Stains Are Now The Thing Of Past With Our Stain Removal Guide

Clothes and food are the necessities of the life. Without these two main things, we can’t survive. There are lots of things that associate with these factors of life. We use to eat minimum three times a day, and we wear clothes throughout the day. While working, playing, or doing anything, we cannot get rid of these main factors. There is another thing that is must with these factors, and it is the stains. While eating, drinking, playing, in office, in fact, in every aspect of life, we face stains. While eating, there may be chances of food fell to the clothes. In office, there are possibilities of ink stains. Outside, there are stains of mud, sweat or if we are playing, there are grass stains. In short, we cannot run away from them. In this infographics, we have compiled a list of different types of stains to give you awareness about them.

The Top 10 Logo Fails

What makes a great logo? The answers have been covered many times over, and eventually boil down to the one common phrase: quality trumps everything. And conversely, this is where a lot of logos start to go wrong. Compromises are made in one or more ways, whether it’s money or lack of vision – or even a severe amount of self-belief when someone doesn’t have the talent to back it up!
Our infographic gives a great overview of the most common issues that are found when logos move from greatness into complete and utter failure. Whether it’s a very poor choice of graphics, poor font use, color schemes that just don’t work, or overenthusiastic design skills – we cover them all and let you quickly see the top 10 logo failures in recent memory.
Look out for the surprise additions; we’re not taking the easy route and looking for smutty or inappropriate images. No, we delve deeper into graphic design failures as a whole.

Infographic by Top 10 Logo Fails

Infographic: Here’s Why We Think You Shouldn’t Try DIY Car Repairs

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Entrepreneur VS Consumer Mindset

This infographic compares the psychological differences between entrepreneurs and typical consumers. The reality of starting a business is that it requires a high level of mental toughness to succeed. Understanding the mindset differences will help you identify traits that you’ve aligned with yourself and make relevant changes if you so desire. The graphic also helps people see how we can quite easily become products of our consumer culture environments if we aren’t careful. People that consistently find themselves in bad situations are usually operating through a method of thinking that isn’t serving them.

Infographic by Bengu

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