Penalties and Charge for Dui Offense

Driving under the Influence of Alcohol above a certain limit is considered as a severe crime in all the states of USA. As the dui offense rate increases in high amount, each state proposed strict lawsuits. If a person made accident while driving under the influence, then the penalties will be more severe. Other than the jail sentence, he needs to pay a compensation for the injured party. The most common penalty for dui offense is revocation of license, fine and attending a rehabilitation program like alcohol anonymous, safe driving practice. For more details, visit

Five Items You Should Consider Recycling in your Home

While renovating your home, you may find things which you will never use again. Instead of throwing those out you can plan for recycling. Recycling is the best option for getting rid of your waste as well as it benefits environment too. You may also get a good pay for the items which you give. Therefore, recycling is economical as well as environment-friendly.

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Underwater Maintenance – Get To Know About Boat Propellers

To enhance the performance of the boat you must use the right propellers. A boat propeller is a mechanical device with shafts having angled blades fixed in it. The change from rotational motion into thrust generates power. The application of Bernoulli’s principle and Newton’s third law is used in propellers.

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5 Great Facebook Marketing Tools for Realtors

This infographic shows five great websites you can use to enhance your Facebook Marketing as a Realtor. There are quite a variety of tools in this infographic. One tool that stands out among the five is Likeayzler because it’s a free tool, and it only takes seconds to use. Of course, there are other effective tools on the list too. Postplanner is a marvelous tool that allows you to discover relevant viral content in the real estate industry. This will allow you to get the jump on your rivals, competitors who are undoubtedly searching for useful keywords to rank for. Additionally, Pagemodo is a solid tool too. It allows you to run contests, and that’s handy.

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8 Marketing Hacks to Boost Amazon Sales

Information is just at the tip of your fingers. In the advancement of technology, most people especially the millennial save their time and energy going to malls just to buy clothes, shoes and other commodities. If they can actually choose what they wanted over the internet, why ride in a car or bus and bear with the traffic just to shop? Thus, if you are utilizing internet marketing to offer your business, you need to make sure you create an effective, clear and creative web page. To help you achieve it and lift your sales, this infographic gives tips and guidelines for marketing management.

Coconut Grove

This infographic created by Home61, a tech powered real estate brokerage in Miami, Florida to convey and depict the past and present facts and trends in Coconut Grove, Florida. This infographic outlines real estate facts, demographic information, and must know data about Coconut Grove.

Infographic by Home61

10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should be using Instagram

With over 8 hundred million active users, Instagram is the ideal platform for small businesses to get their message out.
The number that currently have business profiles stands at a staggering 25 million.
To get fantastic results from this platform it is essential that you post on a regular basis whilst taking care to avoid annoying your followers!
The description is also very important as it will provide additional information and support the main message of the image.
Hashtags are your friend on Instagram but take care not to over do it! We recommend no more than 3 per post otherwise your posts will come across as overly promotional.
Take a look at the infographic to see how your business can benefit from this fast growing platform.

Infographic by Virtualeap Web Design

3 Tips from Real Sellers on How to Sell on Amazon with Little or No Money

Engaging in a business does not require much capitalization, inventory, work processes and other stuff that your business management teacher has told you about if you master the art of online selling. For example, Amazon sellers could start their business online with low or no money at all. This infographic will teach you how.


  1. Books and used items that are worthy to be sold.
  2. Repacked or re-gift some of the items that can be shipped to buyers. Toys, gifts, and figurines may be given to you but not displayed in your house. Others may want it.
  3. Set a PayPal account for your online business.

When to Hire a Workers’ Comp Attorney

Have you ever encountered accident in the workplace and you don’t know what to do next or how to cope with it? A lot of workplace accidents victims would just keep quiet to ensure that they will still have a spot in the company. However, this should not be the case. This infographic reveals some of the most important tips you need to follow when accidents happen in your workplace.


  1. Be aware of insurance adjusters because they are trained with the GA law.
  2. Hire a workers compensation attorney to protect your rights and get the benefits you deserve.
  3. Keep records of the accident and track your medical status from time to time.


How to Identify Scam Sellers and Buyers

It is hard to determine a scammer on the first sell, probably on the second time, you will be warned. Some of them look so good to-be-true and will get your attention only to find out that a penny spent is not worth it. If you want to avoid being tripped on these scammers, follow the tips on this infographic.


  1. Spot them easily with catchy phrases such as “just launched”.
  2. Check your listings that might have been hijacked.
  3. Get to the Amazon community
  4. Read the reviews about the sellers.
  5. Your notifications are the key. Flooded notifications? You know what it means.