Drug Testing in Arizona Family Court

According to the National Council and Alcoholism and Drug Dependence addiction is a family disease. In this context, Modern Law recently published an infographic related to drug testing in Arizona Family Court. The infographic also stresses to be prepared if you are ordered to take drug or alcohol testing. One bad result could mean a loss in parenting time and legal decision making.

Infographic by Modern Law

7 Ways to Prove Nursing Home Abuse

Whether it was a one-time event or chronic episodes of abuse, you have the right to hold those parties accountable for their egregious acts. You can prove your allegations legitimacy by following this list. The infographic shows 7 ways to prove your nursing home abuse case. The first is watching and notating the signs of abuse. Second, obtain their nursing home and medical records. Later on, photographs are powerful pieces of evidence. Ombudsman complaints are also included as well as witness statements. Finally, it comes inspections and licenses along with hiring an attorney.

Infographic by Campbell & Smith, PLLC

5 Common Black Friday Tragedies

Thanksgiving is almost here, which means Black Friday is also around the corner! As the shopping discount season draws nearer, you may already be planning what to buy to get those great deals in the electronics, clothing, or toy sections in the retail stores near you. However, good opportunities like this can sometimes turn sour when people let their eagerness and passion rule.


The most common problems you can experience during the retail holiday rush include car accidents, slip, and fall accidents, blocked emergency exits, acts of violence, and falling merchandise. Find out in this infographic how you can avoid these problems and make your Thanksgiving weekend safe and fun.

What to Do If You Are Injured in a Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian accidents can happen anywhere at any time, but most cases occur in cities or urban areas during the night. Pedestrians are more likely to get struck by cars while waiting at bus stops or trying to cross streets. These cases are usually caused by drivers who run red lights or are under the influence.


Pedestrian accidents can cause injuries which range from leg fractures to kidney or spleen injuries to traumatic brain injuries (TBI). TBIs may be mild concussions or more serious cases which can cause depression and the loss of senses. Worse, they can lead to death. Learn from this infographic some facts about pedestrian accidents and TBIs, and what you should do in case you get involved in a similar situation.


What You Need to Know About Alimony

Depending on financial circumstances, many people will end up paying or receiving alimony after a divorce. However, most people don’t actually understand how alimony is decided and what it is for. This infographic explains the process of getting alimony, and describes the common situations where alimony is given. It also explains the statistics on alimony. For example, it explains how many people pay it each year in the United States. It also explains how much alimony is paid each year

Infographic by what you need to know about alimony

Reasons People Lose Personal Injury Cases

Suppose you were in an accident and you have incurred injuries from it. Someone is responsible for it, so you build a compelling personal injury case. Your case is clear-cut and devoid of loopholes. However, this does not mean you already won your case.

Avoiding common claim mistakes such as getting inconsistent treatment, inadequate documentation to prove your claim, downplaying injuries, having loose lips and posting questionable social media posts, and not being represented by an experienced personal injury attorney will help you win your case and be compensated for the damages brought about by your accident or injury. Learn these things in the following infographic.

Help Your Personal Injury Lawyer Win Your Case

Personal injury is one of the most complicated cases due to many factors affecting the result of the trial. Because of this, the personal injury attorney must have the adept knowledge, skills, and abilities in handling this case. However, not because you hired an efficient lawyer, you will just let them do the job alone. In this infographic, you can see some activities that you can do to help.


  1. Documenting the details of the accident.
  2. Provide thorough details including petty things that you think may be able to help the case.
  3. Most of all, you need to be consistent with the details of the event.
  4. Ask questions to have a personal investigation of your case.
  5. Prepare yourself for the trial.


Car Accidents vs. Motorcycle Accidents in Colorado

This infographic covers statistics about car accidents and motorcycle accidents in Colorado from 2016-2017. This will provide valuable insight for new and experience drivers, as we continue to have distractions influence our driving habits. The infographic covers stats on the number of accidents, how they occur, types of injuries, and the number of fatalities in Colorado resulting from these accidents. Anyone operating a car or motorcycle needs to stay informed about the risks of the road. General safety tips are provided to remind drivers of simple things they can do to keep themselves and others safe on the roads.

Infographic by Accidents Colorado

Does Workers’ Comp Cover Employees and Contractors?

What makes an injured worker truly be covered by his rightful compensation? Your status can affect much of the claims that you can get. If you are an independent contractor, the case could be much difficult to handle. To be able to overcome these obstacles, you need to equip yourself with knowledge which is listed in this infographic.


