Why Store Bought Drain Cleaners Are Not Good For Plumbing Clogs

You might have been using store bought drain cleaners, and thought that you finally found the perfect solution for your clogged drains. Well, you were wrong, and I’ll tell you some reasons why store bought drain cleaners are not good for plumbing clogs

Most of these store bought drain cleaners are usually made of very strong chemicals; usually acid or alkaline. These highly corrosive chemicals work by melting out the different particles of the clog, both organic and inorganic. However, while solving one problem, they usually create additional problems for your household.

Although they are very convenient to use, store bought drain cleaners can be very harmful. Hence, it is very important to consider some of the hazards these drain cleaners can cause.

Using Vinegar In Your Cleaning – Our Top 3 Suggestions!

Here are our top 3 suggestions for putting this acidic formula to work for you:

Cleaning Your Blinds-Put on white cotton gloves, dip the fingers in vinegar and then wipe across the slats of the blinds. It will bring alot of the dirt off of the blinds. You may need to also have a bowl of water to rinse off the dirt from the gloves.

Cleaning Off Coffee Mug Rings On Wooden Furniture-Mix equal parts vinegar and olive oil, then rub over the area where the rings appear, moving with the grain of the wood. Then, have a 2nd cloth to dry off the area. You will find it an effective way to minimize those ring marks!

Removing Carpet Stains- Mix 2 tablespoons of salt in half a cup of vinegar, also adding 2 tablespoons of borax. Dissolve the solids in the vinegar, then rub on the stained area. When dry, simply vacuum off!

Why Plumbing Services is Important for Building Owners

In these days owning a building is an easy task, but the fact to maintain all plumbing issues will be hectic for house owners. One of the most common issues a building owner needs to address is plumbing systems. Plumbing systems are important in houses and buildings in order to dispose water easily and safely. Because when a leakage from pipes or tap repair occurs house owners will be in confusion state, what to be done next. In order to overcome all these plumbing issues, you need to get commercial plumbing services from professional plumbers. For more details, visit http://martincountyplumbing.com/service-area/port-st-lucie-fl-plumbers/

How to Build an Eco-Friendly Composite Decking?

Decking is one of the important construction materials which can provide the stylish look to your property. Outdoor decking is the best place for relaxation with your family. Composite Decks are made from a combination of the recycled plastics and wood materials. These materials are prepared with environmentally friendly and many people always use these composite decks to increase the value of their property. Well designed and perfectly installed composite decks can give the most beautiful look to your property.

Source: http://contemporarydecks.net/composite-decking/

Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Tick Control

Most tick infestations begin subtly by discovering a tick on your dog or perhaps on yourself. But you’ll know you have a problem when you start finding ticks frequently and/or start seeing them out in the open. Ticks prefer to seek out areas that resemble hair such as carpeting, towels, blankets, and even shower curtains for nesting. If left unchecked, ticks can quickly breed and spread throughout your home. Here are some interesting facts you may not have known about ticks.

Infographic by Tick Pest Control Phoenix

The Psychology of Color in Your Home (Infographic)

Description: “What color you paint your walls aren’t just a matter of aesthetics. It’s a tool that can be leveraged to affect emotions and behavior.” Color affects people in many ways, depending on age, gender, ethnic background and climate. Certain colors (or groups of colors) tend to get a similar reaction from most people; the variations come from the shades or tones used. This is why it’s so important to choose colors wisely when it comes to decorating.

Image Link: http://www.greeninitiative.me/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/psychology-of-color-in-your-home-infographic.jpg 

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How Plumbing was done in the Past

The construction of drainage systems started way back during the early civilization. People had to find ways of bringing clean water to their doorstep and discard waste water. Even though the pipes used were a pale shadow of what we have today, they served their purpose. In fact, they set the foundation for the complex systems available today.
Back in 2700 B.C. at a small village in the Indus river valley in India, the inhabitants made use of clay and chopped straws to make pipes. This was the first introduction of indoor plumbing. The inhabitants of that region used plumbing for comfort and to make their life easier. Toilets were a luxury owned only by the wealthy. The rest of the population used urns sump pots.
Unfortunately, the small gains in plumbing were dealt a big blow in the years 700 – 1500 A.D. For close to 1,000 years after the fall of Rome, sanitization and plumbing regressed. There were disease outbreaks all over. It is usually regarded as “the dark ages of plumbing and hygiene”
In order to curb the problem, experts had to get to work and come up with efficient systems. It came in 1596 in the form of a modern flushing toilet. The man behind the invention was one Sir John Harrington, a godson of Queen Elizabeth. Due to lack of sewage plumbing at the time, the toilet had to wait a few years before being put to use.
After the flushing toilet, it was now time to come up with better models and designs. For instance, in 1910, the elevated water tanks were done away with. In their place came the closed toilet tank and bowl. Fast forward to 1986 and the Japanese took the world by surprise when they introduced the first sensor flushing toilet.
As the years go by, the drainage systems are getting more convenient, efficient and safer. From the piping, taps, faucets, showers, all the way to the toilets. As a consumer, you wouldn’t want to be left behind. We are here to provide all the help you may need on matters regarding plumbing. Our pipe experts Auckland are the best in the industry. They understand the history and are always keeping abreast with new trends. We are the masters when it comes to plumbing installations, repairs and maintenance services. Free quotations are available on our website at http://www.plumber-auckland.com/. You can also call and consult with one of our experienced pipefitter on 09 886 2825.

Infographic by plumbers Auckland

What Do You Look for When Install Composite Decking?

Decking is one of the essential construction materials that can provide a modern and stylish look to your living area. Everyone loves a deck and outdoor decking is the best place for relaxation. Most of the people install composite decks to their property to increase the value of their property. Well planned and perfectly installed decks will make your place beautiful. Composite decking materials are always stronger and longer than the solid decking materials. If you want to install a composite deck to your home, then you need to consider the above things.