Homemade Detox Drinks that Work

If you aim to remove toxins that harm your body, then learn the different homemade detox drinks that work. Detox drinks help in flushing out unnecessary waste in the body and restore its natural glow. Drinking herbal detox is a fantastic way to look and feel healthy.  Aside from that, these drinks are also effective for losing weight. What are the most common detox drinks?


First, you can try lemon water which is one of the most effective and easiest lemon cleansing drinks. You can also try the ultimate Kale detox drink that is so popular among nutritionist because of its many benefits. Other effective detox drinks are apple cider, ginger lemon tea, watermelon, cucumber, and lime.


How to Boost Your Body’s Healing Power

Do you want to boost your body’s healing power? Zero Point Technologies share some tips on how you can help your body heal faster. If you are suffering from a disease, your body will start to weaken due to its effort to eliminate the illness.


To help your body, change the way you think about your illness and the way you look at healing. Have positive thoughts and always surround yourself with healthy people. Change your unhealthy diet and stop procrastinating. Get outside and start exercising. Remove negative thoughts from your head. Be mindful each day. These will jumpstart your healing process. But most importantly, you need to believe.

Ways to Expand Consciousness

You need to consciously be in the present and embrace it. Find the real you, find your true nature. These are just some of the things you need to do in order to expand your consciousness. Don’t lose interest with the world and the things around you. Don’t act as if you know everything. From time to time, question how things came to be, why they happen this way. This will make your life more exciting.


Aside from that, find the things that interest you. Find a tutor or learn a course from someone who shares the same interest as you. Lastly, discover what you really want in life and plan how you can achieve it.

Home Remedies for a Toothache

Having a toothache is dreadful because of the pain that you have to suffer. Some of the reasons why we have a toothache are because of cavities, loose filling or cracked tooth. But luckily, there are natural home remedies you can apply until you can visit your dentist. These trusted home remedies will provide relief from the pain.


First, you can rinse your mouth with saltwater for 30 seconds to cleanse the tooth and your mouth. You can also use cold compress and ice. Apply it on the swollen cheek, right over the sore tooth. Next, you can also use clove oil and OTC anesthetics which are pain-relieving gel and liquids.

Good Posture for Good Health

Posture is one of the main causes of back pain. In most cases back pain can be prevented by simply maintaining good postures all of the time. The four activities that can cause back pain when done with incorrect posture are lifting, exercising, sitting, and sleeping. This picture illustrates the correct posture when doing such activities. Other than back pain, back posture can also cause other health problems. So maintaining good posture all the time is important for your overall health.

Infographic by good posture for good health

How To Care For A Tattoo AfterCare Guide

Tattoos are one of the most fascinating and popular forms of art today. Choosing the most suitable professional has become the most significant factor in the procedure of getting inked. But choosing the right design and artist is only getting you half way there. You need to apply proper tattoo aftercare if you want your ink to stay vibrant for the years to come! That’s why we put together the ultimate tattoo aftercare guide for you.

Infographic by Tattoo Aftercare

How to Bond with Your Baby before Birth

A strong early bonding is crucial for healthy child development. It is the connection between the baby and his parents until the age of 2 that may affect his/her lifelong emotional capacity. The truth is we can start the bonding process even before birth. Building a relationship with your baby while he/she is still in the womb may make it easier for you to form an attachment after birth. You don’t need to do much work or spend much time in order to establish a connection while you are pregnant. Just taking few minutes a day to spend with your developing baby can be enough.

This infographic offers some tips and suggestions on how to start connecting with your baby during pregnancy.

Infographic by fetal development week by week