9 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Pokémon Go

Did you know that while playing Pokémon Go you could collect as much items as you can just by defending gyms? Once you have reached level 5, you can then try to go to Pokémon gyms to battle other trainers. While playing, there’s no need to get multiple Pokémon of the same type. Rather, trade the extra for candy and improve the strength of the existing Pokémon.

Infographic by Pokémon Go Cheats


This fun infographic by LocateTV examines the relationship between the American film industry and the Silicon Valley tech industry, which have gone hand in hand for many years as both industries continue to aid in the others success. The infographic begins by showing how improvements in technology have aided in blockbuster hits like Avatar being developed. It also shows how creative ideas for futuristic technology in movies like Back to the Future have sent the tech industry into development for things like Warp Drive and self-tying shoelaces.