Top Muscle Building Foods

Eating muscle-building foods can go a long way in your bodybuilding journey. The question is what foods guarantee muscle growth? Protein, of course, is the answer. To help you, here’s a list of some muscle-building foods presented in an infographic by No Max Shred. As you notice, all of them are protein-rich meals.


  1. Full-Fat Cottage Cheese With Live Cultures
  2. Omega-3 Eggs
  3. Plain Greek Yogurt (Greek yogurt is richer in protein)
  4. Protein Shake (known as the cornerstone of muscle-building program)
  5. Rotisserie Chicken
  6. Lean Beef
  7. Nuts (almonds & cashews)
  8. Venison (deer meat)
  9. Salmon
  10. Beans


You ready to build muscles? Keep in mind that your muscle building training won’t get you very far unless you start consuming these foods. It’s time to get serious.

The Proper Way of Tooth Brushing

Just because you brush your teeth every day doesn’t mean you’re doing it right. The truth is that most people don’t know they’re brushing it the wrong way. To help you understand, here’s an infographic that features a few common tooth brushing mistakes and how to brush the teeth properly.


  1. Using a hard bristle toothbrush – Choose the soft one.
  2. Brushing the teeth too hard – Be gentle.
  3. Rushing – Brushing should be at least 2 minutes.
  4. Using a worn out brush – Change it every 3 or 4 months.
  5. Only back and forth motion – Use up and down circular motion, too.
  6. Brushing immediately after eating – Instead, wait until 15 or 20 minutes before brushing your teeth.

Things to Know About the Animal Clinic and Their Services

The pets are considered as a part of family member. At times when pet animals get sick, the pet owner should immediately take them to the best animal clinic which offers all kind of medical services. For example, if your pet is in extremely sick condition and you need to take the pet immediately to the pet clinic who handles emergency cases also. Sometimes, certain clinic would not have this option. So, to handle these kinds of situations, the pet owner should be aware about the best animal clinics and their services.For more details,visit at

Types of Gum Disease

Whether your gum disease is mild or serious, it’s important that you know what type it is. This way, you can address the infection appropriately, leading to a more effective treatment. Of course, your dentist knows what to do. Check this infographic presented by Felt Family Dentistry. It explains the different types of gum disease.


  1. Gingivitis – Mildest form of gum disease. It causes the gums to become swollen.
  2. Perio-endo Lesion — An infection that starts in the root of the tooth and then advances to the gingiva.
  3. Periodontal Abscess – Develops within the gingival pocket.
  4. Chronic Periodontitis – A disease that starts from gingivitis. Symptoms include swelling and bone destruction.
  5. Gingival Recession – The main sign is when the root of the tooth is exposed.

Best Remedies for Diabetes Dry Skin

No one knows exact reasons why dry skin is associated with diabetes. However, it is observed that both type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes patients can have skin problems, including dry skin. With diabetic nerve damage, a diabetic may not be aware of dry skin conditions and may have an increased likelihood of having cracks in the skin that can get infected. This infographic shows some simple tips to keep the skin under check.

Infographic by Diabetes and dry skin

The Maids Fairfax 22-Step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System

The Maids Fairfax Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System was created in an effort to ensure you the best house cleaning services and provide a healthy living environment that’s more than just clean. Healthy Touch utilizes a 22-step plan, combining an extreme level of cleanliness with creating a healthy environment. Our process combines environmentally safe cleaning supplies with a high level of attention to details. Our plan does more than just clean what is visible. We clean what you cannot see and we help make your home healthier.

[Infographics] Droopy Eyelids – Causes and Treatments

Droopy eyelid is one of the major issues found in every third women on this earth as they age. Droopy eyelids can be caused due to several factors but treating them is very important because it makes your appearance quite bad. No one in this world wants to look bad even if they age. However, it can also make your experience quite bad which also reduces your self confidence. Things can be lot for treating this eyelid issue but to treat this issue with a perfect solution is much more important. You can try some natural home remedies to get rid of this. Also, you can try some facial exercises to get rid of droopy eyelids. Apart from this, you can also try a product called Eye Secret Eye Lid Lift. This will also help you a lot in treating droopy eyelids with an ease. It is cost effective and does not contain any side effect so, it can be tried easily without having any doubt in mind. You can also know lot more about droopy eyelids – its causes and treatment at:

How to Exercise at Home During Winter

Does winter prevent you to go outside and hit the gym? Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t exercise—there are other ways to stay active. Consider indoor exercises, which are cheaper and less hassle. To help you, here’s an infographic presented by TestX Core. It features some exercises you can try at home.


  1. Jumping jacks and jump rope. Easy yet effective.
  2. YouTube free workout videos. Choose a video you prefer.
  3. Try planking. Though challenging, but worth the expense.
  4. Dance. A great way to have fun and exercise at the same time.
  5. Use water bottle weights. Perfect for arm, shoulder, and back strength training.
  6. Clean the house. Isn’t it great you clean the house at the same time shed a few pounds?

Effective Ways to Keep Your Face Looking Younger

The idea of keeping the face younger looking has been the trend for the past few years. Of course, who wouldn’t love a younger, healthier-looking skin? Most women would agree it’s a rewarding accomplishment. In fact, it’s not just any mission to accomplish—for most, it has become their lifestyle.


Though some anti-aging creams are proven effective and safe, we should not forget that there are natural ways to maintain a youthful skin. So if you’re a woman desiring to keep your face younger looking, here are some ideas to help you.


  1. Adequate sleep
  2. Drink plenty of water
  3. Exercise and live a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Quit smoking
  5. UV rays protection
  6. Minimize stress
  7. Limit alcohol

Consuming of Cannabis Drinks and its Benefits

Cannabis is illegal to use in many countries; but in the United States it is legal for 16 states. People in the United States consuming cannabis drinks for treat their health issues. It used for many years and medical professionals have identified that cannabis drinks have medicinal properties. Researchers have proved that consuming of cannabis drinks three times a day will increase your energy levels. In addition, cannabis drinks do not have any side effects; because of the cannabis drinks have inspected in a regular basis. This is the main reason most of the people recommend cannabis drinks.