  1. Determine the degree of control your company has over your work.
  2. Show that you suffered from an actual and physical injury while at work.
  3. Establish a relationship between your work and the injury you have.
  4. The injury happened while you are working and not outside the workplace premises.

Alabama Divorce Process: Contested & Uncontested

Getting a divorce can be a tricky and heartbreaking process. Anyone who has been through it knows this. Not only do you have to process your own heartbreak, you have to make sure you’re looking out for your children as well. You want the divorce to go smoothly, so that everyone can begin to move on and enjoy stability again. So, what is the divorce process in Alabama like? This infographic explains what a contested and uncontested divorce look like in Alabama.

Infographic by Divorce process in Alabama

How to Choose a Personal Injury Attorney When There are so Many?

Workplace injuries affect not just your quality of work but also the hours that you could have earned. However, there are cases when the employers themselves try to avoid paying your claims. But, with an effective injury attorney, you can win this case. Who is the attorney fitted for the job? This infographic will tell you.


  1. Ensure that the lawyers’ field of specialization is about worker’s compensation law.
  2. Check on the experience of the lawyer. This is important because injury law is complex. One wrong technical fault and you are off the case.
  3. Find the firm who cares about you and not just because of compensation they can get.


The Importance of Labor Law Posters

Labor law posters define federal employment laws. You may get a fine for not complying to Labor laws. The laws are meant to protect both the employee and the business. Along with the federal labor law posters there may be state posters that employers are required to put up. States may change their laws so that they are stricter than the federal laws. Costs vary from vendor to vendor most organizations participation is a no-brainer. State law updates are time consuming and may pose hazards for employers.

Infographic by Labor Law Posters

Consult with Nursing Home Abuse Attorney to Protect Your Loved Ones

Nowadays, many people in the United States prefer a nursing home or long term care center when they cannot provide deserved caring their loved ones. A nursing home is the best place where the elderly people receive proper care with love. Most of the nursing homes offer high-end facilities, but some of them won’t. So, you cannot always trust all of the nursing homes to provide the best care. It is a great responsibility of every nursing home to provide a highest caring for the each one.

Source: Fresno Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Factors affecting the Average Divorce Timeline

There are many factors which affect the average length of the divorce process. From property division to alimony and child support, everything should be sorted out in the divorce. If you want to make the divorce process less stressful and cost effective, negotiating is the key. Negotiate the interest and issues with your spouse by yourself or use a meditation like through the Divorce Lawyer to resolve the issues as soon as possible to reduce the timeline of your divorce. For more information, visit https://divorces.help/long-take-get-divorce/

What Should I Do if I Get Hurt on the Job?

Accidents happen everywhere and more often in workplaces where the nature of the job is very risky such as construction sites and factories. If you are an employee who feels ill after a day on the job, follow the actions you need to take to ensure that you get the compensation.


  1. Medical attention from the pre-approved list of physicians from the company.
  2. The supervisor must be informed of the injury.
  3. Make an accident report that clearly describes your injuries and how you get it.
  4. Don’t skip any medical appointment to properly monitor your health conditions.
  5. Keep track of the other expenses you incurred because of the accident.

Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Having a white-collar job is not a guarantee that you won’t be facing any danger at your workplace. More so, if you are working in a factory where lots of hazards are present. One trip and you fall. If you can’t work after the accident, how could you survive? You can ask help from workers’ compensation attorney or check on this infographic that provides the details of your compensation.


  1. Medical care for your injury that includes clinical check-ups up to hospital admission.
  2. If required by the attending physician, rehabilitation should also be part of your medical benefits.
  3. When worse cases occur, you can also claim for disability benefits.
  4. And, insurance in case of death.

Need of an Immigration attorney in Washington, DC

To avoid unnecessary problems and to analyze the case in the complete manner you need to hire a proficient immigration attorney in Washington DC. The attorneys will also help you in resolving future immigration problems. Apart from this, there are many other valuable reasons behind hiring an attorney for immigration process. Immigration law is said to be a complex one and managing it individually is a difficult task.

Must-Know Alcohol Facts & Figures

The 1.800.NoCuffs infographic explains the must-know alcohol facts and figures. Every year thousands of people are wrongly arrested for DUI as a result of “junk science” that is faulty result-oriented justice. The devices used to detect alcohol levels are based on the fallacy of the “average person,” when there is no such thing. We often encounter cases where people who were driving at a time when they were BELOW the legal limit are arrested, only to be tested later when they are above the legal limit. you may have been stopped at a time when your BAC was under the legal limit, only to be DUI-tested at a later time when your BAC was above the legal limit. All of the above situations are factors that can affect the ruling and legitimacy of your DUI.

Infographic by Criminal Defense Attorney