How Online Reviews Impact Your SEO & Digital Business

This infographic shows how internet reviews can impact a business. We go into the statistics of how it can help increase or decrease your business based on it’s impacts on your SEO. We show how many people make purchases online based on research. We also dive into search habits of consumers relating to how they research and what they look for in reviews. We also share what to do if you do get a bad review. It shows what areas to focus on and which platforms have the most impactful reviews.

Infographic by Online Reviews Impact on SEO

3 Problems Only Amazon Sellers Understand

Amazon has been considered as one of the most successful e-commerce platforms because of its focus on customers, diversification, and reputation. However, not all businesses are shared by the bliss of being an Amazon seller. Some of them were able to overcome the following challenges while others have not.

  1. Amazon can be your competitor. In some instance when sales are not going up, they sell too.
  2. There are also instances that the items or categories that your product falls cannot be sold at the moment. This especially happens when you are new in Amazon.
  3. Lastly, there are several restrictions that will not allow you to sell your new products.

The Psychology of Web Design

Creating a website is not easy whether you speak from the designer’s or developer’s perspective. A website is not a clean and empty page but the way colors, lines and contents are made can significantly affect its performance in search engines. In this infographic, you can see different ways to develop a great web design.


  1. The key component is contained. This is what the readers are looking for in your website.
  2. Space provides a part where the eyes can rest for a while. Space has no content but it gives an important purpose for the users.
  3. Color palettes are often associated with the brand or identity of the owner of the website.
  4. Typography or the technical aspect of the website such as font style, font size, and actual placement of the contents within the website.

7 Reasons Customers Love Amazon

In the 21st century where buying something is just a clicked away, Amazon sales manager gained an advantage over other sellers in the offline world. However, it is not just because customers see Amazon’s products everywhere and anywhere they are connected to the internet but because of value offerings that are presented in this infographic.


  1. Shipping is fast and convenient
  2. Customers provide positive reviews for the products and services of Amazon
  3. If things are hard to find, just hit the search button and you will see what you are looking for.
  4. If you don’t like it, just return it- a guarantee that attracts everybody’s attention.
  5. Products are affordable.
  6. No need to dress up just to buy something in the mall.
  7. More benefits if you subscribe to Amazon newsletters.


Why Millions of People Use Website Builders?

For the last 5 years there were created over 300 millions of sites with the help of online website builders. This infographics is a visual result of our research of popularity fo website builder software among webmasters. We’ve decided to find out – what are users reasons to choose website builders as a tool for website development. And what it is necessary to note, that it’s far not always the beginning webmasters.

The main advantage of SaaS platforms comparing to CMS with open code – is a product concept “all-in-one”. That’s why user don’t need to separately buy web hosting, domain name, a website itself. Everything is integrated to one platform and can be set up quickly and unbelievably easy. In fact, simplicity and ease of use – is the second undeniable advantage of website builders. If we compare website builders with the most popular and easiest CMS in our time – WordPress, then you will need basic HTML knowledge and even some programming skills. Webmaster will aslo need to know how to set up a database, how to upload a WordPress theme to a hosting, how to connect domain name and hosting, how to install plugins and many other “how to” which most of people don’t know.

The third advantage is a time spent for website development. It’s obvious that website builders allow to get a ready website much more faster comparing to any other way. Literally within minutes you will be able to get a modern one page website. The fourth advantage is a budget saving. Since many website builders are free and the cost of premium ones is commensurate with the cost of standard shared hosting – this allows to save lots of money on website development. Also, there are such powerful website builders (for example, Shopify) which allow to get incredibly advanced websites for business. Development of similar website from the scratch will be hundreds or even thousands of times more expensive. And result – always less predictable.

Of course, these are not all advantages of online website builder software. We’re sure, that the feeling experienced by a person who created a website by himself – also has a big meaning. With website builders you don’t need anyone to create a site – you build your website as you see it. You are a creator. And this is great!

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Why Security Necessitates a Digital Visitor Management System

A background check software is necessary to ensure safety and security in your office or workplace. There are many ways to keep everybody safe, however, by keeping an eye on the visitors from time to time can be expensive and time-consuming. Here are reasons why you need a digital visitor management system.


1.Get accurate data both for past and present visitors.

2.Visitors can check who visited you earlier and that’s a violation of privacy.

3.Capture the real-time in and out of the visitors.

4.Improve support given to guests

5.It will increase the efficiency of your operations.

Reasons Why Nobody Wants to Stay Longer on your Website

Websites contain information, advertisements, call to action buttons and contact details if the customer wants to inquire more about your organization. However, they won’t bother to look for these if your websites contain the following items that cause the immediate exit of a customer from your website.


  1. The annoying pop-up ads are just annoying for them.
  2. Non-responsive websites won’t make a customer adjust to it.
  3. Customers don’t like waiting. So, shorten your loading time.
  4. Poor display, themes or templates. Nobody wants to feel dull when they look at your website.
  5. No search bars to find the information they want to read.


SEO vs. Traditional Marketing

Getting the top spot of Google will make your website known for the niche or industry it belongs. Why do you need to be on this spot anyway? SEO will tell you why. This infographic will lead you to a more effective marketing campaign in many online platforms.


  1. SEO is all about getting your website clicked, viewed and shared by the users.
  2. People are looking for products and services through the internet.
  3. Benefits of SEO include increased brand awareness, enhanced company image, website traffic, higher return on investment and cost-effectiveness.
  4. It’s much cheaper than your trimedia: TV ad, radio ad and print ad.

How to Add Value to Your Content Marketing Strategy

A lot of online marketing strategy has emerged in the 21st century especially after Google roll out its algorithm to check the content of the website. More than that, the users have become choosy in the webpage that they are reading. This infographic will give important suggestions on how you can maximize your content marketing strategy.


  1. Understand how content marketing works: schemes, keywords, and descriptions.
  2. Know when the user considers content valuable to them. The value should be taken from the perspective of the customers.
  3. Linking your content to valuable other contents. Ensure that new contents are published because Google prefers the fresher ones.
  4. Understand how Google reads your content. Keyword stuffing no longer works.