11 Simple Rules for Finding a Stellar Painting Contractor

For many homeowners, painting their home seems like a daunting, time-consuming task that will take more time than it’s worth. That’s why hiring a painting contractor is a popular choice for those who want to refresh their home but don’t have the time or skills to do it themselves. When searching for the right painting contractor, there are 11 key rules you should follow to find a stellar painting contractor. Additionally, there are several other tips to know when going through the process of painting your house, including six easy steps to follow when searching the Internet for a local painting contractor, the numerous assets a fresh coat of paint can do for your house and how to choose the best color to paint the interior or exterior of your home.
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Checklist for Finding a Stellar Painting Contractor

If you’re looking for a local painting contractor, it’s important to look at multiple options. By comparing several options, you can determine which is the best one for your project. Keep track of your comparisons by using a checklist of all the most important rules that make up a top-notch painting contractor. Next time you’re searching for a painting contractor near you, use this checklist, brought to you by Sharper Impressions Painting, to compare your options and find the best one.

How to Paint Vinyl Windows

Exterior house painting is a must to keep up the value of your home. Painting vinyl windows can refresh the look of your house more quickly than painting the entire exterior of your home. This is an easy weekend project if you have all the right tools, but requires specific vinyl-safe paint and other materials that won’t damage your home. Before starting your next home improvement project, learn more about the process of painting vinyl windows, how to properly clean the surface, how to open a stuck window and ways to refresh your windows without the hassle of painting.

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