No one denies that taking antibiotics can be absolutely life saving in certain situations, but there is no doubt that this wonderful medicine is completely overused and abused. It takes close to two years to regain a normal bacterial balance in your gut after antibiotic use and even then, some antibiotics will permanently kill off some beneficial bacteria strains that assist your natural immune deficiency. The faster you take immediate action as this will shorten the duration of the sickness and get you back on your feet sooner. To know more detail about Anti-Biotic effects, visit http://www.goldcoastdigestivehealth.com.au/142000-in-emergency-rooms-due-to-antibiotics/

Why Choose Online Therapy Coaching?

Nutrition, yoga, and meditation coaches work alongside Occupational, Physical, Speech, and other Rehabilitation Coaches to provide online therapy. Online therapy has been proven effective for many common health problems including depression, anxiety, and a range of other common ailments. A digital approach to therapy creates green jobs and provides potential cost savings. It means less sitting in traffic, cars idling, and office visits. Providers that utilize an integrative approach to emotional, physical, and social wellness seem to deliver the best results.

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Common Symptoms of Auto Accident Traumatic Brain Injuries (concussions)

Traumatic brain injury symptoms can range from mild to severe. Some of the more severe physical symptoms are loss of consciousness from several minutes to hours. Also, repeated vomiting, convulsions, and inability to wake up from sleeping. Most of the time, the injured victim doesn’t recognize the symptoms if they are mild. Loved ones usually notice the symptoms before the victim. Keep an eye out for these very serious symptoms of TBI.

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How To Get Rid Of Hickey

Hickeys are just the red mark left on your neck as a result of the passionate kiss from your partner. Hickeys are actually formed due to the leakage of blood from capillaries to our skin.

When blood flows out it comes in contact with oxygen and dries out. When blood dries it leaves the red mark on the skin thus we name it as a Hickey.

Hickey is not any disease and doesn’t need any medical attention at all. But in very rare cases you need to consult your doctor.

If you are not worried about Hickey leave as it and it will disappear within 5-11 days time. But you want to make them disappear fast or get rid of a hickey overnight.

We are here just for you. We have a beautiful infographic on different ways to get rid of a hickey.

10 Benefits of Walking

Walking is as good as running. It offers the same benefit although at a slower pace. Incorporating a brisk walk into your daily routine will help improve your mood, reduces your risk of acquiring heart diseases and stroke. Aside from that, studies show that walking will lessen the chances of getting hospitalized from severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease by almost half.
For people living in the UK, walking is a good opportunity to get a boost of Vitamin D and to strengthen their immune system. On the other hand, barefoot walking gives you an opportunity to get free electrons from the ground which is good for the health.

How to Spot Auto Accident Traumatic Brain Injuries in Children

Too often children who are involved in auto accidents are ignored and overlooked by medical personnel attending to and treating injured adults. There is a misguided and false presumption that children harnessed in car seats are safe and ok. Sadly, the statistics show that infants and small children are even more at risk than adults to suffer long-term brain damage in even minor collisions that produce slight vehicular damage. This infographic will help you recognize the signs of a brain injury in a child.

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Your Guide to Safe Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy may prepare your for labor, help you regulate weight gain and lower your risk of gestational diabetes. Most women can and should workout during pregnancy. However, not all exercises are safe for pregnant women. It is important to know which approach to take when starting a workout. What type of exercise may harm you and your baby? And what exercises are considered safe during pregnancy? The following infographic is a quick guide to your pregnancy workouts.

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