lawyer will handle all the aspects in claims process such as, gather all the evidences related to your personal injury and document it for filing a personal injury claim.

Tips to Choose an Experienced DUI Attorney

DUI refers to Driving under the Influence of alcohol or drugs. A person is charged with DUI if the blood alcohol content exceeds 0.08%. DUI case is treated equal as major criminal offense and extremely strict penalties are awarded. Getting caught up in a DUI cases can be very stressful experience with the loss of not only your personal freedom and also your driving privilege, employment opportunities, criminal records and more things. For more details about how to choose an attorney for DUI cases visit

The Importance of a Construction Law Attorney

Construction law is mainly deals with the rules and regulation that will help to solve the disputes between the seller and buyer of a property in a legal way. Construction of a residential home or building requires a planning and considerable amount of coordination between many professionals and workers. As a result, much of this law is comprised of contracts between owners, subcontractors, suppliers, engineers, architects and so on. It is always far easier to address an issue before it come, when you have an experienced construction law attorney. For more details visit