How to Find the Right Glasses For Your Face Shape

We all might have the experience that we spent so much time and efforts trying on tons of different glasses styles just to find such one pair that looks incredibly amazing on our faces. Here’s an infographic that shows you how easy it is to know which style of glasses will suit your face! Glasses with wide frames and thin temples will emphasize high cheekbones, and they will really help you to accent the facial features that you have while also complimenting your facial figure. You can see Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Gosling have the heart facial shape. You can compliment square facial shapes with rounder styles like cat-eyed, oval, or circular glasses frames. Celebrities like David Beckham and Olivia Wild are good examples of fitting these glasses styles well. For people that have round face shapes just like celebrities Emma Stone and Elijah Wood, narrow and angular glasses frames are decent choices since it can lengthen and sharpen your facial features. If you have an oval facial shape like George Clooney and even Jessica Alba then you will be able to choose from almost any shape or style of glasses, and you could even choose textured and bold glasses frames to help you further stand out. Your glasses and frames should compliment the shape of your face for an ideal look.

Infographic by Glasses style face shape

Dirty Facts of Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning is an art and the chemical used during the cleaning process is very dangerous for human health as well as the environment. They are equally bad and harmful for the clothes as well if not controlled properly and handled with care. One of the best examples is the sickly sour and sweet smell coming from the clothes that have just been delivered back to you from your dry cleaners.
The smell means that your clothes were treated properly and underwent a proper dry cleaning process as the smell is not like the smell of any detergent. This sour or sweet smell also indicates that your clothes have passed through a chemical process which is dangerous for the environment.
Dry cleaners use them with due care under a very controlled environment to save both humans and environment. Many people think that the dry cleaning is a simple process and can be done at home.

Beau Brummell for Men mustache styles

Are you trying to step up your mustache game? Well look no further than the Beau Brummell For Men mustache guide, where you can learn about all for the different popular mustache styles for 2018. While each mustache style sends out a different message, there are two things that they all have in common. It makes you even more manly than you already are, and keeps your upper lip warm. Here are a few of our favorite mustache styles for 2018. Make sure to keep the mustache clean with some beard conditioner as well.

Infographic by mustache styles

6 Easy Steps To Buying Glasses Online

You might doubt the complicated process of buying glasses online. With our 6-step guide, you will learn that buying glasses online is actually easy! Before moving on to further steps, first make sure you have your non-expired prescription ready. You will also need your pupillary distance (PD) which can be obtained from your eye care provider or measured using online tools. If you are already a glasses-wearer, simply compare the measurements printed on your current glasses with the most recent measurements you just obtained in order to ensure you’re getting the right frame size. Then, you can start to consider which certain styles of frames will suit your face shape and what lens type you are looking for. Before placing orders online, you should make sure you understand the shipping and return policy that the online retailer has listed.

Infographic by Buying Glasses Online

Tabulae Eyewear – How to Choose the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Sunglasses trends come and go, but your face shape stays the same. And that’s actually good news! Once you understand which frames best flatters your face, you’ll always know which sunglasses to be drawn to and which to avoid. For example, if you have a heart shaped face, you should wear sunglasses that are wider on top than they are on the bottom. Or if you have a round face, look into getting rectangular frames to compliment your face shape. Stay up to date with the current sunglasses trends yet make sure they flatter your face!

Infographic by Unisex Sunglasses FAQ – Coupon Cause (C.C. FAQ) features huge discounts on products that consumers love. With deep discounts on brands like Nike, Vans, Calvin Klein and more, makes it easy to save on the most popular designers. Find older or discontinued styles, making the savings as big as possible! Shopping at is easy. However, shoppers may have questions or concerns that stop them from shopping with Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about and their answers! The FAQ infographic helps shoppers feel as comfortable as possible with their upcoming purchase.

Infographic by FAQ

Tips on how to buy clothes online

Fashion moves and changes at an extremely fast pace. It is therefore not uncommon to see many men who take an active interest in fashion and who always strive to be elegant  and fashionable to change a significant part of their wardrobe every year. It goes without saying that this process is anything but easy or economical or inexpensive. It takes a lot of time and money to keep up with the latest trends.

Women’s clothes have always reflected the creativity and passion of fashion designers. The terms fashion and haute couture for example, are very closely related to women’s clothing. On the other hand, trends in fashion change so quickly and so radically that women who really care about fashion must very often renew a large part of their wardrobe in order to make sure that they will be dressed as fashionably as possible for the coming season and the truth is, that pretty much all women love fashion and care about what’s “hot and what’s not”.

Accessories are what can make or break any outfit, regardless of whether we are talking about men or women. They say that the devil is in the details and accessories are those details that one has to get exactly right if they want their outfit to be considered fashionable and trendy. The wrong accessory can ruin a perfectly fine outfit. One mistake when accessorizing can overshadow even the fanciest and the trendiest of outfits.

They say that the way we smell is one of the most important factors that define us as individuals and it may even disclose information about our habits and personality. That’s why perfumes have a huge history and why they are constantly evolving.

The 10 Most Stylish Petite Fashion Bloggers In The World

As a clothing brand dedicated to empowering petite women, we have aggregated a large community of petite women worldwide who we interact with on a regular basis. At Jeetly we celebrate women’s strength, dignity, ambition, confidence and leadership. We’re strong believers of bringing classy back in fashion! We wanted to know which petite bloggers align with these principles and have inspired your style so that we can give them the recognition they deserve. After thousands of responses from more than 10 countries we can now reveal that these women are the world’s ‘10 Most Stylish Petite Fashion Bloggers’

Infographic by Top Petite Bloggers

How to Take Measurements for Custom Bikinis

A perfect bikini is the finest attire to express and exhibit the beauty and sensuality of feminine physique. From beaches to beauty pageants, bikini competition has emerged as the most talked-about attraction. Even fitness bikini events are regular in the bodybuilding, fitness, figure, and fashion arena. All these have transformed the design, pattern, color, and style of bikini, leaving behind its exclusivity as swimwear.
This infographic shows detailed description of measurements needed to be taken to order custom swimwear for the bodybuilding event. It is a very important step for every bikini competitor participating in bikini competition.

Infographic by custom made bikinis