7 Tips for Writing a Killer Press Release

No matter how great your brand, event, or service is, if your press release is poorly written, nobody would love to give you a call. Remember that the main goal is to communicate effectively. Does it convey the message? What makes it interesting? Can people benefit from it? If you do it right, your press release can be your company’s gold nugget. To help you craft a compelling press release, here are some tips:


  1. Make it concise. Get to the point.
  2. Write from an interesting angle.
  3. Your headline is everything—it should be catchy.
  4. Know your intention and goal.
  5. List real contacts.
  6. Before writing, consider the style.
  7. Don’t forget, it’s a long game.

Squarespace SEO 101

“Is it possible to achieve good SEO with my Squarespace site?” Google that question, or a variant of it, and you’ll find two things. First, there are a lot of people asking that question. Second, there’s an abundance of content giving answers. So why did I decide to create this infographic? Well, since there’s already a plethora of good information out there regarding Squarespace and SEO, it’s not because I thought my answers needed to be heard. I simply wanted to make a creative representation of all the data that’s already been published. The infographic answers two specific questions. First, what steps has Squarespace taken to ensure that their users can easily optimize their site for search results? And finally, what are some actions Squarespace users can take to further improve the SEO of their sites.

Infographic by Squarespace SEO

How to use GreenMp3.com in Five Easy Steps

The infographic presented hereby, has a very clear and intuitive design. Its sole purpose is to present to its viewers, the 5 simple steps that one needs to download the audio file of a Youtube video. To put it in other words, this infographic is a simple chart regarding “How to Use” the website www.GreenMp3.com This infographic also displays a simple enumeration of the advantages given by grennmp3 over its competitors.

Infographic by GreenMp3

The Evolution of Amazon

Like any other successful companies, Amazon too, has come a long way. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder, thought of selling books in a more efficient way. This desire led to the creation of Amazon. And as years passed, he realized that he can sell almost everything once he understands his customers’ preferences. So he started acquiring information about his customers. As a result, he had expanded Amazon into a giant e-commerce site, selling various items.


Amazon, indeed, is a great example of an effective conglomerate, having the ability to understand what people want and take advantage of its resources and location. Books, for example, started because many people wanted them. Selling books was a great starter because they’re easy to carry and pack. Plus, Amazon’s office was situated near a major book distributor. Genius!

Want to know more about Amazon? Here’s an infographic presented by Buy Box Experts. It features Amazon’s evolution.

Infogrpahic: Pros & Cons of The Web To Print Process

In the online shopping world, personalize product purchase trends is increasing day to day. Major business is moving towards the web to print store solutions. Many of eCommerce entrepreneurs and printing businesses already took advantage of web to print technology and save their time and decrease the complication of custom printing products.

Web to print is on one of the industries that is still in its initial phase, slowly gathering momentum as more and more. if you are planning to start a new web to print business, or thinking about expanding your existing business, you must know clearly about what you are getting into.

Let’s have a look pros and cons of the web to print process.

2017 Web Design & UX Trends to Boost Conversions

It’s almost 2017, which means it’s time to take a look at those web design and UX trends we can expect to see on the rise. While most trend reports simply show you what’s coming up, this list was hand-picked to show you only those trends that you can use to your advantage while designing your own site, or for your web design clients. If you use these trends properly, you can expect a healthy increase in conversions, leads and customers.

Infographic by The Deep End Web Consulting

Tips and Tricks for Access Your Roku Secret Menu

Roku device allows us to stream our favorite music, movies and TV shows directly to our TVs. However, if you are using Roku set-top box or a Roku TV, there is always some new tips and tricks to learn to make us masters in Roku. Some simple commands are used to view their favorite channels like Netflix, YouTube and more directly. This infographic will provide all secret codes involved in Roku Remote. For more details visit: http://www.rokuactivationcode.com/tips-tricks-access-roku-secret-menu/

Ten Cool Things Should Know About Roku

Roku is a digital media streaming player manufactured by Roku, Inc. The Roku device is used to access more than 3500 channels through wired or Wi-Fi connection to an internet router. The output data is received via an HDMI cable, audio or video cable. This device can be connected to any television with proper input connections. If you face any technical issues while activating Roku device, contact +1-855-718-411.