Rules of capitalization

Where to capitalize and where not? Is not a pertinent question you think about every time you write. But to tell the truth it is very important that you know the rules for capitalization for your writing to be grammatically intact. You need to capitalize words to stress the importance of certain words, their meaning, and usage. If used in the wrong place, it could feel misplaced and easy to spot out  The rules are many and they change as you use them across different sentences. Run through this infographic which will make it easier for you to understand how to and where to capitalize words.

Nevada Domestic Violence Stats

Of the 1,791 contacts made from Nevada by the National Domestic Violence Hotline in 2015, Las Vegas accounted for 69%. Reno and Henderson came in at 13% and 5% respectively while Carson City was number four at 2%. Sparks, Elko Mesquite, Fernley, North Las Vegas and Gardnerville rounded out the Top Ten with 1% each.

95% reported emotional or verbal abuse consisting of degradation, insults, isolation, and threats. Seventy-one person involved behavior such as hitting, biting and choking. Sixteen percent reported economic and financial abuse and 8% said sexual abuse.

Infographic by Domestic violence in Nevada

Assistive Communication Devices for Children with Autism

For many children with autism, communication issues are one of the first telltale signs of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). As autism covers a spectrum of challenges, children can present communication issues differently from one another. Some children might have a large vocabulary and learn to read at a young age but struggle to contextualize what they have read or answer who, what, where, when, why, and how questions.

How to Survive in PA School

Education is a wealth that nobody can get. It is also something that you can be proud of about yourself and something that you can offer to the hardships made by those who help you finish your course. However, before reaching the end of the tunnel, you got to undergo certain difficulties and hardships.

Written papers and exams are some of the things you need to pass through before you reach your goal. It is somewhat a natural tendency of a student to stay all night memorizing facts until he is confident that everything sinks in. However, there are best ways how to handle pressure in school without getting forced to stay late at night. This infographic will help you.

The Importance of Heart Health

Keeping one’s heart healthy is daunting but if you follow the tips suggested on this infographic you can prevent yourself from getting diseases that are related to your heart.


  1. It is common that diet and exercise are helpful in improving the health of the heart. However, sometimes it is not enough. You can take advantage of some medications such as statin.
  2. Before taking this medication, you need to assess the risk and benefits associated with it.
  3. Have you heard about a silent heart attack? This is often seen in people who don’t have an active lifestyle.
  4. Start seeing a cardiologist as soon as your child passes through the adolescent stage.


Financial Freedom: 3 Ways to Achieve Financial Independence

What Does it Mean to Have Financial Freedom and Financial Independence?

Financial Independence has nothing to do with your net worth (assets less liabilities). There are many millionaires who are not financially independent; if they lost their 6-to-7 figure incomes from their jobs or career, many would have to file for bankruptcy.Visit here:

How to Help Your Child with Autism Overcome Picky Eating

Picky Eating is the common term for what Picky Eaters do. These children are hard to please and to feed in general, but they rarely end up starving themselves. Patterns of “over-selecting” food are common among children with developmental disorders, but they are also common among all children.

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