Wedding Day Photo Shot List

As a wedding photographer, you have to know what you are going to shoot. Shots like ‘Bride getting ready, having her hair and make up done’, or the ‘Groom getting ready with groomsmen’ are some of the most important shots you should never miss! It’s always recommended to bring a shot list with you during the shooting day so that you can just tick off the shots that you have covered and also have a better idea of how the event flows. It’s very important to be prepared and this shot list will definitely help you. Never miss an important shot ever again.

Infographic by wedding lightroom presets

Why Do You Need To Rent A Dumpster?

A dumpster is a garbage bin which can be transferred to different places by a truck. It can be used to dispose of your unwanted things easily. This is very much needed when you are cleaning your site, home, office or any place. The work which you think that will consume your time and energy will be completed within less time and without your intervention.  Therefore, dumpsters are a great option for homeowners and contractors for their renovation or cleaning projects.

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7 Reasons Why Amazon is Successful

Just like any other businesses, Amazon faced ups and downs. But, its focus on customer satisfaction leads the organization to the success that they are reaping now. By reading this infographic, you’ll know what business should be.

  1. Effective and efficient management. Learn more about it from Jeff Bezos.
  2. You must be creative and innovative. Don’t settle with the current for it will get obsolete tomorrow.
  3. Always lend a hand to the customer even if they don’t need it. Customers are delighted if they were given something they have not even expected.
  4. Deliver what you promised.
  5. Try to diversify your business portfolio.
  6. Be a risk taker.
  7. Embody a positive attitude.


4 important steps to be followed before Car Removal

If you have unused or any damaged cars that lies in the front/backyard of your home, then you can get rid of it by using car removal service and even get paid off for it. There are many car Removal companies, which provide a removal service with free towing and other necessary services for safe car removal with top cash for your cars.  So, you can sell your cars in any condition to these kinds of car removal companies without the hassle.

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Tips for Consistent Content Creation

The internet is already flooded with too many blogs, posts, and shares from different social media people. This content makes you get connected with your target market and this becomes their reference for buying your offerings. But how can you make your content appealing to the customers? Consistency is the key. Read some tips here.


  1. Planning such as having a calendar of your posts can be helpful.
  2. Be resourceful in writing your content. You can get this information from the internet or from the people in your organization.
  3. Known the approval process so you can assess the turnaround of approval.



5 Tips to Stay Safe in the Workplace

Accidents do happen but with safety precautions, safety gears, analysis of the workplace environment and risk management strategies, it can be prevented. If not, the injuries can at least be minimized. Whether it is a blue collar or white collar job, risks are there. So better know these risks through this infographic.


  1. Working with a forklift, backhoe, and other heavy machinery makes you prone to accidents that can cause fatal injuries.
  2. Do you work in a confined space? Make sure you are an expert in the field.
  3. Chemicals can explode; working with them requires utmost protection.
  4. Working in an electric company especially if you are the lineman makes you prone to electrocution.

How Online Entrepreneurs Can Save Money

Streamlining business processes can minimize the cost. It includes eliminating non-value adding tasks that you can do by yourself. Especially for online entrepreneurs who don’t have much bucks to spend on something unproductive, this infographic is for you.


  1. Don’t spend too much on advisers and mentors. Equip yourself with business knowledge through reading books and listening to free expos.
  2. Look for free consulting services. Especially the government, you can get some help at low or no cost at all.
  3. Swap excess products with others’ excess product. A barter is always deemed helpful for the business.
  4. Money is no longer the only method to motivate employees. Be innovative and creative to show your appreciation. This is cheap but well acknowledged.

How to Use Photoshop for Creating Online Content

Photoshop is used for creating images. It is a software by Adobe which is used not just for image creation but also for editing photos, designing graphics and designing video games. Though it is hard to learn, when mastered, it can be an effective tool for your SEO strategy. This infographic discusses basic information on how you can maximize the use of Photoshop.


  1. Open your Photoshop program and find the Layers where you can create an image on a clear layer.
  2. As part of the formatting, the layer has an option to make it opaque.
  3. You can also add a filter which allows the user to change the appearance of an image.
  4. You can also resize, scale and transform the image easily.

Understanding the Myths and Realities of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is now the latest buzz, where more and more companies are using it to improve their efficiency and increase their cost-effectiveness. There are a few outsourcing myths, which one needs to be aware of so that there are no associated misconceptions. One of the most common myth is that if a business outsources its requirements, it no longer has any control on the business. Also, it is believed that an offshore team lacks the necessary expertise or knowledge. Also, many people believe that outsourcing is just for larger companies. These are actually myths which have no truth. The reality is that the offshore team is usually more skilled, talented and have all the expertise to do the work efficiently. Besides this, it is known that outsourcing is suitable for all businesses, whether a large one or a small one. It is a cost-effective way to increase productivity. For more information, you can check the infographic

Everything About Tires

One of the most important parts of your car is the tires. Aside from your cars not moving without it, the condition of the tires can determine your fate as well. Without a proper understanding of how the tires are made which includes the size, radius or diameter and width, a wrong choice of tires can affect your overall driving experience.


  1. Tires used to be made of woods.
  2. The size of the tires matters because it can slow down the engine. Learn how it could happen through this infographic.
  3. The aspect ratio, sidewalls, and contact patch which can be square or oval can affect the gripping of the car to the ground.