Online Business Ideas You Can Start

Do you dream of creating a new business online? With today’s technology, it is very possible and with little to no capital at all. However, you need to have the right skill and careful planning. There are some online business ideas you can start with. Some of these will be tricky at first but may bring in big fortunes in the future.


Some online business involves selling on Amazon, developing apps and selling them creating videos, selling domains, web designing, blogging and drop shipping. Aside from that, you can also become an affiliate, a paid blogger or you can start an eCommerce store.

Advantages of a Mobile-Friendly Website

A mobile website is not just a concept. It is a mainstream reality! Creating a mobile-friendly web design is the latest trend because the numbers of mobile web users are rapidly growing. Optimizing your website design to suit mobile users’ screen will greatly impact your business ranking and search engine results. You will be able to reach out and communicate effectively with target audiences.
Desktops are not the leading web access device anymore. Because most people are using smartphones such as iPhones and Android in accessing the internet, online business owners must take advantage of the unique opportunities mobile-friendly web design offers to the growing number of visitors on the web.




Improve Your Website’s User-Friendliness

A user-friendly web design will help increase online traffic and the return of investment. How to increase your website’s usability? Aside from having a good web design, high-quality content and good functionality, a good website must also be very easy to use and navigate.

Your goal is to make visitors have a good experience and increase their satisfaction while using your site. Increasing your speed is also impressive compared to a site that takes forever to load. Creating a good website is one of the most important factors in getting successful in an online business. Therefore it must be intuitive, not overly complicated and engaging.

Tips to avoid ID Theft while on vacation

Identity theft incidents are on the rise yet again. They are the reason why we rush to call up our banks as soon as we lose our wallet, they are the reason we change our passwords and they are the reason we breathe a sign of relief when we hear about ID theft and it’s not us who are affected.
We are sure that anyone who gets their hands on enough of our personal information might use our credit cards for making purchases, commit fraud and/or ruin our reputation by pretending to be us. With the increased popularity of the internet, the practice of identity theft has boomed alongside and is more sophisticated every year. People’s identities are now being stolen while they are sitting at home doing nothing. Identity thieves may steal your personal information from the web, or social networking sites, or they may hack into your device using their own Wi-Fi network, or the combination of internet sources.
All in all, it is an unwelcome scenario to anyone. We look at a few cases of Identity Theft to illustrate how crafty the ID thieves have gotten and how dire the consequences might be to an unsuspecting internet browser.

How to Start a Blog: The Ultimate Step by Step Guide

Follow this simple 13 Step process to start your next blog. Each step will take you from beginner to blogger with a detailed description of the actions you need to take. Learn how to start a blog using the techniques perfected by founder Mike Johnson. Start with Domains and Web Hosting, and go all the way to learning how to add plugins, themes, and even start adding your first post content. Once you are done, you will have more than a blog, you will have a money making business. Get everything you need to get started blogging here now.

Infographic by start a blog

7 Tips for Writing a Killer Press Release

No matter how great your brand, event, or service is, if your press release is poorly written, nobody would love to give you a call. Remember that the main goal is to communicate effectively. Does it convey the message? What makes it interesting? Can people benefit from it? If you do it right, your press release can be your company’s gold nugget. To help you craft a compelling press release, here are some tips:


  1. Make it concise. Get to the point.
  2. Write from an interesting angle.
  3. Your headline is everything—it should be catchy.
  4. Know your intention and goal.
  5. List real contacts.
  6. Before writing, consider the style.
  7. Don’t forget, it’s a long game.

Squarespace SEO 101

“Is it possible to achieve good SEO with my Squarespace site?” Google that question, or a variant of it, and you’ll find two things. First, there are a lot of people asking that question. Second, there’s an abundance of content giving answers. So why did I decide to create this infographic? Well, since there’s already a plethora of good information out there regarding Squarespace and SEO, it’s not because I thought my answers needed to be heard. I simply wanted to make a creative representation of all the data that’s already been published. The infographic answers two specific questions. First, what steps has Squarespace taken to ensure that their users can easily optimize their site for search results? And finally, what are some actions Squarespace users can take to further improve the SEO of their sites.

Infographic by Squarespace SEO

How to use in Five Easy Steps

The infographic presented hereby, has a very clear and intuitive design. Its sole purpose is to present to its viewers, the 5 simple steps that one needs to download the audio file of a Youtube video. To put it in other words, this infographic is a simple chart regarding “How to Use” the website This infographic also displays a simple enumeration of the advantages given by grennmp3 over its competitors.

Infographic by GreenMp3