Tips to Save Money this Winter

As soon as the winter season approaches, people start to find ways to reduce their heating bills. Of course, in order to stay warm and conformable during the cold months, we’re going to install insulators or buy insulator equipment to fight off the cold. However, there are other ways also to stay warm but still save money during winter.


Just remember always to keep the drafts from getting inside your house and do your best to prevent warm air from leaking out. To do this, install draft fixtures, plastic wrap windows, tune up your heating equipment and turning down the thermostat when nobody is using.

How to Hire the Right Mold Removal Company

Mold is a serious issue that generally develops after water flooding in homes and other buildings. Mold appears on walls with black spots and cause serious health disorders. In that way respiratory way problem is one form caused by mold which is considered to be more dangerous. It not only impacts the health of your family but also your house. It depletes aesthetic of your house and may even damage your costly furniture. It is important to remove the mold as soon as possible with help of professional mold remediation experts. Before hiring a mold removal company just check whether, that the contractor of the company is licensed and having years of experience in this field. For More details, about hiring right mold Removal Company, visit

QROPS Pensions

Do you have a UK Pension – Then read this QROPS Guide it could save you £1,000’s

If you have a UK Pension and are living, working, retired, or retiring abroad, you can transfer your UK Pension to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) to minimize your UK Taxes, remove your UK Pension from your occupational scheme RISK of failure (Bankruptcy), and get back control of your pension (money).

We are contacted by many people throughout the world who have a UK pension, and who would like to explore their options about transferring their UK Pensions usually for one of the following reasons.
1. To Secure YOUR pension (money); Many UK Pensions Schemes are in Deficits putting YOUR pension (money) at risk.
2. To Reduce YOUR UK Pension Tax and increase you pension income for you to spend as you wish during your lifetime.
3. To Secure the MAXIMUM benefits for your loved ones on your pre mature death.

We are the go to QROPS UK Pensions transfer specialists with UK advisers providing UK Pension transfer advice no matter where you are in the world. Visit:

How Can Motor Legal Protection Help You?

Motor legal protection provides legal assistance in recovering any uninsured losses in the event of a motor accident that wasn’t your fault. These uninsured losses can include such things as the cost of your policy excess, loss of earnings, damage to personal possessions or even personal injury to you or your passengers. We offer three levels of motor legal cover- Bronze, Silver and Gold that all include, up to £100,000 of legal expenses cover, uninsured loss recovery, and unlimited like-for-like vehicle hire for non-fault, as standard.
Sometimes known as Legal Expenses Insurance our motor legal protection policy provides legal assistance to recover your uninsured losses and help you stay on the road after an accident that wasn’t your fault. Our motor legal cover provides up to £100,000 of legal representation, uninsured loss recovery and unlimited, like-for-like vehicle hire all as standard in our Bronze option. Upgrade to Silver then your policy includes 14-day vehicle hire for fault, fire & theft claims Motor Prosecution Defence cover, and Gold includes driving license insurance, providing up to £2,000 of monthly benefit to help fund alternative travel arrangements if you receive a driving ban.

Infographic by Motor Legal Protection

7 Amazing Tips for Repaying Your Payday Loan

When people take out payday loans, they often fail to plan for paying back the loan plus the fee, and end up having to take out another one to pay for the first one, until they are taking out loans just to pay for the interest on previous loans. Here are some tips to help prevent that outcome, and ensure you can pay back to loan on your next payday.

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Customer Support Quality in Forex Industry

We have finished processing the results of a 3-week long study of Forex brokers’ customer support services. We have assessed as many as 241 brokers. It was not a very scientific study – just an attempt to see how companies react to the following three questions and how quickly they can give meaningful answers:
1. Can I lose more than I have in my trading account? Do you provide negative balance protection?
2. In a case of bankruptcy of the company, is my capital protected and how?
3. Does the company benefit from my loss making trades?
The results show that the majority of brokers offer quite a good support service and do not lie about such things. Not all brokers are able to provide support via online chat (even when advertised) and not all respond to customer requests sent via the query form.

Infographic by EarnForex

Tesla Motors Q3 2016 Earnings Infograph

Tesla Motors reported a quarterly profit in 3Q16, its first in more than three years, as sales of clean car credits powered revenue up 145%. Net income was $22MM or $0.14 per diluted share compared to a loss of $229.9MM or $1.78 per diluted share last year. Total revenue was $2.3Bil in the quarter.

Tesla has maintained its guidance of 50,000 new vehicle deliveries for 2H16, with a 4Q16 plan of just over 25,000 deliveries, despite the challenges of winter weather and the holiday season. The company expects about 30-35% of these deliveries to be accounted for as leases for revenue recognition purposes.

Tesla is on track to meet its FY16 OpEx outlook, and expects it to grow approx. 30% from 2015. The company expects its CapEx in 2016 will be approx. $1.8Bil, as the company continues to focus on capital efficiency. CapEx for the past three quarters totaled $759MM.